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Cheers for Fears (part 1)

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"V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that won't happen if we die!" 

      Angelwing walked out of the locker room and headed towards the rink.  She stopped suddenly when she reached the players benches and gasped.  Where there was once ice, now was some type of flooring and the plexi-glass boards that had surrounded the ice, were gone as well.  She glanced over to the zamboni entrance and noticed Jess, Karissa, and a few other cheerleaders, wheeling out what appeared to be a section of a mat.
      "Jess!  Karissa!" the duck called out to them as she waved.  The two humans turned to their team mates.
      "Be right back," Jess told them before she and Karissa jogged over to their feathered friend.
      "Hey girl!" Karissa greeted Angelwing with a smile.
      Jess smiled as well.  "What's up?"
      Angelwing smiled back at them, but with a confused look on her face.  "Actually, I was going to ask you.  What's going on here anyway?" she sounded curious.
      Karissa frowned and cocked her head slightly.  "Haven't you heard?" she questioned the female duck.  Angelwing shook her head.
      "The NCA national cheerleading competition is being held here tomorrow," Jess explained.
      "The what?" Angelwing asked.
      Karissa chuckled.  "You know, the National Cheerleading Association."
      "Oh," Angelwing nodded slowly, but she still didn't quite understand what they meant.
      "Another one of Phil's promotional schemes," Jess pointed out.
      Angelwing rolled her eyes and shook her head.  "Huh, why does that not surprise me?"  The three of them giggled.
      Karissa turned to Jess and pointed her thumb over her shoulder at Angelwing.  "Hey, she's a fast learner."
      "That's good," her friend replied.  "When it comes to Phil, you have to learn fast, if you don't want to be part of his schemes."  The other two nodded in agreement.  Then, Jess glanced over her shoulder at her other team mates, Mike, Pete and Julie.  They were rolling out the section of mat they had just wheeled out.  "Well, we better get back and help them," she said as she turned back to Karissa and Angelwing.
      "Yeah, I suppose so," Karissa sighed reluctantly.  She started walking off slowly, dragging her feet.  "See ya later Angelwing!"
      "Yeah, see ya," sighed Angelwing as her shoulders slumped.  She had been so bored that day.  The Ducks had the weekend off, which meant no hockey games, and Dragaunus had remained silent for the passed couple days.  So, the other Ducks had decided to take a break and rest up.  Each of them were doing their own thing, leaving Angelwing to fend for herself.  She had come up to the rink to do a bit of skating, when she found it like this.  Now what was she going to do?
      Suddenly, Jess thought of an idea, seeing the depressed expression on Angelwing's face.  "Hey, you wanna hang out with us later?"
      Angelwing's face lit up as she looked at Jess.  "Sure."  That made her feel a little better and Jess was glad that it did.
      "Maybe we could go to the mall or grab a bite to eat at Weiner World or something," Jess added.
      "Sounds great," said Angelwing.  She definately sounded happiear.
      "Great!" Jess grinned.  "Let's meet here in let's say, two hours?"
      "Right," Angelwing agreed and she watched Jess run back to the others.  Feeling a bit more cheerful, Angelwing decided to head back to headquarters to see what the other Ducks were up to, and   so, she turned and ran back to the locker room elevator.
      Wildwing was seated at Drake One, tapping away at the keys and staring at the screen.  "Nothing," he thought to himself.  There wasn't even the slightest hint of activity from Dragaunus.  "Where could he possibly be hiding and what is he up to?"  His thoughts were broken by the sound of the elevator door opening.
      "Hi Wildwing!"
      The team captain looked away from the gigantic monitor to see who was speaking.  "Hello," he greeted Angelwing as she stepped out of the elevator.
      "What are you doing?" she asked as she walked over to him, her eyes transfixed on Drake One's monitor.
      "Trying to locate Dragaunus' hiding place," Wildwing answered her, "but -" he sighed, sounding frustrated.
      "No luck, huh?" Angelwing looked at her leader.
      "None."  He looked back at the computer screen.  "Things have been so quiet, that if Dragaunus so much as sneezes, we'll know where to find him."
      "Well, let's just hope that when he does, he doesn't have allergies," the female duck joked.  Wildwing glanced back at her with a slight grin, which Angelwing thought she saw, before it disappeared from his face.
      "In any case," he started, looking serious, once again, "we need to be prepared for whatever he throws at us."
      "Right," Angelwing nodded.  Then she noticed the peculiar look on his face, as if her captain was deep in thought.  "What are you thinking?" she asked a bit nervously.
      Then Wildwing smiled at her.  "Let's round up the others, then all meet back in the Rec Room.  We're going to do a bit of training."
      Angelwing's shoulders slumped again.  "Awe man!" she whined.  "I said I was bored, but this isn't what I had in mind to do."  But when she glanced over to where Wildwing was, he was already gone, running down the hall.  She sighed once more and took off running after him.
      Dragaunus sat in his throne, quietly thinking to himself.  While one hand was busy rapping it's claws on the arm of the throne, the other was holding up Dragaunus' head.  "What I need is a plan," he spoke aloud.  "A new plan to get rid of those mangy Mallards and their pesky human friends.  Those two humans have been causing me as much trouble as those Ducks!" he growled angrilly.
      Suddenly, a voice could be heard yelling through the nearby hall.  "Give me a D!  Give me a U!  Give me a C!"
      "What the blazes?!" Dragaunus shouted.
      Next, what appeared to be a human girl, dressed in a cheerleading uniform, came cartwheeling into the room.  "Give me a K!  Give me an S!  What's that spe -"  The girl was cut off as Dragaunus grabber her violently by the neck and began to choke her. 
      "I've had enough of your foolishness!" the giant lizzard roared.  Then he threw her down to the floor, as she was enveloped by a green light, changing into the Chameleon.
      "Ow!" the Chameleon managed to whine.  "That hurt."  He was now rubbing his head, after landing on it.  The green lizzard then reached into a pocket and pulled out a newspaper.  "Just thought you might like to read this, Boss," he squeaked and handed the paper to Dragaunus.
      The Overlord rippped it away from Chameleon, staring at him intently.  "For your sake, this better be worth my while," he threatened.  Dragaunus began reading what was the sports page, his eyes darting left and right as he read:
      "Anaheim Pond to Host National Cheerleading Competition"
      Below that article was a photo of the Mighty Ducks cheerleading team, with a smaller article next to it that read:
"Ducks' Cheerleaders Hopeful"
      "You said you wanted to get rid of those two humans, right Boss?" Chameleon interrupted Dragaunus' thoughts.
      Dragaunus looked up from the newspaper.  "Hmmm....."  He leaned forward and scratched his chin.  "Yes, the Ducks would be too pre-occupied with the competition.  They wouldn't even know she's missing."
      "Who?" Siege asked, walking over to hear the plan.
      "This one," Dragaunus pointed to the photograph of the Ducks' cheerleading captain.  "The one they call, Jess," he added.  "We won't kill her, yet, just nab her and keep her prisoner.  She might be a useful bargaining tool," he smiled and chuckled evilly.
      "And just how are we supposed to get her?" Wraith asked dismally.
      Dragaunus looked at Wraith and grinned maliciously.  Then, he turned to the Chameleon.  "Chameleon, I have a job for you," he told him as the Overlord explained his plan.
To be continued.........................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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