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"Hello there!  Come on in, make your self at home."  A young (human)lady with long, light brown hair greets you.  The atmosphere seems warm and friendly.  A large grayish-brown duck enters the room, carying a large arm chair.  The human introduces herself and the duck.  "I'm Karissa, and this here is Grin."  Grin faces you and bows, "greetings, please, do not be afraid."  "Yes", Karissa agrees.  "You are very much welcome here.  Go ahead, pull up a seat and relax.  You're in the Palace Story Room now.  This is where we keep all of our fanfiction stories. For the most part, they're all in chronological order, except for Last Duck Standing and Honerable Deception. Those should actually be first."  "We hope you enjoy your stay," Grin replies as he pulls up the armchair for you.                 

Fitting In

It's Angelwing's first day as a Mighty Duck.  How does she fare when trying to fit in with the team?  Rated G, maybe PG for mild violence.

Battle of the Sexes

The guys challenge the girls to a 3 on 3 matchup, and Wildwing gets stuck in the middle of it all.  With the team divided, it's a perfect time for the Saurians to stir up trouble.  Rated G, maybe PG in some parts (I'm not sure).

Ducks' View on War

Just what it says.  The Ducks express their concerns and feelings about the war in Iraq.  Rated PG, perhaps.

Last Duck Standing (Part 1)

Angelwing's story from the past, about how she came to be part of the Resistance, her "last battle" against the Saurians, and how she met the Mighty Ducks.  Rated PG-13 (for violence and some language)

Last Duck Standing (Part 2)

Canard takes Angelwing to the Resistance Headquarters, where they meet up with some others.  No action really, just some tension between characters.  Rated G-PG.

Last Duck Standing (part 3)

Trent does his best to get on everyones nerves, while a familiar face pops up.  Rated G- PG.  No action.  But, it's basically setting up the story. 

Last Duck Standing (part 4)

Trent's at it again.  He can't keep his beak shut, nor can he keep his secret any longer.  But Canard holds an even bigger secret, one in which not only Trent, but anyone, would envy.  Rated G.

Last Duck Standing (part 5)

Chet and his father plan an offensive attack on the Saurians, but just how will they pull it off?  Some light is shed on Trent and Angelwing's relationship, or darkness, however you look at it.  Rated G-PG.

Last Duck Standing (part 6)

Angelwing is officially fed up with Trent.  Will they be able to work together on the same mission?  Meanwhile, Chet tries to keep the peace between the two.  Rated G- PG.

Last Duck Standing (part 7)

The final showdown between Puckworld's Resistance and the Saurians, or so we think.  Just who will be the "last duck standing"?  Rated PG- for some mild language and violence.

Honorable Deception (part 1)

Happens after "Last Duck Standing".  Find out what happens to Angelwing next.  What evil plan does Dragaunus have in store for her? Rated G, maybe PG?

Honorable Deception (part 2)

Angelwing's in trouble and there's no way out.  What sort of evil plan has Dragaunus concocted for her?  Rated G.

Honorable Deception (part 3)

Angelwing is reunited with a familiar face, but can she trust them?  She also finds out who was really responsible for bringing down the Aerowing.  Meanwhile, Dragaunus, with some help, concocts yet another evil plan.  Rated G for the most part, maybe PG in one scene, for some bad language, but it's only one word.

Honorable Deception (part 4)

Thanks to Dragaunus, Angelwing is faced with a difficult decision.  Does she betray her world, or the one she secretly loves?  Rated PG, for some mild violence.

Honorable Deception (part 5)

NEW!-  It appears as if Canard is a traitor too!  Siding with the Saurians and plotting against Angelwing.  Or is it just another illusion?  Lucretia tries to befriend Angelwing, once again.  But will Angelwing buy her act this time?  Rated G.

Cheers for Fears (part 1)

All is quiet on the Western front, as least, as far as the Saurians go.  As for the Ducks' Cheerleading team, things aren't so quiet, trying to prepare for a national competition.  Rated G.  Happens before "Sisters of Crime".

Cheers for Fears (part 2)

NEW!-  The Ducks find out a secret Jess has been keeping from them and it's bad news when Phil finds out.  A new face shows up and Jess is left explaining everything to the Ducks.  Rated PG, maybe PG-13 for some language and some suggestive content.

Sisters of Crime (Part 1)

A continuation of Battle of the Sexes(takes place after).  Dragaunus concocts a plan to split up the Ducks.  In the mean time, Angelwing finally finds what she's been searching for, for years, she's been closer to it than she ever knew.  The Ducks find out one of Angelwing's dark secrets, about her past.  Rated PG, perhaps PG-13 for some violence and language.
Part One of the story.  This is where it all starts.  Where Angelwing's past life starts to unfold.  And who is this new stranger Dragaunus has brought to Earth?  What evil plan is he concocting?

Sisters of Crime (Part 2)

Part Two and Part Three, The story starts to unfold and the Ducks are in for a real surprise!

Sisters of Crime (Part 3)

Sisters of Crime (Part 4)

Part Four, the story continues to unfold.  The Ducks battle it out once again with Dragaunus' henchmen, and one other.

Sisters of Crime (Part 5)

Part Five, our story is nearing the end, but the truth about the new stranger comes out slowly.

Sisters of Crime (Part 6)

Part 6, the finale. Discover even more secrets as the Ducks find out one secret Angelwing has been keeping from them and she finds out Ana's true identity.

Welcome Home

NEW!- This is a short story (or Drabble) that was done for the Puckworld Communications mailing list.  Just thought I'd post it.  Neat little short story about Ariana's homecoming. Rated G.

The "Dark Angel Rising" Saga

NEW!- Well, sorta.... Here is where you'll find all the stories in the "Dark Angel Rising" series.  Yeah, I think there will end up being a "book 2", so to speak........eventually.  I figured the story is so long, and I'm not anywhere near finished yet!  So, I decided to give it it's own section.  You'll find, as before, each part has a little discription and each has been rated. 

Double Take

Coming soon!  What happens when twin sisters, back on Puckworld, fool around with Saurian devices, such as a teleporter.  (story about 2 new fanfic characters, Sierra and Savana)  Rated NR.

The Power of True Friendship

A Mighty Ducks/ Pokemon (and a couple other various cartoon chars.) crossover.  Written by my friend, Sara, with some help from me.  :-)  (But, Sara deserves most of the credit, becuase she wrote it, I just helped with some of the ideas) :-)  Dragaunus uses Angelwing in a plot to steal Sara's charmander.  Rated G.   Thanks Sara!

Trick-or-Sneak on Fright Night (part 1)

The first part of a Halloween fic. my friend, Sara, and I have been working on.  Originally done in RPG/ play wright style, re-written in a story format.  (That's if I worded all of that correctly)  Another Ducks/Pokemon/various other characters crossover.  Hope you enjoy!  Rated G.

Trick-or-Sneak on Fright Night (part 2)

NEW!-  The Trainers make plans for trick-or-treating, while Phil.....acts like his usual self.  Rated G.

Trick-or-Sneak on Fright Night (part 3)

NEW!- The time for trick-or-treating is here!  Happy Halloween!  Rated G.

The Big Day
Coming Soon!-  Well......hehe....that is....after the real "big day".  :-D   It's Jess & Byron's wedding day.  Will Dragaunus send his goons to stir up trouble?  Or will Jess & Byron's "big day" go smoothly? 

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