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See what happens when the Ducks go face to face...........with each other.  It's male vs female when the guys challenge the girls to a 3 on 3 match up, with Wildwing being stuck in the middle of it all. 

      It had been four month since Angelwing had met up with the Mighty Ducks.  She was getting along with everyone pretty well, with a few exceptions.  She had her little tiffs with team members when ever she felt like she wasn't trusted.  Although, it didn't help when for the first month or two, Wildwing made sure she was never left alone, a move that almost cost him his friendship with Angelwing and Jess.  Wildwing had said it was for liability purposes.  "We don't want to lose our only sniper," he had told her.
      "Yeah right," she thought to herself.  She knew the real reason behind it.  They were watching her, watching her every move, making sure she wasn't "conspiring with the enemy".
      After awhile, Wildwing let up on her.  He confessed to her the truth and explained it wasn't his idea, but to keep everyone at ease, he agreed with it.  Now, everyone else was starting to lighten up on Angelwing, even Mallory.
      Tanya, Karissa, Angelwing, and Jess had been playing a card game when Mallory approached them.
      "Any of you girls up for a mall crawl?" she asked them.  Jess and Karissa threw down their cards and jumped to their feet.
      "I'm in!" cheered Jess
      "Count me in too!" Karissa chimed in.
      Tanya looked like she was putting a lot of time and thought into the question before answering.
      "Come on Tanya," Karissa complained, "you're not gonna pass up a chance to go to the mall now, are ya?"
      "Well uh, I guess I could uh, check out what they have new at 'Letric Land," Tanya answered.  Karissa and Jess looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
      "What about you Angelwing?" Jess turned to her and asked.  Angelwing looked up and smiled, then slowly frowned.
      "What's wrong?" Mallory questioned.
      "You probably didn't intend on inviting me," Angelwing replied.  "Besides, I'm the 'traitor', remember?  You don't want me to go along anyways," said sadly.
      Mallory sat down next to Angelwing and put her arm around Angelwing's shoulders.  "Now why would you say that?  I told you I'd give you a chance to prove yourself.  How can I do that if we don't spend any time together?"  Angelwing just shrugged her shoulders.  "Besides, why would I come over here and invite everyone but you?" Mallory teased.
      Angelwing looked at Mallory and smiled.  She was about to answer when Karissa jumped in.
      "Come on, it will be fun."
      Angelwing thought about it for a minute.  "Well then, I guess I'm in too," she finally decided.  Mallory helped her up and shook her hand.
      "Thanks Mallory," replied Angelwing.
      "Anytime, well unless you prove other wise," added Mallory.  Angelwing sneered at her, jokingly, then they both broke out into laughter.  Jess and Karissa were already at the door.
      "What are you gals waitin' for?" Karissa whined impatiently.  "Come on, let's go!"
      The three ducks looked at each other, then shrugged their shoulders.
      "Must be a human thing," Angelwing commented.
      "No," Tanya threw in, "they just haven't been to the mall in a matter of what, twenty-four hours?  So, I think they're starting to get a little edgy."  The three of them laughed and ran after the other two.
      The remaining four male ducks had decided to hold an extra practice, to suppress their bordem.
      "He shoots, he scores!" Nosedive cheered as he shot the puck passed Wildwing.
      "Nice one Dive!" Wildwing complimented.  "I thought I had that one, but that was a great shot off the rebound," he added, trying to catch his breath.
      Duke skated over to them.  "Please Wildwing," he joked, "don't encourage him."
      "Why not?" Grin questioned in his usual monotone.  "In a real game, our young friend here, needs as much encouragement as possible.  We all do."
      Duke backed away and put up his hands defensively.  "Oh, of course, definately.  I was just kidding around," he replied, then he turned to Nosedive.  "No, seriously kid, that was great, keep it up."
      Wildwing smiled briefly, then stood in thought for a moment.  "I wonder what the girls are up to," he said out loud.
      "Knowing Mallory, she's probably out for a 'mall crawl'," Nosedive said, quoting 'mall crawl' with his fingers.
      "If we're getting in some extra practice, then the whole team should really be here," said Wildwing thoughtfully.  He sighed relentlessly.  "They're not going to want to practice again today," he thought to himself.  Wildwing looked at the others.  They seemed as if they were waiting for him to say something else.  He sighed again and opened up his com.  "Mallory, where are you?"
      Mallory's face appeared on the screen.  "At the mall," she answered.
      Nosedive heard her and looked at Duke and Grin.  "Did I call that one or what?!" he said boastfully.
      "Why, what's wrong?" Mallory asked quickly, sounding concerned.
      "Nothing," replied Wildwing.  "We're holding another practice and I'd like the whole team here."
      "Oh, okay."
      "Are the others with you?" Wildwing asked her.
      "Could the three of you please come back here?"
      "Affirmative.  Right away," Mallory replied with her military-tone of voice.
      "Thanks, Wildwing out."
      "Over and out," Mallory called back.
      Wildwing closed his com and looked up just in time to catch his brother's conversation.
      "Females, go figure," Nosedive started.  "While we're in here working our butts off, practicing over time, they're out shopping."
      Duke put his arm around Nosedive's shoulder.  "Let me tell you a little secret about women," he started, "it's typical for them to go shopping all the time."
      "Even Tanya though?" Grin asked.
      "Yeah, if it involves shopping for technical stuff," Nosedive joked as Duke chuckled about it.
      Wildwing rolled his eyes.  "Look, I'm sure we each have our own pet peeves about each other, but now's not the time to be sharing them."
      "Lighten up bro, we're just having a little fun," replied Nosedive.  Just then, Jess and Karissa showed up at rink side.
      "Just a little fun, huh?" Jess shouted from the benches.
      "And without us?" added Karissa.
      The guys could tell the two girls had also made a trip to the mall.  Their arms and hands were loaded up with shopping bags, so much that one would have thought they bought out the mall.  Jess was carrying the most, which the ducks found humor in when she almost tipped over, trying to balance the weight of the bags on each arm.
      "Geesh!" Nosedive stood in awe.  "You two leave anything for Mal and them to buy?" he asked jokingly.  The girls just rolled their eyes and ignored him.
      "Speaking of Mallory," Wildwing cut in, "they were with you two, weren't they?"
      "No," Karissa replied seriously, but she couldn't keep a straight face.  A crooked smile appeared across her face.  "We were with them," Karissa said in a sassy tone.  Wildwing rolled his eyes.
      "Whatever," he muttered under his breath, then he turned to Jess.  "Do you know where they are now?" he asked her.
      "They should be here," Jess told him.  "All five of us just got back."  Wildwing grumbled, then opened up his com, just as he did, Angelwing's face appeared on the screen.
      "We're here.  We'll be out in just a second," she told Wildwing.  He just stared at her throuh his com, astonished.  "What?  Did I say somthing wrong?"
      "No," Wildiwing replied.  "Actually, I was just about to contact you," he paused, "but you kinda beat me to it."  Angelwing smiled.
      "Perfect timing, huh?"
      "Yeah, um look, just be out here a.s.a.p."
      "Sure thing Wing!"  Seing this as a major opportunity for criticism, Nosedive jumped at it.
      "I told ya bro, you can't always rely on females," he started.  "They're always out shopping, or doing their hair, or......" Nosedive continued on, listing reasons.  Duke happened to notice that Mallory, Tanya, and Angelwing had just skated out and were standing right behind Nosedive.  Duke tried to get Nosedive's attention.
      "Ah, better quit while you're ahead kid," he warned him.  Nosedive just ignored him.  Duke shrugged his shoulders hopelessly.  "Hey, don't say I never warned ya," he muttered.
      By this time, the three female ducks had become a bit aggitated.  Mallory and Tanya had their hands on their hips, and Angelwing had her arms crossed in front of her.  Grin and Wildwing had seen them by now and were looking on in shock.
      ".......and most of all," Nosedive continued, "they're not as good as us at hockey."
      "Ahem," Tanya tapped Nosedive's shoulder with her finger.  Nosedive just shooed her away, not paying any attention to her.
      "When it comes to hockey, we guys are better players than the girls are," Nosedive stated in a 'matter of fact' tone of voice.
      "Ahem," Tanya said a little louder this time and tapped Dive's shoulder even harder.
      "What?"  Nosedive turned around and was caught by surprise when he realized who was behind him.  "Hehe," he chuckled nervously.  "Hello."
      "Care to repeat yourself?" Mallory asked angrily.
      "Repeat what?" Nosedive answered innocently.
      "Your little comment about you guys being better at hockey than us," Tanya told him bitterly.
      "Yeah," Angelwing followed her, "if anything, we're the better players," she antagonized.  Duke had heard enough.  Angelwing's last remark sounded more like a challenge, and Duke was never one to turn down a challenge.  However, he decided to play it smart and to be cautious about it.
      "Whoa now, slow down there sweetheart."  Duke stepped between Nosedive and Angelwing.  "I know the kid can go a bit over board and blow things outta proportion sometimes, but let's be reasonable about this."
      "Reasonable?" Mallory questioned.
      "Yeah," Duke replied.  "Maybe he's right about that."
      "Yeah," Nosedive agreed, as he crossed his arms.  "Hmpf!"  Then, he crossed his eyes and stuck his toungue out at the girls.
      "Right about you guys being better than us?" asked Mallory, as all the girls, including Jess and Karissa, broke out into laughter.
      "Puh-lease," Jess snorted and called out from the benches.
      "As if!" Karissa shouted after her.  Wildwing and Grin rolled their eyes in disgust.  Wildwing was upset and wanted to do something to stop all this nonsense.  But, it had gotten way out of hand, and it wasn't about to get any better.  Grin, on the other hand, just sat down on the ice, closed his eyes, and tried to meditate.
      "Okay then," Duke started, feeling hurt and humiliated now.  "Why don't we make a game out of it, just to find out who is better."  Nosedive caught his drift and started (excuse the expression) egging them on too.
      "Yeah, it can be three on three, with Wing as goalie, of course."
      "Oh just great," Wildwing said to himself, "why do they have to drag me into this?"
      "You got it!" Mallory replied.  Tanya thought about it briefly, then answered.
      "Aw, heck, why not?"
      Duke walked up to Angelwing and offered to shaked hands.  "So, what do you say sweetheart, you in?"  Angelwing, with her arms still crossed, looked down at Duke's hand, then back at his face.  A thin, sly smile crept across her face.
      "Bring it on," she said finally as she shook Duke's hand.
      Wildwing burried his face in his hands in frustration.  "What have I gotten myself into?" he asked himself.
      Grin, who was still seated on the ice, just kept his eyes closed.  "I fear nothing good will come from this."
      "Awe, come on Grin," Angelwing teased, "it's just a little friendly competition."
      "Sometimes competition can turn friends into foes," Grin replied bluntly.
      "Come on Grinster!" Nosedive called to him.  "It's us guys against the gals."  Grin opened his eyes and let out a big sigh.  He then stood up and unwillingly skated over to where Nosedive and Duke were standing.
      Wildwing sighed also, as he slowly skated to the net.  "I suppose, as long as they're practicing, somehow," he thought.  "Although, Grin may be right," he said quietly.  Wildwing thought more about it, then sighed again.  "Maybe I'll just see how it goes first.  Hopefully, it won't get any worse than this."  He tried thinking positively, but somewhere deep inside him, he had a bad feeling about this.
      And so, it starts.  Duke and Angelwing went head to head for the first face off.  Duke had won it and passed the puck back to Nosedive, but Angelwing was fast.  She caught up to him in no time and stole the puck from him, passing it to Mallory.  She immediately headed towards the net, passed the blue line, and around the back of the net.  Mallory nearly got checked by Nosedive, as she passed the puck back to Angelwing, who quickly passed it to Tanya for a one-timer.  No luck, Wildwing was quicker than she was and was able to block her shot.
      "Nice shot Tanya!" Wildwing complimented.  "Keep it up!"
      Duke got the puck next.  He brought it back to center ice before turning around and skating back to the net.  "Yo, Nosedive!" Duke called out as he passed the puck to him.  "Heads up!"  But, he shot the puck a little too high.  Nosedive caught it with his glove and dropped it back onto the ice.
      "Got it!" he shouted.  "Cover me Grinster!"  Grin skated out in front of Nosedive just in time to check Mallory, then Angelwing, then Tanya.  One by one, the girls fell to the ice.  Nosedive shot it, and once again, Wildwing blocked it, but this time Grin got the rebound and slapped it in passed Wildwing.  They guys cheered and slapped hands as the girls stood up and went back to center ice, dumbfounded.  Angelwing tried to be positive.
      "It's alright girls, we'll get 'em back."
      "Yeah," Mallory agreed with renewed confidence.  "Time for some payback."  All three of them skated into a circle and slapped their sticks together in the air.
      "Girls rock!" 
      Angelwing and Duke skated to center ice to face off again.  "You girls are going down," muttered Duke.
      "In your dreams," Angelwing shot back.  This time, Angelwing won the puck and passed it to Tanya.  Tanya skated around Grin and avoided being hit.  She tried passing the puck back to Mallory, but it was intercepted by Duke.  Angelwing then slammed him into the boards.
      "Ow!  Hey take it easy, would ya?" Duke complained.
      "Oh quit your whining!" Angelwing yelled back as they fought for the puck.  Suddenly, the puck popped free and Mallory was there to retrieve it.  Then, the girls started passing the puck back and forth to one another in an incredably good game of keep away.  When the puck came back to Angelwing, she deked right and left, faking out Wildwing.  She deked right once more and caught Wildwing off guard, then she shot the puck with a wrist shot.  Wildwing dove for it, but was too late, the puck was already in.
      "Yes!" Angelwing cheered.  She could hear Jess and Karissa also cheering from the bench.  "You go girls!"  Mallory and Tanya skated over to her and gave her high fives.
      "Great job!" Tanya complimented her.
      "Awe, thanks," Angelwing blushed.  "But, I couldn't have done it without you two.  Awesome job on playing keep away by the way."
      "Nice one- Angel!"  Wildwing tried to speak while catching his breath.  "You really- had me fooled.  Great play too.  Think we could- pull it off- in an actual game?"
      "With hockey, anything is possible", Grin commented.
      Nosedive snorted.  "Nyeah, show offs", he grumbled.
      Angelwing skated up to Duke.  "In your face, L'Orange", she taunted.
      "I wouldn't get too cocky about it if I was you, Lightfeather," Duke grunted.  "The way I see it, you just got lucky, that's all," he snapped, then turned and skated away.
      "Geesh!  What ruffled his feathers?" Tanya asked.
      "Probably just the fact that we just crushed his pride and dignity," Mallory joked.  Just then, the alarms sounded.
      "Oh man," Nosedive whined.  "What are those Saurian sleeze buckets up to now?"
      "Just great," moaned Duke.  The he turned around and pointed to the female ducks.  "Remember, this isn't over yet," he threatened.
      As much as Wildwing hated the thought, he was actually glad to hear the alarms go off.  It took some pressure off of him, and would take everyone's minds off this silly game.  Or so he thought...............................
      On the way to the Migrator, the two sides were still arguing.
      "You just wait," Nosedive started.  "We'll kick your tail feathers."
      "No way!  Dream on Dive," Angelwing yelled back.  Wildwing was starting to become annoyed.  This was neither the time or place for his team to be arguing.  The Ducks boarded the Migrator and took off, arguing even more. 
      "Guys, cut it out!" Wildwing turned around and snapped at them.  "We've got lizzards to deal with right now."  He turned to Tanya and changed his tone.  "Tanya, can you get a reading on their location?"  Tanya was busy tracking down the Saurians with Drake One. 
      "Yeah.  Hold on, just a minute.  Aha!  Got it!  They're down town at the chemical plant."  What were Dragaunus' goons doing at the chemical plant?  The Ducks had a bad feeling about this.
      "Uh, why doesn't that sound like a good thing?"  asked Angelwing, curiously.
      "Gee, um, maybe because it's NOT!" Nosedive sarcastically replied.  "It's just like a female not to think before speaking."  Mallory stood up and walked angrily over to Nosedive, wanting to strangle him.  She lost her footing, and nearly went flying forwards when Wildwing slammed on the brakes.
      "We're here," Wing said, with frustration starting to set in.
      "Did you get it?!" a voice crackled over the communicator.
      "Yes my lord," Siege answered.
      "Good," Dragaunus replied.  "Just bring it back to the Raptor at once."  The Chameleon morphed into a pirate and saluted.
      "Aye, aye captain!"  The three Saurian henchmen were in a storage room, trying to carry out several barrels of chemicals.
      "Oh, why can't we just do things the old fashioned way?" Wraith groaned.
      "Because," squealed Chameleon, "with this chemical, we can wipe out the entire human population, in half the time," he explained.  Just then, they heard a loud bang, as the door fell to the floor.
      "Not so fast, you Saurian Scum!" Wildwing yelled out.  He stood on the other side of the fallen door.  Behind him were Grin, Jess, Karissa, and the rest of the team.
      "Ducks?!" Siege exclaimed, surprised to see them.  Then, he grinned broadly.  "Perfect timing."
      "And just where do you think you're going with that barrel of," Nosedive paused a moment, "of whatever it's filled with?" he demanded,aiming his launcher at the lizards.
      "Now look who's speaking without thinking," Angelwing mocked him.
      "Shut up!" Nosedive yelled at her.  "You know, I've had just about enough from you girls!"
      "And we've had just about enough from you guys!" Mallory shot back.  Then, the rest of the team, excluding Grin and Wildwing, started bickering back and forth.  Grin tried to reason with both sides, but was out numbered, and it was of no use.  The Saurians just looked at each other and smiled evilly.
      "You guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Siege asked the other two.
      "We could definately use this little commotion to our advantage," Chameleon replied.
      "I bet Dragaunus would just love to get in on this," added Wraith.  They tried to sneak away, but Wildwing caught a glimpse of them.
      "Halt!  Stop!" he demanded as he ran after them.  He shot a few pucks at them, but it was too late.  They had already vanished into a green blur.  Wildwing stopped and turned around angrily.  The whole team was staring at him now, oblivious to the situation at hand.
      "What just happened?" Nosedive asked quietly.  Wildwing looked at him, disappointed.
      "Well, thanks to your arguing and fighting, we've just let those creeps get away," Wildwing stated, calmly, but sternly.  "Hope you're all happy now."  Wildwing stormed off, back to the Migrator.  Everyone was shocked.  They all looked at each other, then back towards the direction Wildwing headed.  Grin was disappointed as well.
      "United we stand, but divided, we fall," he said sadly.  "This is a very bad sign, for us."
Back at the Raptor.................
      "Good news boss!" Chameleon cheered as he entered the Raptor.
      "Did you get it?" growled Dragaunus.
      "Yes, but..."
      "Excellent," Dragaunus interrupted.  "Now now one can stop me, not even those mangy mallards!"
      "Uh, boss," squeaked Chameleon.
      Chameleon, startled, jumped back behind Siege.  "Coward," Siege sneered. 
      "My lord," Wraith started, "we have just witnessed a hole in the Ducks' wall, a weak link in their chain, shall we say?"
      "Oh," Dragaunus' lips formed a thin, sly grin.  "Do tell.  I'd love to hear more of this 'weak link'."
      "When the ducks showed up, they stared arguing with each other like crazy," Siege explained, chuckling to himself.
      "Yeah, so much that they payed no attention to us," Chameleon added.
      "Except for Wildwing," Wraith shuddered. 
      "We should have taken them out right then and there," Siege scolded, "we had the perfect opportunity."  Dragaunus' grin widened into a toothy smile.
      "Patience my minions, you'll have your chance soon enough."  Dragaunus thought to himself for a moment, scratching his chin.  Then, he smile deviously and spoke.  "I think I know just how to fuel this fire of theirs," he said.
      "How boss?"  Chameleon asked.  Dragaunus turned to face him.
      "Prepare the gateway generator," he ordered.  "I think it's about time for another visitor from Puckworld," he said as he broke out into an evil laughter.
At the Pond............................................
      The Ducks had just returned from the chemical plant, disappointed, but still feeling ambitious.
      "So, what now?" Karissa asked quietly.  Duke glanced over at the girls, mishieviously.
      "Back to the game?" he suggested.  Angelwing smirked.
      "You're on," she replied and everyone ran off towards the locker room.  Wildwing followed, relunctantly, but at a much slower pace.  He was still very upset at what happened back at the chemical plant.  It wasn't like the team to just let Dragaunus' goons go like that.  Wildwing thought he should scold the team, but he didn't want to be too harsh. 
      It had been a long day, and all this stress and thinking had given Wildwing a headache.  He thought about going to lay down and rest, until he heard his team mates in the locker room.
      "Hey, where is Wildwing anyways?" Mallory was asking.
      "Yeah, I mean, we can't have a game without a goalie," Tanya mentioned.  Wildwing had over heard them, so he walked in, slowly.  Duke was the first one to notice him standing in the doorway.
      "There you are!" Duke exclaimed.  "Come on Wildwing, we've got a game to finish."  Wilwing looked at him disapprovingly.
      "Count me out!" he said boldly.  "I want nothing more to do with this riddiculous game of yours."
      "And just how are we supposed to finish our game without a goalie?" Nosedive asked him.
      "You guys fugure it out," Wing said sternly.  "I'm going to bed."  Without another word, Wildwing turned around and left the room.  Nosedive was stunned.
      "Wow, I've never seen him like this before.  Was it something I said?" he asked.  Angelwing had been thinking about what happened earlier, then she snapped.
      "No you idiot!" Angelwing shourted as she slapped Nosedive off the back of his head.  "He's obviously upset about what happened today."
      "Or more like, what didn't happen today," Grin added.
      "They're right," admitted Mallory.  "We should've bagged those creeps today.
      "Yeah, if it wasn't for our quarreling," Tanya agreed.  Angelwing thought about it even more, and the more she did, the worse she felt.
      "Guys, we've let this battle get way out of hand," she admitted.  "Not to mention, we really didn't show much respect for Wildwing today.  No wonder why he's angry with us.  We should've never have let that happen."  Duke looked around and held up his hand.
      "Yeah, I guess I'm kinda guilty of that as well," Duke said feebly.  Each of them nodded in agreement.  They were all guilty, really.
      "Alright, so we all agee, we'll never let our differences get in the way of hockey or, most importantly, in the way of battles with those lizards," Angelwing spoke to the team.  The Ducks all formed a cicle and put their hands in the middle.
      "Hey!  That goes for us too!"  Jess and Karissa ran over to the team and joined in.  "We're just as guilty as the rest of you," Jess said.
      "Yes, I agree," Karissa added.  All of them shook hands and agreed.
      "Now, how about that game," Duke instigated.  "We could see who can block the most shots."
      "Sounds good to me," Angelwing said.  Everyone looked at each other, nodded, then headed off towards the ice. 
                                           The End (????)
All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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