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Theme: Home
Word Count: 177
Featuring Angelwing & Ariana

      Ariana approached her sister, carefully.  Many questions had ran through her mind since they were reunited.  "Angelwing, what was it like at home, after I was, you know, kidnapped?"
      Angelwing turned to face her younger sister and smiled briefly.  "Well, things were never quite the same when you were gone."  She looked at Ariana, sadly.  Then she smiled once again and put her arm around her sister's shoulders.  "But let's not dwell on the past right now.  What's important is that we're together again."
      Ariana smiled back and gave her sister a hug.  But something still bothered here.  "Do you think we'll ever make it back home to Puckworld?" she asked.
      "I don't know," Angelwing answered her, looking away.  "I certainly hope so," she said, turning back to Ariana.  "But the way I see it, is that as long as we have each other, we're home, no matter where we are."
      Ariana looked up at her sister.  "You know what, I think you're right."
      Angelwing chuckled slightly and the two sisters embraced once again.  "Welcome home Sis."
The End

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