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Cruel Intentions........

      Dragaunus and Siege returned to the throne room, grinning happily.  They were both staring at Canard, who was tied up, sitting on the floor, and glaring back at them.
      "I don't know Boss, I kinda like him better like that," Siege commented on the angry duck.
      Dragaunus scratched his chin thoughtfully.  "Mmm, yes.  He is quieter that way," he paused momentarily, thinking to himself.  "However, he did serve his purpose well.  So let him go."  Siege grumbled as he walked over, untied Canard and removed the tape from his beak.
      "About time!" the male duck snapped, once he was free.  Then, he rubbed the back of his head.  "Ow!  Did you have to throw me into that wall, so hard Boss?" he complained to the Overlord.
      Dragaunus growled.  "Keep it up and I'll throw you back into dimensional limbo!"
      "Yipes!" the duck sqeaked as he morphed back into the Chameleon.
      "Moron," Siege mumbled under his breath.  "You're just lucky the girl fell for the act," he told Chameleon.  Suddenly, a transmission came through on the main computer.  All three Saurians turned to listen.
      "Lord Dragaunus, Sir," a voice sounded.     
      "Yes, what is it Tyran?" Dragaunus answered him.
      "Bad news, Sir!" Tyran replied.  Dragaunus raised an eyebrow in curiosity.  "Another monitor tower was destroyed."
      "WHAT?!" Dragaunus roared.
      "We caught a glimpse of a blonde duck, in purple, running from the tower as it exploded, though," Tyran quickly explained to his Lord.
      "Well then, take care of them!" Dragaunus ordered.
      "Y-yes Sir!" the Saurian officer answered back, stuttereing and sounding a bit frightened.  Before cutting off the signal, he spoke again.  "But, Sir, what if it's that sniper again?"
      "It's not!" the Overlord snapped angrilly.  Then, he changed his tone and relaxed, grinning ear to ear.  "We have her detained," he told Tyran, calmly.  Dragaunus sat quietly for a moment, thinking about what he had just said.  He remembered he had told Angelwing that she would start working for him that day.  This would be the perfect opportunity for her.  "No," Dragaunus started again, "on second thought, I'll send the sniper down there."
      "What?!" Tyran exclaimed.  "You can't be serious, my Lord?!"
      Dragaunus was growing impatient and angry again.  "Are you questioning my decision, Tyran?!"
      "N- n- no Sir!"
      "Then you will have no problem with it?"
      "None whatsoever," Tyran replied.
      "Perfect," Dragaunus sat back in his throne.  "Then I'll send her down there, a.s.a.p, and she can take care of that pesky duck for us."
      At the same moment, Lucretia had stopped by Angelwing's cell to talk to, or rather to provoke her, and bring her her lunch.  She entered the room to find Angelwing sitting in the far corner of her cage.  Her head was down and her arms were resting on her knees, which were bent.
      Lucretia chuckled to herself, for she knew what had happened between Dragaunus and Angelwing a few moments before.  "So, you finally caved in, huh?" she spoke to the other duck, taunting her.  Angelwing looked up to see who was speaking to her, but she didn't answer.
      Lucretia could tell Angelwing had been crying by her red eyes and tear-stained cheeks.  "You know, crying isn't going to get you anywhere," she commented, coldly.  Still, the prisoner did not speak.  She just sat there, staring blankly at the purple-haired duck.
      As much as Lucretia despised Angelwing, there was something about her expression that almost made Lucretia feel sorry for her.  She walked up to the cage and slid the tray of food under the door.  "Don't cry," she said, sympathetically.  "At least you still have your health."
      Angelwing blinked and looked away.  "That doesn't matter," she spoke, at last, sounding extremely depressed.  "I'd rather be dead."  She crossed her arms on her knees and burried her face in them.  Lucretia could hear the female duck sobbing, and her voice was muffled when she spoke again.  "Nothing matters anymore.  Canard's been captured, and I've got no chance of getting out of here."
      "I'm sorry," was all Lucretia could say as she watched Angelwing cry.  She didn't know what else to say or do.  Lucreta sat in silence for a moment, thinking of how she could help.  Then, a thought occured to her, and she smiled slyly.  "Hey Angelwing," she tried getting her attention.  Angelwing stopped crying, but she didn't look up.  "I'm sorry I can't do anything about Canard," Lucretia continued, "but, if you stick with me, I'll see what I can do about helping you get out."
      Now this grabbed Angelwing's attention.  Why would Lucretia DeCoy want to help her?  There had to be a catch to it somewhere.  The caged duck looked up slowly and dried her eyes.  "What's in it for you?" she asked suspiciously.
      Lucretia frowned, feeling hurt.  "Nothing," she replied slowly.  "Just the sheer pleasure of knowing I did something right for once."
      Angelwing snorted, trying her best not to laugh.  "I find that hard to believe," she scoffed.
      Lucretia glared at her.  "You're not being very nice, you know!" she snapped angrilly, balling her fists up at her sides.
      "And why should I?!" Angelwing shot back.  "You're the reason I'm in this mess to begin with!"
      Lucretia stopped herself from arguing back and relaxed her hands with a sigh.  "You're right," she said quietly as she looked down at the floor.  "Which is why I want to make it up to you."  She turned her face back up to the duck in the cage.  Angelwing looked at her strangely, but continued to listen anyway.
      "I just wanted to be friends with you," Lucretia went on, lying through her beak.  "I didn't know you were on that ship.  Had I known, I would've prevented Dragaunus from shooting you guys down."   Lucretia was acting as if she really cared about Angelwing, when, in reality, she didn't.  But it appeared as if Angelwing was believing every word she said, which pleased Lucretia.
      In all actuality, Angelwing didn't know what to believe.  Lucretia sounded awefully sincere.  Yet, something was still nagging at Angelwing's intuition, but she didn't know what.  She wanted to believe that Lucretia meant what she had said, but she had to be cautious.
      "So, if I help you escape, will you consider me a friend, at least?" Lucretia pleaded with her, staring at her with sad eyes.
      Angelwing rolled her eyes and sighed heavily.  What choice did she have?  She had to get out and save Canard, and somehow save Puckworld too.  This might have been her one and only chance.  "Alright," she sighed, reluctantly.  "But only, if I get out alive."
      Lucretia smiled and agreed.  "Of course, you have my word," she told Angelwing.  On the inside, she was giddy with evil laughter.  "If only she knew my real intentions," Lucretia thought to herself as she shook hands, in agreement, with Angelwing.
To be continued....................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

Another day..................

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