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Just what connection does Angelwing have with the Brotherhood of the Blade?  Find out as Angelwing and Ana tell all.

      The whole team gasped.  Wildwing's jaw dropped.  "So now the truth comes out," Mallory commented.  "I always knew she couldn't be trusted."
      Angelwing's shoulders slumped and she lowered her face.  She had a bad feeling this was going to happen some day.  She remembered who Duke was when she first met him on Earth, but he couldn't remember who she was, until now.  Only, why did he have to blurt it out to the wole team?  She glanced over to Wildwing, whose surprised expression turned to dissappointment.
      "Angel, is this true?" Wildwing asked her softly.  Angelwing felt sick to her stomache now.  She looked up slowly and tried to speak.
      "Well," she choked, "not completely."
      "Not completely?" Mallory squawked. 
      "Yeah, either it's true or it's not," added Nosedive.  Grin put a hand up to hush them.
      "Maybe if we let her, she can explain," he said peacefully.
      Angelwing smiled slightly and briefly.  "Thank you Grin."  Grin smiled back and returned her gratitude by bowing.  "Alright then, yes it is true, but hear me out first, before you judge me again."  she paused for a moment and looked around the room with pleading eyes.
      "We're listening," Tanya replied politely.
      Angelwing cleared her throat and took in a deep breath.  "Okay, here goes.  I was involved in the Brotherhood, but I wasn't exactly a true member,"  Duke cocked his head and listened carefully as Angelwing continued.  "I was actually working undercover for the PWFBI (Puckworld Federal Beareau of Investigation).  I was trying to obtain some information on some of Puckworld's most wanted.  And yes, at that time, Duke was one of those most wanted."  Everyone turned to look at Duke.  He ducked a little, scratched the back of his head, and let out a nervous chuckle.
      "Hey, you know you could have been killed if anyone found out you were a spy?" Duke asked Angelwing, hoping to turn everyone's attention back to her.  Angelwing nodded sadly.
      "After awhile," Angelwing explained, "I befriended some of those criminals.  That was my first mistake, because then I couldn't rat out my friends.  When the PWFBI suspected I was with holding information, they kicked me out.  That's when I dropped out and away from the Brotherhood.  Shortly after, the Saurians attacked, Canard found me, and I became part of the original Resistance.  So, that's my story.  If you still don't trust me and want to kick me off the team, I understand.  I wouldn't blame you either."  Angelwing slouched her shoulders once again.  The Ducks stood in shock, still trying to absorb Angelwing's story.  Then, finally Wildwing spoke up.
      "No, you're still a member of this team, regardless of what your past was like."  Angelwing looked up at him with a gleam of hope in her eyes.  "Besides, you've already proven yourself to be trustworthy."
      "What?!" Mallory shrieked.  "You've got to be kidding me."  She threw her hands in the air and walked off.  "I don't believe this!"  She could still be heard from the Ready room.
      Ana watched on with a raised eyebrow.  "Does she have issues or what?"
      "Who, Mal?" Nosedive asked.  "Ah, just ignore her.  She'll sleep it off in a day or two," he joked, as the remaining team members laughed.
      A few hours later, most of the team had turned in for the night, except for Angelwing and Ana.  The two had stayed up talking about their experiences in the Brotherhood of the Blade.  
      "So, you were in the BOTB too, huh?" Ana asked Angelwing.  Angelwing nodded.
      "Yeah, unfortunately, but I had my reasons."
      "Funny, I do remember seeing you a couple times, but I don't recall your name.  Oh, by the way, I want to thank you again for helping me out of that sticky situation earlier."
      "You're welcome," replied Angelwing.  "Like I said, I've been in the same situation.  So, I thought it was only fair to help you out."
      "Well, thank you again," Ana smiled.  "Which reminds me, we haven't been properly introduced have we?"  Angelwing shook her head.  "My name's Ana Drakeson," Ana said as she reached out and shook hands with Angelwing.  "And you are?"
      "Angelwing Icefeather.  Pleased to meet you Ana," Angelwing replied with a friendly smile.  Right away, Ana let go of Angelwing's hand and gasped.
      "No way!" Ana said softly.  "You can't be!"  Angelwing felt hurt.
      "Alright, what nasty rumor did you hear about me?" she asked, frowning.
      "Not a rumor," Ana replied harshly, "but a fact."  Angelwing was confused.  Evidently, Ana did know her, but how?  what did she know about Angelwing that made her so angry.  Angelwing couldn't figure it out.  
      "How could you?" Ana asked her angrily.  Angelwing frowned again.
      "I'm sorry.  I don't know what you're talking about."
      "Your sister!" Ana snapped.  "When she was kidnapped , you didn't even bother to continue to look for her.  You obviously din't care about her."
      Angelwing was furious.  "First of all," started Angelwing, "that's a lie.  I've been searching for her my whole damn life!  I've never stopped searching since the day she was kidnapped!" she yelled at Ana, trying to hold vack her tears.  "Second, how the hell do you know about my sister?!"
      Ana was crying now.  She looked up at Angelwing through her tears and tried to speak.  "Because I am your sister!"  Angelwing was speachless.  Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she, too, began to cry.
      "Ariana?" she asked.  Ana nodded slowly and quietly.  Angelwing squealed with joy.  "And you're alive!  I knew it!  I always had a feeling you were alive."  The two sisters embraced each other in a hug, crying.  Both were glad to have found each other.  "Ari, you've got to believe me though," Angelwing begged.  "I never gave up searching for you.  Even after a little girl's body was found ten years later."  Angelwing explained what happened.  "Mom and Dad really thought you were dead, but not me.  I refused to believe it.  It was as if I could sense you were still alive.  So, I never gave up hope.  I'd tell you to ask Mom and Dad, but........" Angelwing trailed off sadly.  She nearly broke out into tears again, but held it back.
      "But what Angel?" Ariana asked.
      "I feel like it's my fault sis.  I should have been there for them.  I should have protected them."  Angelwing looked at her sister with tears in her eyes.  "After the Saurians attacked, I immediately returned home.  But, I was too late.  The lizards had already been there and had killed them."
      Ariana hugged her elder sister tighter, trying to comfort her.  She wanted to cry too, but couldn't.  At least not anymore.  Not over her parents' death.  Maybe it was that it had been so long since she had seen her parents.  Or maybe it was the endless (and sometimes heartless) training she endured while in the Brotherhood.  Whatever it was, it had unabled her to cry over the death of her parents.
      "Look on the bright side sis," Ariana said a little more cheerfully, hoping to cheer up Angelwing.  "At least we've found each other now."  She smiled at Angelwing.
      Angelwing tried to smile back.  "You're not mad at me anymore?" she asked Ariana.
      "No.  I can't be now that I know the truth."  Ariana stopped to think for a moment.  "You know, all of a sudden, I feel like the older sibling, taking care of you now," she joked.  Angelwing wiped her eyes and smirked.
      "Don't get too used to it.  And don't let it go to your head," Angelwing said playfully.  Then, she grabbed Ariana, put her into a loose headlock and gave her a noogie.
      "Hey, cut it out!" Ariana squealed as she struggled until Angelwing let go.  "You know what's ironic?  How the two of us ere so close to finding each other, and we didn't even know it."
      Angelwing agreed.  "Yeah, funny how things work out that way sometimes."
      "Imagine, the two of us, both thieves, both sisters of crime," Ariana thought aloud.
      "Not something to be very proud of, is it?" Angelwing questioned.  Ariana shook her head.
      "Not something Mom and Dad would be proud of either, I bet."
      Angelwing looked at her sadly and she her head.  "Probably not."  Hey, just exactly what happened when you were kidnapped anyway?  How did you survive and become a member of the BOTB?"
      Ariana wrapped her arm around Angelwing's shoulders.  "That, my dear sister, is another story for another day."
The End...........    
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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