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Under Construction!-(well, sort of)

O.k.  Starting this over, clean slate....well, sorta.  Um, o.k.  Nothing new here, really, except for my artwork.  As you may have noticed, I have some of my own artwork up now.  Hooray!  I still have all the artwork seperated by artist though, so give credit to where credit is due.  Other than that, the only other major change is the set up.  You can now click on the thumbnail print to see the enlarged versions.  Where as before, you weren't able to do that.  Also, if anyone has any artwork they want me to post, pleast feel free to email me at:   I'm still looking and I'd love to post other fanart, other than mine.  Oh, also, if anyone has any screengrabs they don't mind me posting.....I'm desperate for screengrabs.  As you see.....I have none......well, except for those posted elsewhere on this site.  :-)

Duck Art

Art by Sailor Vegeta

Art by Reckless Excelsa

Art by Shygal

Screen Grabs

Home, home on the range.....

The Range