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Angelwing's taken to the Resistance Headquarters...........need I say more?

      "Wow!"  Angelwing whispered in amazement while gazing about at her surroundings.  It looked like a humongous, underground military base.  Canard had taken Angelwing to Resistance Headquarters, which still remained hidden underground, unscathed by the Saurians' destruction.
      "So, what do you think?" Canard asked for Angelwing's opinion.
      "Unbelievable," she answered back in awe.  "I never could have imagined such a place."
      "Yeah," Canard agreed, "neither could I, until I came here."  As they walked through the underground base, Canard gave Angelwing a tour.  He showed her the hangar where they kept the Aerowings, the military's fighter planes.  He also showed her where they trained and the quarters where everyone's bunks were.
      "Absolutely incredible," whispered Angelwing, still gaping in awe.  They walked down a hallway and into the Central Command room.
      "Thunderbeak!" an authoritive voice bellowed.  Canard automatically turned on heel and saluted.
      "Yes sir!" Canard replied with respect. 
      "At ease soldier," the other duck ordered and Canard stood back casually.  The stranger, a tall, male duck, turned his attention towards the figure standing next to Canard.  "Ah, this must be our new acquisition you informed me about, Thunderbeak."
      "Yes sir, she certainly is," Canard said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.
      The dark brown duck held his hand out to Angelwing.  "Welcome!  Pleased to meet you Miss -," he paused as he waited for her to reply.  angelwing politely shook his hand and answered.
      "Angelwing Icefeather."
      The male duck, who was evidently much older, smiled and continued as if he had briefly paused.  "Miss Icefeather.  I am Commander Jet McQuillson, Commanding Officer."
      "Nice to meet you," Angelwing smiled.  McQuillson stared at her intently, examining her quietly.  Angelwing frowned and took a step backwards, feeling a bit nervous.  She wasn't sure what to expect.
      "So Miss Icefeather," McQuillson started again, breaking the silence.  "I hear you're a good shot." 
      Angelwing blushed and smiled again.  "Well," she started, "I just simply make sure I finish off my enemies on the first try.  I don't even give them time to breathe."  McQuillson looked a bit alarmed.  He thought it sounded like something an assassin would say.
      "Might I aske where and how you have learned this particular skill?"
      Angelwing frowned again, feeling as if McQuillson was being disrespectful.  "Sorry, but I prefer not to talk about my past," she scoweled.  "I believe it is no one's business but my own."
      McQuillson blinked in disbelief.  "Well then," he stammered in search of words.  He glanced over at Canard, only to find a surprised expression on his face as well.
      "What I will tell you though," added Angelwing, "it that it was pretty much self-taught.  Well, with a bit of help and some practice, of course."
      McQuillson thought about how beneficial Angelwing would be to the Resistance.  He didn't like the thought of not doing a background check though.  He was afraid she could possibly be a wanted criminal, or a spy.  But, she didn't seem like that type, McQuillson thought.  Unwillingly, the Commander finally made up mind, Angelwing would stay.  He turned back to Angelwing. 
      "In that case Miss Icefeather," he told her, "we will respect your request.  Therefore, we will not fun a background check on you."  The female duck smiled slightly.
      "Thank you Commander, I appreciate it."
      Commander McQuillson smiled back briefly before his expression turned serious.  "Now, before we make it official, let's see just how good you really are."  He led Angelwing and Canard back to the training quarters.  There, he set up a small target several hundred yards away.  Then, he set up a small wall of sandbags where they were standing, while Angelwing looked on nervously.  McQuillson then walked over to Angelwing and explained to her what she had to do.
      "Miss Icefeather, your task will be to hide behind this wall here," he showed her the sandbags next to them.  "And fire upon the target down there."   He pointed to the target in the distance, which seemed just barely visable.  Angelwing nodded, indicating she understood the task at hand.  She gulped, still feeling nervous.
      "I don't know if I can do this," she whispered to Canard.  "The target is further away than what I'm used to shooting at.  It's too far away.  I can hardly see it."  
      Canard patted Angelwing on her shoulder and smiled.  "Don't worry so much," he said, trying to comfort her.  "You can do it, I know you can.  I saw you take out those lizards back at Twin Beaks.  If you can shoot a moving target under that much pressure, then you can hit a stationary target, without the threath of the Saurians finding you.  Just think: here, you have time to concentrate."
      Angelwing looked up at Canard and smiled.  "Thanks for your support."
      "Hey, anytime," replied Canard.  Angelwing turned to the Commander and shook his hand once again.
      "Good luck," McQuillson replied.  Then he and Canard backed up as Angelwing grabbed her pucklauncher and ducked down behind the wall.  She decided to lay on her stomache, to hide herself better, for the wall wasn't very high.
      Angelwing spotted the tiny target and aimed her pucklauncher.  She tried to steady her aim, but had some difficulty overcoming her nervousness.  "C'mon girl," she told herself, "you can do this.  Like Canard said, just concentrate."  She shook off the unsettling feeling, wiped her brow, and re-aimed her weapon.  She steadied her aim, concentrating on the distant dot, and pulled the trigger.
      After Angelwing had fired her weapon, Canard ran over to retrieve the target.  As he returned, a look of satisfaction spread over his face.  "Incredible!" he exclaimed.  He handed the target over to McQuillson, whose jaw dropped at the sight of the results.
      "I don't believe it!" McQuillson yelled as his face lit up.
      Angelwing frowned again.  She stood up and walked over to them.  "What is it?" she asked.  "How'd I do?  I missed it completely, didn't I?"  McQuillson just turned the target around for Angelwing to see.  She gasped, then smiled broadly when she realized how well she did.  She had hit..........
      "Bullseye!"  Canard cried out.
      McQuillson smiled at Angelwing and shook her hand once more.  "Congratulations Icefeather!"  He stood upright and saluted.  "Welcome aboard soldier."  Angelwing saluted as well.
      "Thank you sir!"
      McQuillson faced Canard.  "You may carry on then Thunderbeak."  Canard saluted his Commanding Officer as he replied.
      "Yes sir!"  Then he turned back to Angelwing.
      "Thank you again for believing in me," she said greatfully.  Canard shook his head.
      "Nah, it was nothing.  You just needed to believe in yourself," explained Canard.
      The two ducks turned to head back to the Central Command room, when another duck approached them.. This time it was a tall, male duck, with gray feathers and black hair.  He appeared to be about Canard's age, and very good looking, from what Angelwing could see.  He also had an air about him in which Angelwing could sense she didn't like.
      "Well, well, well, if it isn't Canard Thunderbeak," the gray duck spoke.  Canard stared back, looking a bit annoyed.
      "Trent," Canard said flatly.  "What do you want?"
      Trent sneered.  "Ooh, touchy!  No need to be such a grouch Thunderbeak."  He peered over Canard's shoulder at Angelwing.  "Hmmm, now what do we have here?" Trent asked, grinning slyly.  "A new recruit?  And I bet you weren't going to introduce me to her, were you Thunderbeak?"
      "Because she's better off not knowing you," Canard scoweled.  Trent ignored him and pushed him aside.
      "Hello beautiful!" Trent exclaimed, looking over Angelwing.  "Allow me to introduce myself, seeing how Canard, here, won't do it for me."  He turned and shot Canard a menancing look before turning back to Angelwing.  "The name's Trent Puckson."  He held out a hand for Angelwing to shake.  She just looked at him, not smiling, then glanced down at his hand, and then back at his face.  Angelwing finally decided to at least be somewhat polite about it.
      "I'm Angelwing Icefeather," she replied.  She held out her hand as well.  As soon as she did, Trent grabbed her hand.  He attempted to kiss it, but Angelwing swiftly pulled it away.
      "Ouch!  Burnt by someone  who's as cold as ice," replied Trent.  Angelwing glared at him bitterly.  "Burrr baby."  Trent smiled again.  "That's okay, we'll just have to work on that," he said cooly, and winked at Angelwing.  Then, he turned back to Canard.  "So, what have you been up to Thunderbeak?  Any more secret missions?  Or have they finally decided to leave those up for someone who can actually handle it?  Someone, let's say, like me."  He boldly pointed to himself.
      Canard chuckled.  "Yeah right.  You couldn't handle a school bully," he sneered. 
      "Maybe because he probably was the school bully," Angelwing thought to herself, trying not to laugh.
      Trent glared at Canard menacingly.  "Laugh all you want Canard," snapped Trent.  "My time will come."  He then leaned in closer to Canard and lowered his voice to a whisper.  "I hear McQuillson want to go after the legendary Mask of Drake DuCaine.  So, you know they'll send the best duck out to search for it," he paused, and glanced over at Angelwing.  "Naturally, they've been saving that mission for me," Trent said proudly.
      Canard had to stop himself from laughing, as he found the situation highly amusing.  Angelwing, however, just stood beside Canard, listening quietly.  "Yeah, okay," Canard scoffed.  "You just be sure to let me know whatn that happens."  He stared walking away, motioning to Angelwing for her to follow.
      "Oh don't worry, I will," hissed Trent.  "Believe me, you'll be the first one I tell, so I can rub it in your face."
      "Besides, Trent," Canard yelled back to him, ignoring his last comment, "the Mask is only a legend, along with Drake DuCaine.  What makes you think you're actually going to find it?"
      Trent chuckled to himself in amusement.  "Because Canard, I'm just that much better than you are."
      Canard rolled his eyes and he and Angelwing continued walking.  "Too bad he'll never find it," he thought to himself while patting a pouch attached to his belt.
      "What makes you think it doesn't exist?"  Angelwing finally spoke up.  "I mean, not that I think he'll actually find it," she added.  "I'm sure if it does exist, it's probably well hidden."
      "What?  Oh, ah..." Canard replied as if he had just come out of a trance.  "Well, I've never really been a big believer of the legend myself."  He paused for a moment and remembered all the stories Wildwing's younger brother, Nosedive, used to tell about Drake DuCaine.  Suddenly, Nosedive's voice drifted into his thoughts.
      "Drake Ducaine, he totally ruled, Canard...............He had this crazy mask, a goalie mask, that could see through invisible shields........"
      "I can't believe the kid was actually right," Canard thought as he smiled briefly, then he sighed.  "Wildwing, I just hope you're alright pal."
      Angelwing looked at Canard with curiosity.  She wondered what was going through his mind right now.  She could sense that he was hiding something though, or at least she thought he was.  However, she felt it was non of her business, as was the way she felt about her past being her own business, and so she shrugged it off.
      "I'm sure you must be tired," Canard's voice floated into her thoughts.  Angelwing stretched out her arms and let out a big yawn.  She quickly covered her beak with her hand and smiled, looking a bit embarassed.
      "Well, now that you've mentioned it," she replied quietly, "I could use a good night's sleep.  I haven't slept much in days."
      "I can imagine," Canard said thoughtfully.  He smiled and looked at Angelwing as she smiled back.  "I'll show you to your bunk."  He lead Angelwing down a long hallway, lined with doors, each leading to another bunk.  They walked about halfway down the hall when Canard stopped in front of a door with the number, thirty-eight on it.  Canard punched in the code on a panel just to the right, and the door hissed open.
      "Well, here you go.  This is your room now."
      Angelwing stood in the door way and glance around.  The bed was looking really good to her right about now.  For weeks, she had been sleeping on the hard, frozen ground, with nothing but the clothes on her back to keep her warm.  Because she was either following the Saurians, or running from them, she hadn't received much rest.  Angelwing turned to face Canard.  "Thank you!  I can't tell you enough, how greatful I am."
      "Ah, don't sweat it.  Besides, I asked you to come along.  It's not like you asked me if you could stay."
      "Well, thank you anyway," Angelwing greatfully replied, just as she yawned again.  "I think it's time for me to hit the sack."
      Canard smiled again.  Then his eyes widened and he gasped.  He reached into another smaller pouch.  "Before I forget, I want you to have this."  He handed her a wrist communicator.  "If you ever get into trouble, just contact anyone of us in the Resistance with this."
      Angelwing took it and fastened it on her wrist.  "Thanks!"
      "Now," Canard continued, "if you need me for anything, I'll be next door."  He pointed to the door to the right.  "That's my bunk, number forty."
      Angelwing nodded.  "Thank you again!"
      "Alright, well, good night.  Get some rest.  You're going to need it for your training tomorrow."
      Angelwing bid Canard a good night and closed the door behind him.  She layed down in bed, thinking of the day's passed events, and within a matter of minutes, she was out like a light.
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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