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It's not really action-packed, but it does give you a little insight to the past, and how the story develops.     

Part One
      There she was, running down the dark, icy streets of Puckworld.  The icy, cold breeze was blowing through her long, brown hair and was stinging her eyes.  The main streets were usually lit up quite well at night, but the kidnappers decided to stay along the back roads and alleys.  She couldn't even see them anymore, it was so dark.  By now, she had to rely on her sense of hearing, following the sound of running footsteps and her sister's cries for help. 
      "Angelwing, help me please!  Don't let them take me away!"
      "Don't worry Ariana!  I'm coming!" she shouted into the darkness.
      She wondered what her parents were doing right now.  Hopefully calling the police.  They were probably worried sick about both sisters now.  It definately wasn't safe for an eight year old to be running around the streets at night, especially chasing after a pair of kidnappers.  What was she thinking?  She remembered her mother yelling at her not to go.  Her father had tried to restrain her, but he lost his grip, and as soon as he did, she went racing after the kidnappers.  What was she, crazy/  Maybe, but she loved and cared for her younger sister so much.  She wasn't about to let her go.
      Finally, she came to a dead end, in a dark alley way.  She could barely see a street light on the other side of the wall, which provided just enough ight for her to see how the kidnappers managed to escape.  Aha!  There were boxes stackd up atop one another, kind of like stairs.  "The kidnappers must have climbed over", she thought to herself.  So, she started climbing herself, hoping the kidnappers hadn't gained much ground.  She thought she heard the motor of a vehicle on the other side, followed by another cry for help.
      "Angelwing, save me!"
      She started climbing even faster now.  She was cold and exhausted from running, yet she refused to give up.  She reached up to the wall and grabbed on, as she felt the boxes start to wobble.  "Whoa!"  The boxes started to topple beneath her.  She pulled herself up onto the wall, just in time, as the stack of boxes went tumbling to the ground.
      "What was that?" a voice asked.
      "It's that pesky kid that's been following us," another voice said.  "Quick, into the car."
      Angelwing jumped off the wall, down to the ground, not landing too well on her feet.  She lost her balance on impact and fell hard, landing on her hands and knees.
      "Ouch!"  She looked down at her hands, which were scraped up a bit, and she felt that her knees were bruised and scraped as well.  She winced as she stood up and fought back the tears.
      "Angelwing!  Help!" her sister screamed again in desparation.  As she looked up, she saw her sister in the back of the vehicle, as it sped away.  Suddenly, the feeling of fear and hopelessness spread thoughout her body like a wildfire.
      "Ariana!  Nooooooooooo!"  She dropped to her knees, ignoring the pain of the bruises.  The image of her sister, reaching out out through the car window, screaming for help, still fresh in her mind.  "No", she whispered as she buried her face in her hands and cried.
      "No!"  Angelwing sat up in her bed, waking up in a cold sweat.  She looked around the dark room trying to regain memory of where she was.  Now she remembered.  She was at the pond, safe in her bed, in her room.  "I must have been dreaming again," she thought to herself.  she glanced over to the clock beside her bed.  "Three-thirty a.m?" she read quietly.  "Oh man."  She slumped back down in her bed, then she heard a knock on the door.
      "Angelwing, are you alright?" Wildwing yelled from the other side.  The door hissed open and Duke and Wildwing entered the room.  Angelwing sar up once more, a bit startled.
      "You okay sweetheart?" Duke asked her kindly.
      "Yeah, I think so," she replied.  Wildwing spoke to her gently.
      "We heard you scream, so we came running."  He looked at her with concern.  "Are you sure you're alright?"  Angelwing looked back at him with sleepy eyes and forced a smile.
      "Yeah, I'm sure.  It was just a bad dream.  That's all."     
      "Well, that must have been quite a dream then," Duke commented.
      "It was nothing, really," Angelwing replied, trying to hide her true emotions.  She got out of bed and walked over to Duke and Wildwing.  "Now, why don't you two go back to bed?" she said as she yawned.  "Besides, I'd like to get back to sleep myself," she emphasized, as she escorted them to the door.
      Wildwing grumbled.  "Are you sure y-" Angelwing interrupted him by putting a finger to his beak to shush him.
      "Yes, positive.  Now go!  Don't worry about me."  She was now pushing them out the door.
      "Okay, okay, we can take a hint," Duke insisted as he waved her off.  Wildwing turned back and gave Angelwing a look of concern, again.  She returned his stare with a wink and a smile, hoping to reassure him.  Then he turned and headed back towards his room.
Later that day..................
      The ducks had just finished practice and were all in the locker room.  Angelwing was distraught over her performance on the ice.  she wasn't able to get a single puck passed Wildwing, nor did she play any better defensively.
      Angelwing removed her hockey gear, threw it into her locker and slammed the door.
      "Hey, easy there Angel," Duke tried to calm her.  "What's the matter?"  Angelwing just shot him a look of disgust.
      "You saw my performance ou there today," she gestured toward the rink.  "It was horrible!  I've never played that badly before."
      "Yo!  Chill out girl!" yelled Nosedive.  "At least it was only practice and not a game.  Don't let it get to you."
      Duke nodded.  "Nosedive's right.  We all have our bad days.  Maybe today just happens to be your day."  He patted her on the shoulder and smiled.  You'll do better next time."  Angelwing looked up at him and tried to force a smile.
      "Thanks, I guess."  Duke and Nosedive left it at that and waved as they walked out of the room.  Grin, however, sensed there was something else bothering Angelwing, something much deeper.  He approached he slowly.
      "Perhaps you are in need of assistance for finding your inner peace and strength," Grin suggested.  Angelwing glanced at him and smiled briefly.
      "Thanks, but no thanks," she retorted.  Grin frowned.  She hated how he could sense her feelings like that.  Grin regrouped his thoughts, then proceeded.
      "I feel there is much more to your frustration than you let on," he began.  "Not hockey, but something more personal, troubles you."  Angelwing rolled her eyes and turned away.
      "How would you know?" she grumbled as she folded her arms in front of her.
      "I don't," he simply stated.  "But the least I can do is try to help," he said in a comforting manner, as he placed his hand on her shoulder.  Angelwing eased up and turned to face him again.
      "I'm sorry," she apologized.  "I know you're only trying to help, but it's just that," she paused and sighed deeply, showing her frustration once more.  "I'm just not ready to talk about it."
      "It has something to do with that dream you had last night, doesn't it?" Wildwing interrupted.  Angelwing turned, startled.  She had completly forgotten that Wildwing was still there.  He had been standing by his locker, listening, and had not said a single word, until now.
      "Yes," she finally answered with a sigh.  Wildwing crossed his arms and looked at her sternly.
      "You told me not to worry about it," he said.
      "So don't," Angelwing replied.  "This is something I need to work out on my own.  Please."  Wildwing's expression softened.
      "Alright," he said softly.  "But, if you ever feel you're ready to talk about it, I'm always here to listen."
      "As well as I," Grin added.  Angelwing looked at them both and smiled.
      "Thanks you guys.  I will," she quietly replied.
Meanwhile, back at the Raptor.......................
      "So, Ms.-"
      "Ana, Ana Drakeson," the female duck interrupted Dragaunus, with pride.
      "- Ms. Drakeson, I hear you worked as an assassin when you were with the Brotherhood of the Blade, back on Puckworld," Dragaunus said with a devilish smile.
      "Yeah, so, what's your point?" she asked indignantly.  She stood about medium height, with tan feathers and long, curly, dirty-blonde hair.
      "My point is, that you will now work for me," Dragaunus implied.  Ana gave him a dirty look.
      "I will never work for you," she sneered.
      "You will if you value your family's life!" roared Dragaunus.
      "Ha!  Nice try, but I don't have a family," Ana chortled.  Dragaunus reeled around with rage and pointed his laser at her head, causing Ana to jump back a bit.
      "Well then, you will if you value your own life," he said through his gritted teeth.
      Ana was feeling uneasy now.  She had never really killed anyone.  It was merely a coincidence that a dead body was found at every crime scene she fled.  Everyone in the Brotherhood thought she was the killer, so they nick-named her "The Assassin".  But, it wasn't her.  However, she had decided to play along, to spare her own life.  She now chose to do the same for the predicament she was currently in.
      Her shoulders slumped and she looked down as she decided to give in.  "Yes Lord Dragaunus," she answered reluctantly.
      "Good," he replied, looking pleased, and he withdrew his laser.  Then, he walked over to a table and grabbed a newspaper.  "For your first mission," he started, as he walked back toward Ana, "I want you to wipe out these pests."  He showed her the newspaper.  'Earth-bound Ducks, Bound for Cup Finals', the headline read.  Ana glanced down at the photograph of the Mighty Ducks, and she gasped.
      Dragaunus continued talking, "starting with their beloved leader, Wildwing," he laughed evilly.
      "No," Ana whispered to herself.
      "What did you say?!" Dragaunus demanded.
      "Uh, yes, my Lord."  Ana looked back at the photo, sadly.  "As you wish...." she quietly trailed off.  She stared at the photograph, studying it.  "I can't kill another duck," she thought to herself.  "Especially if they're helping to save Puckworld by fighting against Dragaunus."  She looked up and notice that Dragaunus had already left the room.  "What have I gotten myself into?" she asked herself in a whisper. 
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

You wanna read another story..........I know you do. 

Part 2

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