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Dragaunus is still up to his same old tricks........

The Power of True Friendship.

Sneak preview of a later episode of season 3.

Written by Sara, with help of my friend, Shygal. :-)


Our episode begins where Lord Draguanus is at his big screen, on it is my Charmander winning every battle against his goons & druids.

Draguanus: Grr. After 3 long seasons of this series, I haven't captured Sara's Charmander, my Slave Balls can't because of his collar & that twerp's crest can easily cure him.

He sits in his thrown as his henchmen; Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon come in.

Siege: Anything wrong, my lord?

Draguanus: Oh, Im suffering from failure by ruling this planet & stealing Sara's Charmander.

Wraith: Well, I think I found something that'll cheer you up.

Draguanus: Oh really? (chuckles) Do tell.

Wraith: I just ordered a necklace that has mind-controlling powers.

Draguanus: Why Wraithy, youre a genius.

Wraith: Wraithy?

Draguanus: Once we steal Charmander, well replace his collar with that mind-control necklace and he'll be mine.

Wraith: But milord

Draguanus: What?

Wraith: It doesn't work on Pokemon. But I was thinking more along the lines of getting Angelwing to wear the necklace.

Draguanus: Perfect. (shouts): Chameleon!

Chameleon: Right here, boss.

Draguanus: Oh. I've got a job for you.

(Puck swoops by) At the Pond headquarters, one of the Ducks/my fellow Trainer; Angelwing comes into the living room. There's me, Sara Cicero eating pizza.

Sara: (Gulps) Hey Angel, how'd practice go?

Angelwing: It went all right. Wanna go to the mall?

Sara: Sure.

We walk out to the Mall.

Charmander: Charmander, Char?

Cyndaquil: Quil.

Charmander & Angelwing's Poke-buddy Cyndaquil play video games. (puck flies by) At the back of the jewelry store, the Chameleon is hiding behind a dumpster.

Chameleon: (Chuckling)

Guy: (Whistling)

As the guy comes out to take the trash out, the Chameleon jumps out and sprays sleep gas in the guy's face.

Guy: (Gasps) Uhh

He falls over.

Guy: (Snoring)

Chameleon: Sweet dreams, buddy-boy. Now, for step 2.

He morphs his body into the jewelry store guy and goes in the store. Angelwing walks in and starts browsing.

Chameleon: Excuse me, honey.

Angelwing: Hmm?

Chameleon: Might I interest you in this lovely necklace?

He shows her the jewelry case with the necklace.

Angelwing: Ooh, pretty.

Chameleon: Oh, it sure is, its made of actual opal. Fresh from Australia.

Angelwing: All right. Sold.

Chameleon: Enjoy and have a nice day.

She gives him 5 bucks and walks out the door with the necklace.

Chameleon: (Chuckles)

He teleports back to the Raptor. Meanwhile, Angelwing comes into Captain Comics where Im purchasing a Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Yu-Gi-Oh! card & Legacy of Darkness pack.

Sara: Whoo-hoo! Another card worthy enough to be in the Dragon Shrine.

(Poke ball swoops by) Were back at the Pond headquarters, get to the living room where Charmander & Cyndaquil are playing video games and Zelda's on the couch.

Zelda: Hey girls, how was the mall?

Sara: Went good, I got another Yu-Gi-Oh! card worthy enough to be in the Dragon Shrine.

Angelwing: And I got this neat necklace.

Sara: (Looks into necklace) Ooh, pretty.

(Game theme)

Charmander: Char!

Zelda: (Snickering)

Angelwing: Whats so funny?

Zelda: He just said, Dohh!

Cyndaquil: Quil! Quil, Cyndaquil! Quil, Cyndaquil! Cynda-quil, Cynda-quil.

Zelda: He's sayin, Yeah! Go Cyndaquil, go Cyndaquil! It's your birthday, it's your birthday.

Angelwing scoops her little buddy up in her wings.

Angelwing: (Chuckles) You little rascal.

Charmander: (Smiles)

Later on that afternoon, Angelwing's in her room, reading her book, until.......

Necklace: (Humming)

Angelwing: Huh?

She looks into the necklace as it glows brighter & brighter.

Wraith: Angelwing

Angelwing: (Gasps)

Just after she hears his voice, shes immediately put under mind-control.

Wraith: Whenever this necklace glows and you hear my voice, you will do as you're told, otherwise you will act normal and remember nothing.

Angelwing: Remember nothin'.

Wraith: Youll take Sara & her Charmander to fun places. Like that sports place from the TV commercial.

Angelwing: Okey-dokey.

After the necklace returns to normal, she bookmarks her book and goes to my door.

(Knock at door)

Sara: Come in.

She comes into my bunk where Im on the Homestar Runner website.

Sara: (Laughing)

Angelwing: Hey Sara, how would you like to go to Sports-O-Rama?

Sara: Yeah, Ill ask the other Trainers & N.D. if theyd like to come.

Angelwing: No, no. Its just for you, me & our Poke-buddies.

Sara: Oh, O.K.

(Puck flies by) Me, Angelwing & our Poke-buddies get to Sports-O-Rama that has skateboarding; Roller blading; rock climbing; ext.

Sara: All right, this place is cool.

Angelwing: Yeah.

We start having fun: I do some skateboarding, Angelwing roller blades and Charmander & Cyndaquil play ping-pong.

Kids: (Oohing & Ahhing)

The kids are admiring my skateboarding.

Sara: Heh, Im the next Tony Hawk.

Kid: Hey, I bet you can board over Big Daddy Ridge.

He points to a slope that leads down to a mondo ridge.

Sara: Man, this reminds me of an episode of Simpsons where Bart became a daredevil.

Angelwing: I don't know, that slope looks pretty steep & the ridge looks real long.

The necklace starts glowing again.

Wraith: Angelwing

Shes put under mind-control.

Wraith: Whatever happens, Sara must board over the ridge.

Angelwing: Yes, master. (turns back) Relax Sara, you can do it, youve been boardin' since you were Eilony's age.

Sara: O.K.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Cyndaquil: Quil.

I get to the top of the slope, Charmander & Cyndaquil are getting flowers for my funeral.

Angelwing: Guys!

I look down the slope and start to sweat.

Sara: (Groans)

But look down at Angelwing with pleading eyes and regain the courage to go.

Sara: (Inhales)

I board down the slope and fly over the ridge.

Kids: (Cheering)

Angelwing: Whoa.

Charmander: Char

Cyndaquil: Quil

Little do me or anyone else knows that Siege & Wraith are watching from a cliff in the ridge.

Siege: Oh yeah, once that squirt comes closer to the ridge

Wraith: The rock slide starts. And when Charmander come down to her aid, thats our chance to steal him.

They see me coming closer, Wraith waves his staff which makes the cliff above them crumple.

Sara: (Gasps)

The manager sees this through his binoculars.

Manager: Rock slide!

Angelwing: Sara, look out!

Charmander: Charmander!

I get to the edge and the cliff starts collapsing!

Sara: Whoa! Aah!

Angelwing: Sara!

I get out a Poke ball and release my Tropius.

Tropius: (Roars)

He swoops in and I land on his back, he tries dodging the boulders.

Sara: (Yelping)

Tropius: (Growling)

Charmander leaps up and takes the manager's binoculars.

Manager: Hey!

He sees Tropius getting hit by the boulders.

Tropius: (Roaring in pain)

Charmander: Char!

He takes some kid's board & a rope and gets to the slope, he boards down and into the air.

Angelwing: Charmander! Be careful!

The Saurians see him and fire a net, but he dodges and gets to the other end of the ridge.

Siege: How'd he do that?

Charmander tosses the rope down, I tie it around my injured Tropius & myself.

Sara: Hang on, Tropius.

Charmander makes a pulley around a tree with the rope, Tropius & I get to the top on the ridge.

Sara: (Panting)

Charmander: Charmander?

Sara: Whew! Im O.K., wish I could say the same about Tropius.

We walk across the wooden bridge they have over the ridge. (Poke ball swoops by) Moments later, we're in the infirmary and Tanya's bandaging Tropius' wounds.

Tropius: (Groaning)

Sara: Will he be all right?

Tanya: Oh yeah, hell be as good as new in the morning. If his injuries were very serious itd be a few weeks for him to recover.

Meanwhile, Angelwing is in the Ready Room just finishing explaining to Zelda what happened at Sports-O-Rama.

Angelwing: And thats what happened.

Zelda: Hmm.

Angelwing turns to Charmander, whom is in a chair with Cyndaquil.

Angelwing: Charmander, youre one of the bravest Pokemon I know.

Charmander: Char. (blushes)

The next day, Angelwing's in her room.

Angelwing (thinking): Jeez, what couldve caused that rock slide yesterday?

The necklace starts glowing again.

Wraith: Angelwing

Angelwing: What is thy bidding, master?

Wraith is in an alleyway using the skull on his staff.

Wraith: Try taking Sara & her Charmander to the video arcade.

Back in Angelwing's room.

Wraith: It'll take her mind off things, example, her Tropius, err, accident.

Angelwing: Yes master.

She goes to the living room, where Im reading, Charmander & Cyndaquil are playing Privateer.

Angelwing: Hey Sara, in a bit, you & our Pokemon wanna go to the arcade?

Sara: You bet.

Charmander: Char, Char.

Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil.

(Puck swoops by) We get to the arcade, I start by playing the all new Homestar Runner game.

Sara: (Grunting)

Angelwing: Cmon Sara!

Kid: Go, go, go!

Just as Charmander & Cyndaquil get on the horsey kiddy ride, about 4 Hunter Drones bust in!

Drone: Stand clear, Earthlings.

Kids: (Screaming)

Sara: Hunter Drones!

Another 6 bust in and start blasting everything.

Drone: Surrender your Charmander or parish.

Sara: Try neither, can head.

As Angelwing fires pucks at 2, she & I bring out a Poke ball.

Sara: I choose you, Sneasel!

Angelwing: Youre up, Amphoros!

We bring out my Sneasel & Angelwing's Amphoros.

Angelwing: Eat lightning, oil breath. Amphoros, Thunder Bolt!

Amphoros: Os!

She uses Thunder Bolt on 3 as Angelwing shot pucks at another one.

Sara: Sneasel, Slash!

Sneasel: Sneasel!

She uses her Slash attack. Meanwhile, a drones about to capture Charmander, but Cyndaquil saves him by Tackling the Drone.

Cyndaquil: Quil.

Charmander: Char.

Another Drone's about to blast Cyndaquil, but Charmander returns the favor by breathing fire up the drone's butt.

Charmander: Char!

Drone: YEE-OUCH!

The 2 Fire Pokemon shake hands, before another fleet of Drones crash in. But just then, the other Ducks, Trainers, Zelda, Jess, Karissa & Ariana appear.

Sara: All right, the rest of the teams made it!

Charmander: Char-Char!

Grin: The drones are starting to cloud my aurora.

We continue fighting the Drones, until no more show up.

Sara: Whew! I think Ive had enough fun for the weekend.

(Puck shoots by) We get back to the Pond, were in the living room, except Angelwing.

Josh: Draguanus Drones couldn't have been at the arcade by accident.

Sara: This is getting really weird.

Angelwing's in the galley getting a soda, until the necklace starts glowing.

Wraith: Angelwing

Angelwing: (Gasps)

A few minutes later, she comes out of the galley with a bag of chocolate bars.

Charmander: Char? (sniffs, drools)

Nosedive: (Notices drool on his wing) Eww.

Charmander goes to Angelwing.

Angelwing: (Chuckles)

She shifts him on her shoulder as they go out the door, Cyndaquil & I watch.

Cyndaquil: Cynda, Cyndaquil, Quil, Cyndaquil.

Zelda: He said, Wonder where they're going.

Sara: Probably just out for a walk, I trust Angel, shes my friend & fellow Chosen Trainer.

(Poke ball swoops by) Angelwing & Charmander get to the park, they sit on a bench and start snacking on the chocolate.

Angelwing: (Eats a piece of chocolate) What made me think of going to the park with my really good friends Pokemon Buddy?

Wraith: Excitant question.

Draguanus, his goons & only 3 Hunter Drones appear.

Draguanus: Ah yes, thank you so much for Sara's Charmander.

Charmander: Char?

Angelwing: What are you talkin' about, Scaly Butt?

Wraith: I think I can answer that

He uses the skull to activate the necklace.

Wraith: Youll give Charmander to Draguanus.

Angelwing: Yes master.

Charmander: Char!

Just as she picks him up, he notices the necklace glowing, pulls it off and throws it against a tree, it cracks in half.

Angelwing: Huh? What the?

Charmander: Charmander. Char!

He shows her the broken necklace.

Angelwing: Wait a second, you've been mind-controlling me with this.

Draguanus: Clever, quit clever. (turns to drones & goons) Get me that Charmander!

The drones try to get Charmander as Angelwing faces Draguanus goons.

Angelwing: (Gasps)

Before she could get out her puck launcher, Wraiths fireball hits her side.

Angelwing: Aah!

She collapses to the ground, she can barely stand because of the pain in her side.

Angelwing: (Grunting, gasps)

Charmander: Char!

A drone catches Charmander and hold onto his arms, they takes him to Draguanus, he removes his collar. Angelwing tries to contact us with her teal Poke com. Wildwing's com starts going off.

Wildwing: Huh?

He answers it, Angelwing's on it.

Wildwing: Angelwing, where are you?

Angelwing: Im in the park, Ive discovered Draguanus has been controlling me to get his claws on Charmander.

Josh: Well, doesn't that sound just like Scaly Butt.

Angelwing: But Josh, Wraith's already casting a spell on him, and I'm too weak from the burns in my side. You gotta get here ASAP.

She shuts off the Poke com. She notices Charmanders collar lying right by her and the eyes of the skull on Wraiths staff are shooting out a black beam at Charmander.

Charmander: (Groaning)

Angelwing: No! Please stop! Leave him alone! (groans)

The others & I get here in the Migrator, Ariana comes to Angelwing.

Ariana: Angel! Are you O.K.?

Angelwing: Don't worry about me, help Charmander.

Wraith: Oh, but your already too late, you see, in just 3 seconds he's under Draguanus' control.

Sara: What? No!

Chameleon: 3, 2, 1.

Charmander forms into black smoke and Evolves into a 20 ft. black Charizard!

Jess: What the?

Josh: This is impossible, a Charizard can't grow any bigger than N.D.

Black Charizard: (Growling)

Draguanus: Now, Black Charizard, destroy them.

Black Charizard: (Roaring)

He breaths green fire everywhere, but he misses us, Mallory already shifted Angelwing on her shoulder.

Angelwing: Sara, I'm so sorry.

Sara: I don't blame you, Angel, it's that oversized, magic wallet I blame.

While Wraith is being distracted by Squirtle & Bulbasaur, Duke snatches the book he used to cast the spell on Charmander.

Duke: Yoink!

Wraith: Hey!

Buzz goes through the book and sees Wraith's spell.

Buzz: (Muttering)

Eilony: Buzz-dude, look out!

Buzz: Huh? Aah!

Black Charizard is about to stomp on Buzz, but Karissa moves him out of the way in time.

Buzz: Whew! Thanks Kris.

Karissa: No prob.

Buzz: Bingo! The antidote!

Me, Wildwing, Tanya, Jess, Gosalyn, Zelda & Louie gather to him.

Gosalyn: Whats it say?

Buzz: According to this, only the power of true friendship can break the spell.

Louie: This is gonna be like in Spirited Away where Chihiro used the power of pure love to break Zeneba's spell on Haku.

Sara: Well, I gotta use true friendship to break Wraith's spell on Charmander.

I walk towards him.

Jess: Sara! Are you nuts?! Youll be burnt to a crisp!

Grin: Let her go, Jess.

Louie: She knows what she must do.

Angelwing: Sara! Catch!

She tosses me Charmander's collar, I catch it and turn back to Black Charizard.

Black Charizard: Huh? (growls)

He notices me, we stare eye-to-eye.

Nosedive: (Covers eyes with hands) Oh-ho, I can't bear to watch!

Black Charizard breaths fire down to me, but I dodge it by hitting the dirt.

Sara: (Cries out) I'm not afraid of you!

Charizard: (Growls)

Draguanus: Yes. That's it, destroy her!

Black Charizard picks me up with his left claws.

Black Charizard: (Growls)

Sara: (Grunts) Please, you must remember who you are and that I'm your friend!

He tightens his grip on me.

Sara: Aah!

Draguanus: Yes, tighter! Tighter!

Sara: (Groaning)

Black Charizard: (Alarmed grunt)

Just then, a puck shoots at his cheek, he gets distracted and loosens his grip on me.

Sara: (Exhales, pants) Charmander!

Black Charizard: (Gasps)

Sara: You're still Charmander, not on the outside, but you are in your heart.

Black Charizard: (Growls softly)

He notices the tears in my eyes.

Sara: I never said this before, maybe because I never had a chance, but (tear drops from face) I love you.

The tear falls from my face right on his wrist, once it hits him, he starts glowing & shrinking.

All: (Gasping)

Pokemon: (Chatter)

Saurians: (Saying huh? variously)

Suddenly, Black Charizard turns into a normal Charizard with me hugging him.

Sara: (Crying softly)

Charizard: Sara

Sara: (Gasps)

I notice him as a real Charizard, who's only 57 tall.

Charizard: Don't cry. I love you too.

Josh: He can talk.

Zelda: Like Silver said, When the Poke-buddies are at their 3rd stages, they can talk without the crest. That's friendship for you.

Draguanus: No! I had that Pokemon right where I wanted him!

I put Charizards collar around his neck.

Charizard: Thanks. Now, let's say we give these Saurian creep-faces some payback.

Sara: All right!

As a dozen Hunter Drones appear, I get on Charizards back.

Sara: Tanya, Buzz, Zelda & Growler, you take care of Angelwing's wounds!

Buzz: Right.

They take Angelwing into the Migrator and into a cockpit to treat her burns.

Wildwing: The rest of us will take the Drones & goons while Sara & Charizard teach Ol Lizard Lips a lesion.

Me & Charizard look at each other & nod, he flies me up in the air and looks down on Draguanus.

Draguanus: Uh-oh.

Sara: Charizard, Flame-thrower!

Charizard: (Roars)

He uses Flame-thrower on Draguanus, he tries his best to dodge.

Draguanus: Whoa!

Sara: Now for Dragon Breath!

Charizard: (Roars)

He uses Dragon Breath next, as my teammates destroy all the Hunter Drones.

Draguanus: Siege, Wraith, Chameleon, time to retreat!

They teleport back to the Raptor as me & Charizard land and I get off his back.

Jess: They're such bad sports.

Sara: Eh, who cares? We beat 'em.

Charizard: And I turned back into your best friend.

Cyndaquil: Cynda, Quil-Quil, Cyndaquil. Cyn, Cynda?

Charizard: That's easy, Cyndaquil. We just put the crest & my symbol together.

Sara: O.K.

I take out my Poke com, the crest & the Ying-Yang nametag shoot out a beam and becomes a Youth Stone.

Sara: Wow.

I use it on Charizard, he glows & shrink again, after a few seconds, hes back to Charmander!

Charmander: Char? Char!

He leaps right into my arms, embraces me tightly and gives me a few slurps.

Sara: (Chuckling)

Cyndaquil: Quil!

Charmander then goes to his good bud and they gives each other high-fives & hugs.

Mallory: Well, now that this adventure's done

Nosedive: I'd say we head back to the Pond.

Sara: Yeah, Im with you.

Charmander: Char, Char.

Cyndaquil: Cyndaquil.

Meanwhile, in the Raptor, Draguanus is mad at everything.

Draguanus: I would've fullfilled my task in getting Sara's Charmander, curse the Ducks! Curse the Trainers! Curse true friendship! Curse you all!

Chameleon: I guess this isn't a very good time to ask for a raise?

Wraith whacks him with his staff.

Chameleon: Ow!

(Puck swoops by) We're in the infirmary where Angelwing is in a Medicom bed, me, Ariana, Charmander & Cyndaquil are by her side.

Angelwing: (Groans)

Ariana: Hey sis, you doin' all right?

Angelwing: Mmm-hmm. Sara, I really am sorry for what happened.

Sara: Angel, it wasn't your fault, Wraith was controlling your mind to get Charmander.

Angelwing: So, you forgive me anyway?

Sara: Of course, friends forgive. Right Charmander?

He gives Angelwing a couple slurps.

Angelwing: Ack! Hey! (giggles) O.K., you forgive me too!

Sara & Ariana: (Laughs)

Charmander: Char.

Cyndaquil: Quil.

Sara: Anyone in the mood for Simpsons Clue?

All: (Agreeing)

I get out a small table, a chair & Simpsons Clue, me & the Icefeather sister play it as Charmander & Cyndaquil play cards.


The End.
Disclaimer:  All characters from the Mighty Ducks and the character of Goslyn Mallard (from the Darkwing Duck series) are copyrighted and owned by Disney.  The character of Louie (from the Life With Louie cartoon) is copyrighted by his rightful owner (I apoligized for this, for I am not sure who owns the show and character).  All Pokemon characters are copyrighted and owned by 4Kids Entertainment & Nintendo.  The character of Zelda the dragon, is owned by Zelda.  The characters of Sara, Josh, and Eilony are owned by my friend, Sara.  And, last but not least.........the characters of Angelwing, Ariana, Jess, and Karissa, are my own.  Sara and I are, in no way, working for Disney or any of the other companies, nor are we making a profit off of this story.  Thank you for you time!  :-) where can I find more stories?.........Ooh!  Right here!:

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