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      For the rest of that day, Angelwing sat silently, alone in her prison cage.  The only times that silence was broken, was when one of Dragunus' lackeys came to bring her lunch and dinner meals.  And such was the same for the days that followed.
      However,  with each passing day, Angelwing was able to regain some of her strength back.  Her wounds were healing quickly too, such that she was finally able to remove her bandages one day.
      "Ah, much better," Angelwing smiled to herself as she unwraveled the last bandage from her leg.  Then, she stood up and shook each limb, to make sure everything felt alright.  "Now," she said to herself as she looked around her, "if I can just get myself outta this bird cage, I could find a way out of this place."
      Once she found the lock, she thought about how she was going to open it.  "Aha!"  She remembered she still had some lock picks from when she was in the Brotherhood of the Blade.  When she reached inside her boot, where she normally kept them, she discovered they were missing.  "Damn it!  Those freakin' Saurians must've taken my lock picks too!"
      Suddenly, a wicked laughter filled the room.  The female duck looked around the room in confusion, trying to find where the laughter was coming from.
      "Missing something Duck?!"  Dragaunus materialized a few feet away from the cage, laughing meniacally.
      Angelwing growled as she glared at the giant lizard with hatred.  "What do you want?!" she snapped.
      Dragaunus took a few steps closer to her.  "I've come to ask you a favor," he announced, grinning maliciously.
      Angelwing narrowed her eyes.  "Sorry, but I don't do favors for evil alien overlords that take over my home planet," she sneered.
      The Saurian Overlord growled angrily as steam rose from his nostrils.  "In that case, I won't ask.  I'll tell you."  Angelwing watched him carefully, waiting for the punch line.  "From now on, Duck," he spoke to her, "you'll work for me."
      Angelwing walked up to the edge of the cage and clutched the bars, tightly.  "No way," she scoffed as she shook her head.  "I'll never work for you."
      Dragaunus smiled wickedly.  "Oh, but I beg to differ, Angelwing.  You see, I have my ways of persuasion."  He snapped his fingers and called for one of his henchmen.  "Siege!  Bring in our prisoner!"  Next, Siege walked into the room, carrying a duck, tied up, and slung over his shoulder.
      "Here you go Dragaunus," the large, ankylosaurus replied as he threw the prisoner on the ground. 
      Angelwing couldn't tell who the duck was at first.  Their back was turned towards her and they were facing the two Saurians.  She knew it was a male duck, by the build of his body, and there was somthing familiar about him too, the tan feathers, the armor, but who was it?  Angelwing feared she did know, but she hoped and prayed that he wasn't who she thought he was.  She turned her gaze from the duck on the floor to glare at Dragaunus. 
      "What kind of sick game are you playing Dragaunus?!" she yelled at him.  "Let him go!"
      At last, the male duck turned his head to look at Angelwing and finally, her fear was confirmed.
      "Canard!" she gasped.  "No!"
      His eyes widened, but he couldn't speak, for his beak was taped shut.  All he could do was let out a muffled version of Anglewing's name.
      Dragaunus circled Canard, chuckling evilly, then he looked at the duck in the cage.  "Friend of yours?" he asked her. 
      Angelwing didn't answer him.  She just stared at him coldly, the anger building up and boiling inside of her. 
      "Good," the Overlord replied, as if he had read her mind.  "Because if you don't follow my orders, your friend here," he paused to pick up Canard by the scruff of his neck, "won't live to see tomorrow!"  Dragaunus held up the duck for Angelwing to see, before throwing him against a wall.  Canard's body slammed hard into the wall, before falling to the ground in a crumpled heap.
      Angelwing screamed as she watched her love slump to the ground.  "Canard!"  Dragaunus walked over to him and picked him up again, this time by the front of his uniform.  He was about to throw him again when Angelwing protested.
      "No!  Leave him alone Dragaunus!" she yelled out. as she looked at Canard.  His eyes were rolling around and he was barely concious.  Dragaunus turned his head towards the female duck.  "I'll do what ever you want," she sighed hopelessly.  "Just don't hurt him."
      Dragaunus smiled again and dropped Canard.  "Excellent!" he hissed.  "You'll begin this afternoon."  He then turned to Siege and pointed to the duck on the floor.  "Get that Duck out of here," he snapped.  "I'm finished with him, for now."
      The Saurian henchman walked over and grabbed Canard by the back of his collar and dragged him out the door.  Dragaunus watched them and was about to leave, himself, when he paused to speak once more.
      "Just remember, Angelwing, if you disobey me, Canard is as good as dead."  With that, he was gone in a flash of green.
      Angelwing walked to the far corner of her cage and sank to her knees.  She burried her face in her hands and cried.  "Oh, Canard," she thought to herself.  "What have I gotten myself into?"
To be continued..............................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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