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      Angelwing slowly opened her eyes and sat up carefully.  "Ow," she rubbed the back of her head.  "What happened?"  She looked around at her surroundings, which were now just coming into focus.  She came to a conclusion that she was locked up in a cell.  Immediately, she had an idea when she noticed the metal bars.  She stood up carefully, still feeling a bit woozy, but she quickly gained her balance.
      "Ha!  These bars are no match for my duck saber!"  She made to reach for her saber, but found nothing.  "Huh?"  She searched elsewhere on herself, checking for the rest of her weapons.  Still, there was nothing.  "Oh great," she said aloud with a sigh.  "Not only am I locked up, but I'm defenseless too."  There was a sudden rush of dizziness that swept over her and she stumbled backwards.  "Whoa!"  She grunted as she backed up into a wall.  It was then, she decided to sit down.
      She rubbed her head again, hoping it would stop the pain.  This time, she felt something wrapped around her head.  Bandages!  She felt around at her arms and legs and found that she was bandaged in several, various places.  "Well, apparently," Angelwing thought to herself, "whom over locked me up, wants to keep me alive, for at least a while longer, anyway."  As she moved about, the pain slowly resided in her back.  "Owe!"  She moaned and sat still once more. 
      The female duck glanced up when she heard the door, on the other side of the room, hiss open.  She gasped at the sight of the two creatures who had just entered.  "Saurians!" she whispered.
      "I still don't see why we have to feed her," Siege was complaining to Chameleon.
      "Because the Boss wants to keep her alive," Chameleon told him.  He was carrying in a tray of food for the duck.  "And after all," he continued cheerfully, "it was my idea."
      Siege grumbled.  "Shut up and give her the food already, would you?!"  he growled and raised his fist.  "I should have finished her off when I had the chance."  Then he stood in thought for a moment.  "Maybe I should do the same to you," he threatened Chameleon.  Then he swung his tail around and Chameleon ducked his head.
      "Yipes!" Chameleon squeaked and ran off.  When he reached Angelwing's cage, he morphed into a waiter, wearing a black suit and tie and held the tray in one hand.  "Dinner is served," he mused with a French accent as he layed the tray on the floor and slid it through an opening under the bars of the cage.
      Angelwing just sat still with her arms crossed, glaring at both Siege and Chameleon angrilly.
      "Well?  Aren't you gonna eat it?!" Chameleon egged her on after changing back to himself.  Still, Angelwing did not move.
      "I'd rather starve than eat that," she nodded toward the plate of food.  "How do I know you didn't poison it?" she asked bitterly.
      "Because we didn't!" Chameleon shot back.
      "Yeah right.  You expect me to believe a couple of Saurian stooges?" mumbled Angelwing as she turned her face away from them.
      "But we can fix that for you!" Siege threatened, pounding a fist into his hand, walking up to the cage.
      "ENOUGH!" a voice boomed, and a tall, red lizard materialized in the room, just behind Siege and Chameleon.
      Angelwing gasped once again.  "Dragaunus!"
      Siege and Chameleon turned around and stepped aside.  Dragaunus looked at Angelwing, curiously, as he slowly approached the cage.
      "Ah, I see our guest is finally awake," he observed.  Angelwing stood up again, a bit more cautious this time, and cocked her head. 
      "Guest?" she asked tartly. 
      Dragaunus stared at her and grinned wickedly.  "Yes", he replied.
      "Then let me ask you something," Angelwing started.  She walked right up to the bars and started at Dragaunus with hatred.  "Do you treat all of your guests so well?" she questioned sarcastically.
      The Overlord sneered as he caught on to Angelwing's game.  "Why, yes, I do," he answered with the same air of sarcasm.  "In fact, we could even give you the 'celebrity treatment', if you'd like."
      Angelwing glared at him with disgust and took a few steps back.  "No thanks, I think I'll pass."  Dragaunus chuckled menacingly.  "Look, what do you want from me anyway?!" the female duck demanded angrilly.
      Dragaunus smiled suspiciously.  "Oh, you'll find out soon enough."
      "Why don't you just kill me?  Isn't that what you want?"
      "Oh no Angelwing," Dragaunus answered.  "Right now, you're worth more to me alive, than you are dead.  Believe me, I've got great plans for you, oh yes."
      With that, Dragaunus turned around and exited the room, motioning for Siege and Chameleon to follow.  But, before clsing the door, Dragaunus turned again to face Angelwing.  "If you want to live, Duck, than I suggest you eat!" he threatened, and then they were gone.
      Angelwing slowly looked down at the food on the floor and grumbled.  Then, feeling hopeless, she gradually sat down next to the plate.  "I supposed he's right," she sighed and stuck a piece of food in her mouth.
      She figured, if Dragaunus was going to keep her alive for awhile, then she might as well take advantage of it.  If she were to escape, she would need her strength back.  With this on her mind, she eventually finished her meal and layed down on the cold, hard floor.
      "At least Canard is still out there," she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep.  "If anything, he'll find me and rescue me."
      "Just how do you plan on getting that duck to listen to you?" Siege asked Dragaunus.
      "You just leave that to me," the Overlord answered.  "I don't need her just yet, but she will serve me well in future plans," he explained as his mouth curved into a sinister smile.
To be continued...............
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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