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Find out what happens to Wildwing and the team, after a stranger tries to kill him.  Meanwhile, Angelwing's past continues to haunt her.  Will it drive her crazy?  Or will she finally tell Wildwing about it?

      Wildwing and Angelwing ran up to the catwalk to look for his assassin, while Grin stayed on the ice below.  Most of the fans had already evacuated the arena, except for a few curious on lookers.  Grin decided to ask the remaining people to leave, for their own safety. 
      As Angelwing was running, flashes of her past came back to haunt her memories.  She cold see herself running down the dark, cold alleys of Puckworld again, trying to find her sister.  Once again, she could hear her sister crying out for help.  "Ariana!  NO!"  Angelwing stopped fast and almost went flying over the edge of the catwalk, but Wildwing grabbed her.  "Whoa!"
      "Are you alright?" Wildwing asked her.  Angelwing stared back at him, blankly.  "What happened?" he asked again.
      "Huh?"  Angelwing shook her head, remembering where she currently was.
      "You called out someone's name, stopped short, and nearly fell over the railing."  Wkildwing took hold of her shoulders now, facing her.  He looked at her emotionally and spoke softly.  "Angel, what's going on?"  She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
      "I tried to save her, but I couldn't."  Angelwing looked away and grimmaced, trying to hold back her tears, but it didn't work.  She looked back at Wildwing.  "And now, she's gone," she said sadly, as she broke down, crying.  Wildwing felt lost for words.  He didn't know what to do or say.  He had never seen her like this before.  Without another thought, he pullled her to him, holding her close, tying to comfort her. 
      Suddenly, the stranger appeared in the shadows, out of no where.  The figure shot a lazer at Wildwing and Angelwing, and disappeared again.  Luckily, Wildwing noticed and pushed Angelwing away just as the shot passed between them.  It was enough to bring Angelwing back to her senses.
      "Phew!  That was close," Angelwing sighed, wiping away her tears.
      "Yeah, a little too close," Wildwing commented.  He activated the mask and scanned around again.  "Still nothing."  Wildwing turned around and jumped at the sight of the figure that was standing behind him.
      "It's just me," Grin said.
      "Yeah, well, let's just double chck to be sure."  Wildwing scanned him with the mask.  It was Grin!  "Okay.  I'm sorry , it's just with lizards lurking around......"  Wioldwing trailed off, looking around him again.
      "It's okay, I understand," Grin replied.  "I heard shots fired, so I came to help."
      "Thanks Grin."  Wildwing turned to Angelwing.  "Are you okay now?"  Angelwing looked back at him, still wiping her tears.
      "Yeah, I'll be fine.  I'm sorry about the way I acted back there," she appologized.
      "It's okay," Wildwing said, slightly smiling.  Then his expression turned serious again.  "Now come on, lets go!  We've got lizzards to find."
      In the meantime, Jess, Nosedive, and Mallory were underground searching their headquarters for any signs of Saurian scum.  Jess searched their bunks and Nosedive searched the lower levels, while Mallory checked the other rooms.  They all met back up by Drake One.
      "Did you guys find anything?" Mallory asked, hping for some positive feedback.
      "Nope, nothing," Jess answered bluntly.
      "Not a single scale," replied Nosedive.
      "Hmmm, strange," Jess said, scratching her head.  "Mallory, can you do a search with Drake One?"
      "Way ahead of you," Mallory remarked.  She was already typing away.  "Nothing," Mallory told them.  Not even Drake One could find any signs.
      "What about all our security systems?" Nosedive inquired.
      "Nope," Mallory continued typing.  "All shields and defenses are up and running."  They all stood in silence for a minute.
      "Well, that is a good thing, right?" Nosedive mentioned in a positive tone.  Jess nodded and spoke.
      "Yeah, but where are they hiding?" she questioned, still feeling a bit tense.  She knew those Saurians had to be around somewhere.
      "This doesn't look good," Mallory commented, sounding concerened.  "If they're not down here, then that means they're up above."
      "And if they're hiding behind their cloaks like the cowards they are, it will be even harder to find them," added Nosedive.  Just then, their coms beeped and Wildwing's voice came over.
      "Any luck guys?"
      "A big zip-a-dee-doo-dah, once again bro," Nosedive replied into his com.  His brother hesitated.
      "Well, I guess in a way that's a good sign.  Bad news is, I think the shooter is still hiding up here, in the arena."
      "What makes you think that?" Jess asked him curiously.
      Wildwing glanced over to the area which was last blasted.  "Oh, call it a hunch," he answered.  "Look, just meet us up here.  We could use some back up."
      "Okey dokey, you're the boss," Jess said playfully.  The three of them closed connection on their coms and headed for the elevator.
Outside the Pond.............
      Duke, Karissa, and Tanya were just outside the Pound, searcing sor Saurians.  The sun was starting to set, turning the sky a mix of pink, orange, blue, and purple.  The air was still warm, but a slight chill started to settle in.  Distant trees and buildings seemed to sink into the darkness, making it difficult for the ducks to find anyone.  The three scaled the entire perimeter of the building, splitting up into different directions.  In about a half hour, they met up again, by the main entrance of the Pond.
      "Alright," Karissa said in a huff, "did anyone find anything?" she asked, feeling a bit aggitated.  Duke and Tanya shook their heads.
      "Nothing here," Tanya replied.
      "Looks like all is quiet on the western front," Duke chortled.
      "Cowards!" Karissa snapped.  "They're probably hiding somewhere, watching and waiting."  She glanced around from where she stood.  Her eyes darted about, from tree tops to roof tops, and to the ground, searching for any signs of movement.  Tanya pressed a button on her omnitool, and what appeared to be a tiny flash light popped out.  She flashed it towards some shaded areas.  Karissa looked at Tanya with a raised eyebrow and smirked.
      "I bet that thing does everything but tell time, right?" she qupped.
      Tanya looked back at her and shrugged her shoulders.  "Well, yeah, basically," she remarked.  "But if I fiddle around with it.  I bet I could rig something up so that it could."  Karissa just rolled her eyes and sighed.
      Duke glanced around one more time before getting fed up.  "Alright, anyone else up for going in and checking up on the others?  Because I certainly don't see Dragaunus out here anywhere," Duke grumbled.  They agreed and turned back toward the entrane.  As they headed for the door, they heard a voice behind them.
      "Awe, you guys waited jut for us?"  The two ducks and one human, turned around to find a woman standing about twenty feet away from them.  "How sweet," the woman said, holding her hands by her heart.  Then, with a flash of green light, the woman morphed into, the Chameleon.  In his hands, which he still held by his heart, he clutched a lazer gun.  With another flash, Siege appeared next to him.
      "Suckers!" Siege shouted.
      "Sorry we're late, but you know how being a super villain is," Chameleon cracked. 
      "No, I don't know.  Please refresh my mind," Tanya answered sarcastically.
      "Sure, it would be my pleasure," Siege growled.  Karissa raised her puck launcher and shot at Chameleon's feet.  He jumped up just in time, as it missed.
      "Sorry, but I'm not in the mood for your wisecracks today," she replied coldly.  Duke drew his duck saber from his shoulder and held it in front of him.
      "Which one of you creeps are responsible for trying to pick off our leader?" he demanded.  Siege grinned broadly and aimed his gun.
      "Try neither," he said gruffly as he fired at the three.
      "Lookout!" Tanya yelled and they all jumped out of the way of the explosion.
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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