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Trick-or-Sneak on Fright Night (part 2)

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BOO! Did we scare ya?

      The following day was October 31st, Halloween.  People were out and about, shopping for last minute costumes and candy for trick-or-treaters.  There were already some children running around with their costumes on, showing them off to their friends.
      The Pokemon Trainers, however, were sitting in Sara's room that afternoon, planning out their night, making a list of houses to visit.  Sara was going over the list they had already come up with.
      "Okay, we go to six houses on Baker Road, then seven on Jake's Street, and....what else?"
      "How 'bout another seven on Black Rabbit Street, then eight more on Victor's Lane," Buzz answered her, adding to their list.  Sara scribbled it down on her notepad while Josh spoke up.
      "I have an idea," he announced.  The others turned to him to listen.  "We split up into four or five for two blocks," he continued.  "Then we all meet up at that haunted mansion Jess mentioned."
      Just then, there was a knock on the door and Karissa entered the room.
      "Hi Karissa!" Buzz greeted her.  She waved in return.  "We're making up a list of neighborhoods we're visiting tonight," he explained to her.
      "So far, it's six on Baker Road, seven on Jake's Street, seven on Black Rabbit Street, and eight on Victor's Lane," Eilony told Karissa.
      "And I just suggested we split up and take two neighborhoods each," Josh added proudly.  "Then meet up at that haunted masion Jess mentioned."
      Karissa nodded to show her approval.  "Cool!  Sounds like a great idea."  She walked over and sat on the edge of Sara's bed.  "I'm sure Jess won't mind, and she'll go along with it."
      "Awesome!" Sara exclaimed as she stood up.  She walked over to her dresser and put down her notepad and pen.  "We'll leave," she paused, thinking, "at six minutes and six seconds passed six-o-clock."
      Karissa turned her gaze towards Sara, a look of confusion on her face.  "Why's that?  I mean," she corrected herself, "why such an odd time?"
      The leader of the Trainers looked back at Karissa, at a loss for words.  Then, she let out a chuckle.  "I'm kidding."  Karissa rolled her eyes in reply, smirking.  "Let's just go, uh...." Sara continued, turning to Buzz.  "When are the Ducks leaving?"
      Buzz just shrugged and turned to Karissa, explaining the story behind Sara's strange time.  "The number 666, is the Number of the Beast, and Sara mentioned the Hour of the Beast."  He pondered silently to himself for a moment before mumbling.  "Has something to do with the Bible and a poem."  Then he looked back at Karissa.  "I don't know how either one goes."
      A moment later, Josh finally joined in on the conversation, after overhearing Buzz.  "Duke says they also mentioned it in 'The Stand'," he commented.
      "The movie?" Karissa asked curiously, but before Josh could answer, she continued on.  "Anyways, I think I've heard a bit about the number 666.  I heard it has something to do with the Devil."  Buzz and Josh exchanged glances and shrugged.
      "I don't know," Buzz replied at last.  Then he looked down at his watch and realized the time.  "Well, enough chit-chat," he said, glancing back at the others.  "I'd better go and ask Phil when the Ducks are leaving."  With that, he made his way towards the door and waved to everyone as he left the room.
      Buzz thought Phil would've been in his office, so he decided to look for him there.  However, when he finally got there and opened the door, Phil was no where to be seen.  Seconds later, the sound of a familiar, loud voice, drifted up from below Phil's office.  Buzz looked down at the arena through the office windows.  He thought he could just barely make out a figure sitting in one of the seats.  So, he decided to go and check it out.  There was no doubt in his mind that it was Phil sitting there.
      As the Trainer slowly made his way down the steps of the arena, he could now recognize the person in the seat.  Sure enough, Buzz's intuition was right.  It was indeed Phil, talking away on his cell phone, which was typical of the Mighty Ducks' manager.  Buzz approached him carefully and tapped him on the shoulder.
      "Hold on boobie," Phil said into his phone before turning to look at Buzz.  "What?" he asked Buzz, impatiently.
      "Hey Phil, when are you and the Ducks leaving?" questioned Buzz. 
      "In an hour," the manager replied hastily.  "Now go away," Phil waved him off.  "Can't you see I'm in the middle of a very important deal here?" he snapped and then resumed his conversation on the phone.  "So, what was I saying?  Oh yeah," he remembered.  "I wanted two chili dogs,, wait, make that extra large fries, and a diet Coke to drink."
      Buzz just silently walked away and rolled his eyes.  Though he found Phil's behavior quite annoying, he just ignored it and continued with his own business,  Within a few minutes, he had returned to Sara's room, to find everyone still there.  "Phil said they're leaving in an hour," he explained when everyone looked at him with curious expressions.
      "Okay, it's," Josh paused for a moment while he checked the time on his wrist watch, "five thirty now.  So we'll leave at six thirtyish?"  He looked around the room as everyone nodded in agreement.
      "Sounds great," Karissa commented.  She stood up and stretched.  "Now, I've gotta go get ready," she told the Trainers as she started for the door.  "So, where are we all meeting at six thirty?"  The cheerleader looked around at the Trainers.  "How 'bout the Ready Room, by Drake One?  Sound good?"  The Pokemon Trainers exchanged glances before agreeing variously.
      Josh stood up as well and followed Karissa.  "I'll make a call to Louie's house and tell him our plan."
      "Yeah," Eilony chimed in,  "From what Gosalyn told me earlier, she and Honker were sleeping over at Louie's."
      Josh nodded after listening to Eilony and exited the room with Karissa.  Their plan was in place and everyone knew what they had to do.  Except, the only thing left to do, was to get ready.  Karissa and Josh, however, had to pass the word along to the others, and let them know where and when to meet.  Within the next hour, everything was taken care of.
To be continued.................
Disclaimer:  All characters from the Mighty Ducks and the character of Goslyn Mallard (from the Darkwing Duck series) are copyrighted and owned by Disney.  The character of Louie (from the Life With Louie cartoon) is copyrighted by his rightful owner (I apoligized for this, for I am not sure who owns the show and character).  All Pokemon characters are copyrighted and owned by 4Kids Entertainment & Nintendo.  The characters of Sara, Josh, Eilony, Joanna & Charlotte are owned by my friend, Sara.  And, last but not least.........the characters of Angelwing, Ariana, Jess, and Karissa, are my own.  Sara and I are, in no way, working for Disney or any of the other companies, nor are we making a profit off of this story.  Thank you for you time!  :-) 

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