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One month later..............................................
      Angelwing had not seen or even spoken to Lucretia for several days, which she figured was just as well.  She had heard rumors that Lucretia had switched sides and was now working for Dragaunus, the Saurian Overlord.  None of those rumors were ever confirmed though.  Some Resistance members just thought Lucretia was on another spy mission.  Angelwing, however, didn't know what to believe.  In a way, she hoped those rumors weren't true, seeing how she had befriended Lucretia,.  Yet, there was some part of her, deep inside, that wasn't surprised at all to hear such a thing.  So, when the topic came up in conversations, Angelwing just decided not to participate.  She would just wait for the confirmation on the where abouts of Lucretia.
      Besides, there were more important tasks at hand for Angelwing to worry about, such as her training.  For a month, she had endured many long days of grueling training.  Now, her training was nearly complete.  She was just waiting for orders from Commander McQuillson, when she could go on her first mission.
      On this particular day, Angelwing's hand to hand fighting skills were going to be put to the test.  She was going to be sparring against some of the other members of the Resistance.  The female duck had been fighting with Chet McQuillson, who was the son of Commander McQuillson.  Angelwing had been doing quite well too, that is, until Trent came barging into the room, yelling.
      "I can't believe it!" Trent complained.
      Angelwing's concentration was completely thrown off.  She glanced over at the door, briefly, to see what the commotion was about.  Just as she did, Chet gave her a swift kick to the solarplexes, sending her stublimg backwards and knocking her down.  She grunted out of frustration, looking angrilly at Trent. 
      "It's okay Angelwing," Chet said gently.  He walked over and helped her to her feet.
      "Thanks," Angelwing managed to reply, sounding winded.
      "You were doing very well up until that point," Chet complimented her.  "You certainly gave me quite the workout today," he chuckled.  Angelwing just answered with a smile, still trying to catch her breath.  "Just remember to stay focused on your target," Chet continued.  "Don't let anything distract you."
      "Right," Angelwing nodded, "thanks!"
      Meanwhile, Canard, who had been lifting weights in a corner of the room, was now talking to Trent, hoping to assess the situation.  "So what's your problem this time Trent?" he asked sharply. 
      Trent glared at his rival briefly, before answering his question.  "Well, if you must know," he started.
      Canard rolled his eyes.  Trent made it sound as if Canard was forcing it out of him, which he wasn't.  But, Canard knew Trent too well.  Eventually, Trent would have told him his problem anyway, regardless of whether Canard asked to hear it or not.
      "You remember that mission I told you about?" Trent asked.  Canard raised an eyebrow and looked at him funny.  Trent frowned.  "You know, the one about finding Drake DuCaine's mask?"
      "Yeah," Canard watched intently.  He had to admit to himself that he was actually interested in what Trent had to say this time.  It was definately a first for him.
      "Well," Trent continued, "I was the one chosen to lead that mission," he announced proudly.    "My self and four others set forth, with a tip off that the mask was last known to be in a tomb, at a place called Twin Beaks, up in the mountains."
      Canard turned and coughed, trying to cover up a chuckle he almost let slip.  Trent quickly glanced over at him.
      "Something funny Thunderbeak?!" he snapped.
      "No," Canard said sternly.  "I had a tickle in my throat.  Do you mind?" he shot back at his challenger.
      Without ansering, Trent turned away and sneered.  "Anyways," he started again, sounding annoyed.  "So, we hiked up to Twin Beaks and searched everywhere.  But," he paused.
      "But what?" Canard asked, prompting him to go on.
      "It wasn't there," replied Trent.
      "And I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?" Canard remarked sarcastically.
      "You know what I think?" Trent sustained, ignoring Canard's reply.  "I think I was set up.  I think someone has already found the mask and they failed to tell me!"  Canard just looked at him as if he were crazy, which, to Canard, wasn't a far fetched idea.  "It was a waisted trip Canard!  I couldv'e been killed!"  Trent exclaimed as Canard replied with a yawn.  Did Trent actually think Canard was going to feel pity for him?  Yeah, right.  
      By now, Angelwing had focused her full attention on the conversation going on between Trent and Canard.  Most times, she would just mind her own business and keep her thoughts to herself.  But not this time.  She wanted to throw in her two cents, or to at least do something to make Trent look like a fool.
      Once she caught her breath, the female duck slowly walked up to the two males.  "I don't mean to interrupt," she apologized, "but I couldn't exactly help over hearing Trent's complaint."  Trent looked at her and smiled, hoping that she would sympathize with him.  Angelwing noticed the expression on his face and scowled.  "What ever you're thinking Trent, forget it!"
      Trent frowned for a moment.  "Fine.  Your loss."
      Angelwing rolled her eyes.  "I'm not too concerned about it," she replied sarcastically as she and Canard exchanged glances.  "Anyways," she said, trying to return to her original thought.  "You were talking about the Mask of Drake DuCaine?"
      "Who wants to know?" Trent replied indignantly, as he crossed his arms in front of himself.
      Angelwing completely ignored his reply and continued on.  "Did you ever think that maybe your couldn't find it because it doesn't really exist?"
      "Yes, but you're wrong.  It really does exist!" Trent answered, trying to convince her.
      "Or so he says," Canard added with a slight chuckle.  Angelwing grinned.
      By now, Chet had heard the whole conversation and walked over to join in.  "I hate to be the one to have to break it to you, Puckson, but those stories about Drake DuCaine and his mask, are just legends." 
      Angelwing could see the frustration building up in Trent's face.  He hated to be told wrong and he hated being mocked.  However, Angelwing was enjoying every minute of it.
      "Shows how much you know, McQuillson," Trent snapped bitterly.  "Why don't you ask your father about it?  I'm sure he's the one who set me up!"
      "Hey!"  Chet's expression quickly turned angry and he stepped in closer to Trent.  Standing face to face, he pointed a finger at Trent.  "Watch it, Puckson!" he warned.  "My father didn't set anyone up!  If anyone actually found 'the mask', then they didn't relay the information to my father."
      Trent narrowed his eyes but kept them fixed on Chet.  He finally stepped back away from Chet and glanced at the others.  "Fine!  Believe what you want," he said harshly.  He looked back at Chet with a menacing stare.  "I still say I was set up."
      Canard shook his head slowly in disgrace.  If Trent only knew how close he was to the truth, that the Mask of Drake DuCaine had indeed been found.  If Trent only knew why Canard was laughing on the inside.  If he only knew that  it was Canard who had found the mask, and that he was keeping it top secret.  He planned on keeping it that way too.  Not even the Commander would know.
      As Canard stood thinking to his self, Trent was making his way back towards the door.  Before leaving, he turned back to Angelwing.  "So, how's about that date Ice Queen?  When should I pick you up?"
      Angelwing narrowed her eyes in a look of disgust.  "How about a quarter to never?!" she snapped coldly.
      Trent just stared back at her, looking hurt at first.  Then, that sly smile, that smile Angelwing resented ever so much, returned to his dark face.  "And that's why you're known as the 'Ice Queen'," he sneered.  "No matter though," Trent sighed as he exited the room, "I can wait."  With that, the door sealed closed behind and he was gone.
      Angelwing snickered slightly once Trent had left, feeling rather annoyed by his attitude.  "Huh, in that case, he'll be waiting forever," she joked as Chet and Canard chuckled.
      "Geesh!  You'd think that guy would've taken a hint by now," Chet commented.
      "Not Trent," Canard told him.  "He's too stubborn and thick-headed.  It would never get through his skull."  They all nodded in agreement and laughed about it.
      "Maybe we should have Angelwing spar off against him," Chet suggested.  "That way, she could really kick his butt!"  The three ducks made their way towards the door as well, joking and laughing as they left the room.
To be continued..........................

Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.


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