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      The next morning, Angelwing awoke to find Dragaunus and his henchmen in the room.  They were talking to another figure.  From the sound of it, the voice was that of a female.
      "So, the plan worked, my Lord?" the female voice asked.
      "Yes, and quite well, in fact," Dragaunus replied, sounding very pleased.  "From the information you gave us, we were able to pin point right where those pesky ducks were."
      "And once we spotted their ship," added Siege, "we blasted it to pieces."
      "However," Dragaunus continued, "there was one survivor."  Dragaunus stepped aside and out of the way for the stranger to see Angelwing. 
      The female duck couldn't really see who it was at first, but thought the figure looked like another duck!  She sat up and rubbed the sleepiness out of her eyes.  Now she could see better.
      "Who is she?" the stranger asked Dragaunus.  She walked over to the cage to get a better look.
      "Eh, some girl named Angelwing," Chameleon replied carelessly.
      Angelwing looked up at the stranger and could make out who it was now.  The two ducks gasped at the same time. 
      The smile on Dragaunus' face widened.  "You two know each other?" he asked curiously.
      Instantly, Angelwing crossed her arms in a huff and turned her head away.  "No!" she replied sharply.
      Lucretia DeCoy, however, answered differently.  "Yes, my Lord.  I know her from the Resistance."  Then she turned back to the giant lizard, with a sly smile.  "You might be interested to know, Lord Dragaunus, that she's a sniper from the Resistance."
      Dragaunus scratched his chin thoughtfully.  "Yes, I thought so.  We've siezed her weapons and I thought one of them looked like a sniper's rifle."  He glanced over at Angelwing.  "Not to worry though.  She'll be put to good use," he chuckled benevolently.  Then, he called out to his henchmen.  "Wraith!  Siege!  Chameleon!  Come, let's leave these two alone to catch up on old times," he cackled wildly.  In a flash of green, the four Saurians were gone.
      A second later, Angelwing was on her feet and walking over to the bars of her cage.  "So, it is true?" she asked Lucretia as she held onto the bars and glared bitterly at the other duck.  "You did betray us."
      Lucretia turned to face Angelwing and smiled cunningly.  Then she shrugged her shoulders and replied.  "Eh, I did what I had to do to survive."
      Angelwing narrowed her eyes, looking more and more angry.  "Why you selfish bitch!" she yelled.  "I heard that conversation between you and Dragaunus.  You set us up, didn't you?!"
      "Well, of course," Lucretia replied tartly.  "If I didn't come through, Dragaunus would have killed me instead."
      Angelwing shook her head, looking disgusted as an array of emotions were running through her.  "You sacrificed the lives of several other ducks.  For what?!  Just so you could save your own tail feathers?!"  All this time, Lucretia just stood there, smiling proudly.  "Get out of my face!" Angelwing ordered.  "You make me sick!"
      "Fine," the other female replied smugly.  She started to walk away, towards the door.  "If that's what you want."  Then she stopped a few feet from the door and turned back to Angelwing.  "But might I remind you that while you're here, I may be the only friend you've got right now."
      Angelwing had to keep herself from laughing.  "Friend?" she scoffed.  "Ha!  I thought you were my friend before.  But I don't think so, not any more.  I'm sorry, but I don't associate with traitors like you."  She glared angrilly at her nemesis, staring her down.
      Lucretia narrowed her eyes.  "I wouldn't talk like that if I were you," she warned.
      "And why not?!" spat Angelwing.
      "Because soon enough, you'll be a traitor yourself," the purple-haired duck explained to her.
      Angelwing's expression suddenly turned confused as she frowned, but she still managed to keep her cool composure.  "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll tell you right now, I would never turn my back and betray my people."
      Lucretia shook her head in pity for the caged duck, feeling that Angelwing was being naive.  "If you say so.  But we shall see, Icefeather.  In time," she spoke calmly with a devilish grin, and soon she was headed for the door again.  Only, this time, she finally walked out.
      A few minutes later, Lucretia arrived in the main control room to find Dragaunus in his throne.
      "So, our new protege is from the Resistance, huh?" the giant, red lizard spoke, sensing her presence.  Lucretia nodded silently.  Dragaunus turned in his chair to face the duck.  He was scratching his chin with his long claws, obviously in deep thought.  "So, she won't be turned easily, will she?"
      "No sir," the female duck replied.  "She's a stubborn one, Lord Dragaunus.  In the state she's currently in, I'd say she won't even lift a feather for you."
      "Hmm, then what we need to do is use some friendly persuasion," Dragaunus thought aloud.
      "I think I have an idea my Lord," Lucretia spoke up to him.
      "Oh?" Dragaunus raised an eyebrow and sat up in his seat, his curiosity sparking inside him.  "Do tell."
      "Well," she started out, sounding a bit nervous at first.  "I know, in the Resistance, Angelwing was pretty close to Canard Thunderbeak."  Dragaunus growled at the mention of Canard's name.
      "He's still out there, somewhere," he grumbled, "proably plotting against me as we speak!"
      Lucretia cringed back.  "But Angelwing doesn't know that," she disputed.  "For all she knows, we could've captured him already."
      Dragaunus' eyes widened and an evil grin spread across his face.  "So, what you're saying is that Canard may be one of her weaknesses?"
      "It's very possible, my Lord," Lucretia nodded.
      The Overlord scratched at his chin again, thinking to himself.  "I think I see where you are going with this."  He chuckled in spite of the evil plan.  "We'll tell the girl that we've captured Canard, and that if she doesn't do as I say, we'll kill him!"
      Suddenly, the Chameleon appeared out of nowhere, and threw in his two cents.  "Sounds like a plan Boss.  But, uh, what if she doesn't believe you?"
      The smile quickly disappeared  from Dragaunus' face and steam rose from his nostrils as he growled, angry at how the shape shifter  had dared to question him.  He held up a fist at Chameleon and was about to scold him when the smile returned to his face.  While staring at the Chameleon, a thought had occured to him.
      "Yes," he hissed, grinning a toothy grin.
      Chameleon had shrunk back and was cringing in fear, like a coward.  "Wh, what is it, Boss?" he questioned in a shakey voice.
      "You," the towering lizard answered, pointing a finger at Chameleon.  "You, Chameleon, will be the one to convince her."
      "I- I will?" the smaller lizard squeaked.  As the idea sank in, Chameleon realized what Dragaunus wanted him to do.  "Of course I will," he said as a sly smile spread across his face.  "You just tell me when, and I'll be there."
To be continued........................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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