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      Angelwing tossed and turned in her bed.  She was finding it difficult to even lay still, never mind sleep.  She just couldn't get the thought of the next mission out of her mind.  Of course, she was nervous and maybe even a bit scared.  Ever since her parents were killed, Angelwing vowed she would do whatever it took to get rid of the Saurians.  Even if it meant risking her own life, at least she'd know she tried.
      But, in all honesty, she was really afraid of dying.  Not to mention she had made a promise to her parents that she wouldn't give up until she found her little sister.  She had already spent many years searching and had yet to find her.  "I can't die now," Angelwing thought.  "I made a promise not only to my parents, but to myself as well, that I would find Ariana."  She sat up in her bed and shook her head.  "No, I can't die," she told herself, trying to think more positively.  "I won't give up.  Not yet.  Not now."
      Suddenly, an alarm went off, causing Angelwing to jump out of her bed.  With her heart beat now racing, she quickly looked around the room.  Her eyes darted about until she found the culprit.  She let out a sigh of relief when she realized it was her alarm clock.
      "Stupid alarm clock," she muttered as she grabbed her sniper rifle and shot her clock right off the night stand.  Next, she walked over to the mirror on the wall and stared at her reflection.  She brushed her hair and quickly braided it, not that it mattered.  It would more than likely get messed up again in a couple hours.  Finally, she finished with her braid and sighed.  "Well," she started, trying to muster up some courage.  "I guess this is it."  Then she packed up her gear and ran to the hangar.
      Angelwing arrived there just in time, as Commander McQuillson had just finished briefing about seven other Resistance members.  The rest of the scouting/ strike team, she assumed.  She looked about the hangar and noticed Chet waving at her.
      "Hey," he smiled as she ran over to him.  "You ready for this?"
      The female duck took in a deep breath.  "About as ready as I'll ever be."
      "Get enough rest?" he asked her, sounding a bit concerned at her answer.
      "Not really," she replied with a yawn.  "Couldn't sleep, I was too nervous."
      "Don't worry," Chet tried to comfort her with a weak smile.  "You're not the only one."
       "Yeah, because Junior here is as much of a wimp as you are Ice Queen."
      Both Angelwing and Chet wheeled around to see who was speaking.  Although, they had a pretty good idea of who it was.  When they saw Trent standing in front of them, they realized their intuitions were right.  Angelwing crossed her arms in front of her and glared furiously at Trent.
      "You know Trent, I always thought you were a jerk, but now I know you're a jerk," Angelwing snapped at the gray duck.
      "Huh, can't be half as bad as being a wanted criminal," he shot back.
      "Ooooh.........." Angelwing seethed as she leapt forward at Trent.  She swung a fist at his face but missed as she was grabbed and pulled backwards.  "Let me at him!" she screamed as she struggled to get free.
      "Stop it!" Chet yelled at her as he tried to hold her back.  "Save your energy Icefeather.  You're going to need it."
      "But-!" Angelwing argued.
      "Don't wasted it on him.  He's not worth it," Chet tried to explain.  Angelwing ceased her struggling and Chet let her go.
      "You're right," she sighed unhappily.  Then she quickly turned back to Trent.  "But if we survive this mission," she pointed a finger at him, "I'll make sure you don't survive the flight back."
      "Oh puh-lease," Trent yawned, acting as if it were only a petty threat.  "You couldn't hurt a fly.  So I'm not too worried."
      "Well, you'd better be," she warned through gritted teeth.
      "Huh?"  They turned around to see Commander McQuillson approaching them.  His hands were balled up into fists at his sides in a sign of anger and frustration.  As for the expression on his face, it wasn't a happy one either.
      "Just do me a favor you two huh, and work together on this mission," McQuillson pleaded with them.  "Let's save Puckworld first.  Then you two can do what you like to each other.  I could care less."
      Feeling his father's frustration, Chet gave Trent and Angelwing a scornful look. 
      Angelwing looked down and apoligized.  "I'm sorry.  I guess I've just been losing my focus," she told him.
      Chet put a hand on her shoulder and whispered in her ear.  "I can understand, because it's Trent, but still, this isn't the time and place."  Angelwing nodded silently in agreement.  "Don't worry, things will get better soon, you'll see," Chet said with a smile.
      Angelwing looked up and sighed.  She thought of her sister and the possibility of someday reuniting with her.  "I will find you Ariana, someday.  I promise," she thought to herself.  Then she turned to Chet and smiled.  "I know," she replied as a tear rolled down her cheek.  She quickly wiped it away and shrugged it off.  "Thanks."
      "Alright Ducks!" Commander McQuillson announced loudly.  "Listen up!  I'm going to tell you this once and only once, so listen carefully!"  All the members of the team gathered around to hear as their commander gave them their orders.
      "You say there is a Resistance strike team on it's way here?" Dragaunus was asking a female duck with lavender colored hair.
      "Yes my Lord," replied the female duck.  "And their main goal is to destroy you and this tower."
      "And you told them where to find us?!" Dragaunus questioned sharply.
      "Yes my Lord," she answered, sounding a bit nervous.  "But knowing that they won't find the tower under this shield anyways," she quickly added.
      "Ah yes," Dragaunus nodded, sounding more pleased than angry.  "So you basically lead them right to me and straight into a trap."
      "You could say that," she commented with a slight grin.
      "Very good," Dragaunus smiled wickedly.  "You have done very well Lucretia."  Next, he called out to his most trusted henchmen.  "Wraith!  Siege!  Chameleon!" 
      The three of them (respectively): a tall and slender Saurian mage; a well armored and built ankylosaurus; and a shorter, shape-shifting, comical chameleon, appeared out of thin air in a shadow of green light.
      "Get the cannons ready," Dragaunus ordered them.  "We don't want to disappoint our guests now."  He smiled and chuckled beligerantly.
      "It will be our pleasure," Siege said through a toothy grin.  Then, the henchmen disappeared and went off to work.
To be continued..................................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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