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Angelwing's Ice Palace
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The Profile Room
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You enter yet another room.  It's a large room, filled entirely with filing cabinets.  "Greetings stranger!"  A dark figure appears from out of a shadowy corner.  "The name's Duke L'Orange."  You see a tall gray duck, with an eyepatch, walking towards you.  "Welcome to the Abyss."  Duke laughs, "I'm sorry, I meant the Profile Room, ahehe."  He then whispers to you, "I only call it that because sometimes it's a wonder you can find anything in here," he chuckles.  "No, seriously, this is where you can find the profiles of every member of the team.  The files are actually easier to find than I make it sound.  Hehe, I was just kiddin' ya.  Please feel free to take a look around.  If you need  help, that's what I'm here for, so don't be afraid to ask."


Fanfic Character Profiles

Angelwing Icefeather

Ariana Icefeather

UPDATED!-some new information has been added and a profile of Ariana's alter-ego has been added as well.

Jessica Lewiston

Karissa LeMay

Sierra McDrake

Savana McDrake

Trent Puckson

Jet McQuillson

Chet McQuillson

Byron James

The Mighty Ducks Profiles


Wildwing Flashblade

Nosedive Flashblade

Mallory McMallard

Duke L'Orange

Tanya Vanderflock


Canard Thunderbeak

Phil Palmfeather

Captain Klegghorn

get this gear!

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