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Angelwing has been having strange recurring dreams.  What could they possibly mean?  Are they really dreams, or are they a reflection of her past?  She rufuses to tell anyone about them.  Just who is Ana Drakeson?

      "Angelwing, where are you off to now?"  Angelwing turned to face her mother. 
      "I'm going out to look for Ariana again", she answered.  Her mother stared at her with tears in her eyes.
      "Oh, Angel, you know she's gone," her mother told her trying not to cry.  "You know they found her body last week."  Angelwing looked away, trying to force back her own tears.
      "No mom, we don't kow", Angelwing looked back at her again.  "They don't have solid evidence that proves that body is her."
      "But, my dear, she was the only five year old child reported missing at that time", her mother protested.  "And the body they found, was that of a five year old girl."  Her mother had began to cry by now.  Angelwing walked over and hugged her, trying to comfort her.
      "I wont give up mom," Angelwing said stubbornly.  "I know she's still alive.  I can sense it."  She looked up and stared out the window.  "I know she's still out there," she paused, "somewhere."
      Mrs. Icefeather pulled away and looked at her daughter.  The thought of losing her eldest child sent a chill down her spine.  She knew Angelwing was eighteen now, and that she was old enough to take care of herself, however, she still feared the worst.  But, little did any of them know, the worst was yet to come.  
      Angelwing dried her eyes and forced a smile.  "Don't worry Mom, I'll be back," she said reassuringly.  She gave her mother another hug and whispere in her ear.  "I promise."  Then, Angelwing ran out the door.  As she did, she heard her mother call out for her.
Prsent..........(2 days later)
      She blinked her eyes open, slowly.  "Wha- huh?"  Angelwing sat up grogily.  "What happened?  Where am I?"  She tried to focus her eyes on her surroundings and let out a sigh of relief when she realized she was at the Pond, in the middle of a game.  Angelwing looked about and saw her team mates all around her, including Jess and Karissa.  Then, she groaned and put her her hands to her head, which was throbbing with pain.
      "What happened?" she asked once more.
      "You took a pretty big hit from the other team," Wildwing told her.
      "He knocked you out, cold," added Tanya.
      "I'll say," Karissa commented, "the guy was almost the size of Grin!"  Angelwing moaned in pain again.  She could feel the soreness throughout her body.  She winced as Duke and Grin helped her to her feet.
      "Maybe we should bring her to the hospital wing and get her up on the medicom," Wildwing whispered to Tanya.
      "NO!" Angelwing cut in, over hearing him.  "I'll be fine, really."
      Wildwing sighed.  "Alright, but you're sitting out the rest of the game," he insisted.  Angelwing nodded in agreement, then Jess and Karissa helped her to the bench.
      "Alright girl, what's up?" Jess asked Angelwing as soon as she sat down.  Angelwing looked at Jess, feeling confused.
      "Nothing, why?" she replied.
      "Because there's something else going through your head, besides pain, right now."  Jess turned to Karissa for a moment and asked her to lead the cheerleading team for a few minutes.  Karissa gladly accepted and ran to take her place in line.  Then, Jess turned back to Angelwing, who was reluctant to answer.  "Come on Angelwing," Jess urged her.  "You can tell me.  I won't tell anyone, I swear."
      Angelwing looked at Jess and thought about it.  She really needed to talk to somebody about it.  She trusted Jess more so than any of the other team members, besides Wildwing, but she wasn't ready to tell him just yet.
      "You promise not to tell anyone?" Angelwing pleaded.
      "I promise," Jess replied.
      In the meantime, a shadowy figure kept a silent vigil over the game from the catwalk up above.
      "Well, has he been taken care of?" Dragaunus asked over Ana's communitcator.
      "No!" Ana snapped.  "I can't do it now, not during the game.  There's too many people here," she explained to him.  "They'd be sure to find me."
      Dragaunus snarled.  "Well, that's what I gave you a teleporter for!" he roared.  "I don't care how your do it.  I want it done, and I want it done now!"
      "Fine!" Ana snipped back.
In the Raptor.....................
      "Siege!  Chameleon!" Dragaunus called for his henchmen.  Both of which appeared right away.
      "Yes my Lord," answered Siege.
      "Go to the Ducks' Pond at once.  Make sure that girl does what she's supposed to do," Dragaunus ordered.
      "And uh, what if she doesn't boss?" Chameleon questioned, curiously.
      "Then destroy her," Dragaunus replied belligerently.
      "It would be our pleasure," said Siege, smiling slyly.
      "We wouldn't want her to turn against us like the last one," Dragaunus sneered.  "So if she tries anything, get rid of her before she does turn."
At the Pond...................................
      Ana sighed as she took out a lazer gun and aimed it straight at Wildwing.  She had become very nervous now and was shaking, badly.  The teleporter was all set for her escape.  All she had to do now was pull the trigger.  Before she did, she glanced over at the duck seated on the benches below.  Suddenly, a strange feeling rushed through her, like a freight train.  Ana looked away and shook it off.  "Weird," she thought.  She re-aimed the lazer at Wildwing and steadied her balance.  "Please let me miss," she whispered as she pulled the trigger.
      At the same time, Angelwing was sitting quietly on the bench when she felt a strange feeling.  She could sense an unwelcome pressence.  Angelwing looked around her for any signs of danger.  Then, she happened to look up and noticed a dark figure on the catwalk  She thought she could see the figure holding some type of weapon.  Then, she realized she was right, and it was pointed right at Wildwing!  Immediately, she jumped off the bench and onto the ice, ignoring the pain running through her body and ignoring the referees.
      "Wildwing!" she called out.
      The main referee had blown his whistle to signal a 'too many players on the ice' call.  Angelwing continued to ignore him and skated as fast as she could towards Wildwing.
      "Wildwing!  Look out!"
      "Huh?"  Wildwing looke up at the commotion, confused, but he had no time to ask questions.  Angelwing dived at him, knocking him out of the way, just as a lazer blast hit the net.
      "What the?!"  Wildwing looked shocked and was shaken up.  The others stared on in disbelief, as Angleiwng helped Wildwing to his feet.
      "Now, there's no possible way you guys can pin this one on me," Angelwing defended herself before anyone had a chance to speak.
      Nosedive held his hands up.  "No arguements here," he joked.
      "Maybe not, but there's no doubt Dragaunus is behind this," Tanya commented, looking over the charred remains of the goalie net.
      "She's right," added Wildwing, still trying to recover from his near-death experience.  "Time for a quick change team," he ordered as he and the rest of the team changed into battle gear.  Jess and Karissa changed into their battle gear as well, and ran over to meet the team.  Wildwing activated the mask and started scanning the catwalk.
      "Hey, can you find anything with the mask?" Duke asked.
      Wildwing grunted.  "Nothing," he replied, displeased.  He turned back to the team.  "Jess, you go with Mallory and Nosedive.  Go chack our headquarters, make sure there's no sign of lizards down there."  Then he pointed to three others.  "Duke, Karissa, and Tanya, you three look outside.  Angelwing, Grin and I will check out the arena."
      By this time, Phil had noticed and ran over to them.  "Hey, boobies, where are you going?  You have a game to finish!"
      Wildwing looked at him sternly.  "Sorry Phil, but right now this is more important."
      "Everyone's lives are in danger as long as Dragaunus' goons are lurking," Grin explained to Phil.
      "Yeah," Wildwing gulped, uneasily.  "Including mine."
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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