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Trick-or-Sneak on Fright Night (part 1)

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      It was a dark and stormy, actually it was a cool, sunny, autumn day in Anaheim, California.  On this day, October thirtieth, the day before Halloween, the Pokemon trainers were hanging out at the Pond.  They were each trying on their costumes they had bought the previous day.
      "Alright, what house are we gonna visit first?" Josh asked gleefully.
      "Josh-man, no offense, but aren't you a little old for trick-or-treating?" Charlotte commented.
      "Nope, not me.  I  may be thirteen, but I'm never too old for trick-or-treating," he replied, as Jess and Karissa entered the Ready Room.
      It was obvious, by the sight of the bags they were carrying, that they had just returned from the mall, and had just purchased their costumes.
      "Hey, I'm twenty-one and I still like to go trick-or-treating," Jess commented, trying to back up Josh.  "Growing old doesn't mean you have to grow up," she smiled.
      "Besides, Halloween and trick-or-treating aren't until tomorrow," Karissa added.  She walked over and sat down in a chair, glad to be off her feet.  "Aren't you going trick-or-treating?" she asked Charlotte.
      "Of course," she answered.
      "So what's everyone going as?" Sara questioned, trying to change the subject a bit.  "I'm Gimli."
      "I'm a pirate," Josh replied.
      Jess was a bit hesitant.  "I'm not sure yet.  I'm either going as a vampire.  Or I'm going as an angel of the night."  Everyone looked at her strangely, as if to ask what an 'angel of the night' was.  Jess noticed this and quickly answered their question before it was asked.  "It's an angel costume, only it's black instead of white."
      Everyone nodded in understandment and there were various "oh's" and "okays".  Some looked at Karissa for an answer, but she just shrugged her shoulders. 
      Jess frowned.  "Well, Karissa is going as herself, when she wakes up in the morning," she joked.  "That's scary enough, isn't it?"  Everyone but Karissa laughed.
      "Ha, ha, very funny," Karissa sarcastically remarked.  "Actually, I'm going as a sorceress."
      The remaining trainers took their turns as well, telling what they were going to be.  Eilony mentioned that she, too, was going to be a vampire.  Buzz said he was going as Strong Bad and Joanna was going to be Harry Potter.
      "Wonder what Gos and Lou are gonna be," Sara added, in thought.
      "I'm gonna be a duck!" a familiar voice exclaimed.  Everybody turned to see who it was, as they saw Nosedive enter the room, followed by the rest of the Ducks.
      Karissa rolled her eyes.  "Go figure," she said with sarcasm.  "Should've known it was Nosedive," she smirked slyly.
      Ariana looked at the humans, feeling a bit confused and unsure.  "What is the point of this, Halloween, anyways?" she asked, curiously.
      Buzz stood up and made it a point to explain it himself.  "Halloween, or 'All Hallows Eve', as some call it, is a holiday of ghosts and goblins and kids dress up in scary costumes."  Ariana stared at him quizzically.  "In an old story I heard," he continued, "it was the day when evil spirits came and people would dress up in costumes to scare 'em away."
      "But the biggest tradition," Josh added, "is dressing up in the costume of your choice, going door to door, and when someone answers, you yell 'trick-or-treat' and you get candy."
      "Well anyways, I'm going as a witch," Charlotte said at last, as if she had been interrupted.
      Angelwing shuddered.  "It all sounds so creepy to me.  Ghosts and evil spirits?  That's just freaky!"
      "If you ask me," Nosedive started, "humans have the weirdest holidays," he said as he leaned on a chair.  Then his eyes opened wider.  "But as long as there's candy involved, I see no problem with it."  Everyone rolled their eyes and some of the trainers giggled.
      "That's ridiculous!" exclaimed Tanya as she waved off the thought.  "Who actually believes in that stuff anyways?"
      "Yeah, everyone knows there's no such thing as ghosts or evil spirits, or anything like that," Mallory said.
      Buzz wrinkled his nose in response to Mallory's comment.  "Awe, it's really just for plain ol' fun."  The other trainers and Jess and Karissa all nodded in agreement.  "Some very religious people don't like it because they think it represents the Devil," Buzz pointed out.
      "Cause they don't know anything," Josh quipped with his usual air of sarcasm.
      Just then, the poke-buddies came into the Ready Room with their costumes on.  Charmander and Cyndaquil were wearing a two-person, (or two pokemon, in their case) unicorn costume.  Squirtle was dressed as a cat, with ears and make up, while Bulbasaur had yellow flower petals tucked under his collar.  Growler walked in behind them in a Zorro hat, cape and mask.  And last, but not least, was Violet, who was a parrot.
      "Hey guys, you look great," Joanna complimented them.
      "Awe, how cute!" Jess squealed.  Then she turned back to the Ducks.  "So, you guys coming with us tomorrow night?" she asked, curiously.
      "Where?" Wildwing questioned.
      "Why, trick-or-treating, of course," Karissa answered him, playfully.  Duke looked at her funny and shook his head.
      "I don't think so.  One, we're too old, two, Phil's making us do some stupid publicity stunt tomorrow night," he answered for Wildwing.
      "Oh well," Josh said as he shrugged his shoulders, "more candy for us."
      Karissa frowned and took a swipe at him, but he ducked just in time, and she missed.  "Awe, but you guys are gonna miss all the fun," she whined, turning back to the Ducks.  "The heck with Phil's publicity stunt!  Besides, there's no law stating an age limit for trick-or-treating," Karissa hesitated, as she thought to herself.  "At least, that I know of."
      Jess had been deep in thought during this part of the conversation.  So, when the words, 'publicity stunt', were mentioned, she snapped back to her senses, almost instantly.  "Wait a minute!  Hold the phone!  Phil didn't mention anything about the cheerleaders being part of that publicity stunt, did he?" she asked the Ducks, hoping they would say 'no'.
      "No," Mallory answered.  Both Jess and Karissa felt relieved.  "He said it's just for the team and not the cheerleaders or mascots."  She motioned over to the poke-buddies, who were sighing with relief.
      Suddenly, the elevator doors slid open and revealed Gosalyn and Louie in their costumes.  Gosalyn was dressed as Darkwing Duck and Louie was a sumo wrestler.
      "Hey guys," Gosalyn greeted them.
      Karissa waved at them.  "Hey, whassup?!  Cool costumes!"
      "Thanks," Gosalyn replied with a smile.  "Dad said Honker and I can go trick-or-treating in Anaheim, while he and Launchpad go to a party."  Everyone's attention soon turned to a sad looking Louie.
      "Hey Lou, what's wrong?" Karissa asked.
      "I'm not as excited about tomorrow as I normally am," he answered sadly.
      Eilony tilted her head.  "Why not?" she questioned him, sounding concerned.
      "My Mom's making me bring my little brother," Louie explained, "he's such a pain."
      "Bummer man," Karissa commented.  Then she smiled at him, trying to cheer him up.  "We can still have fun though."
      "Yeah, she's right," Jess chimed in, sounding optimistic.  Then, an idea popped into her mind.  "Hey, I know!" she exclaimed.  "Anyone want to go to that haunted mansion they have set up at the mini golf place?"  The trainers all nodded in various agreements while their poke-buddies chattered amongst themselves and finally voiced their agreement.
To be continued.........................
Disclaimer:  All characters from the Mighty Ducks and the character of Goslyn Mallard (from the Darkwing Duck series) are copyrighted and owned by Disney.  The character of Louie (from the Life With Louie cartoon) is copyrighted by his rightful owner (I apoligized for this, for I am not sure who owns the show and character).  All Pokemon characters are copyrighted and owned by 4Kids Entertainment & Nintendo.  The characters of Sara, Josh, Eilony, Joanna & Charlotte are owned by my friend, Sara.  And, last but not least.........the characters of Angelwing, Ariana, Jess, and Karissa, are my own.  Sara and I are, in no way, working for Disney or any of the other companies, nor are we making a profit off of this story.  Thank you for you time!  :-) 

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