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The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim


I've noticed that our favorite hockey team has gone through some major changes this past year, one being their name and uniform change... (quite frankly I liked their old uniforms better ;-)  )  I see that the Ducks...or Anaheim Ducks, as they're now called, have been playing very well this year.  Definately looking forward to watching them in the playoffs...and I'll be rooting them on all the way to the Stanley Cup!  GO DUCKS!
Yes!  Finally, hockey has returned!  Woo hoo!  I know the following has nothing to do with the Mighty Ducks, but I'm also a Boston Bruins fan, so...  The Bruins played their first Season game tonight.  (Yay!)  But, unfortunately....they lost to the Montreal Canadiens with only seconds left in the 3rd period.  On the other hand.....the Mighty Ducks are currently winning 5-3 in the 3rd period against the Chicago Blackhawks.  Woo hoo!  GO DUCKS!
Yes, believe it or not....I do have some news!  I know it's kinda old.....but I'd just thought I'd bring it up.  From what I've heard, the NHL owners and players have come to an agreement.  So, there will be hockey this year!  Yay!  Part of the deal was that the players had to take pay cuts...while the owners had to agree on some other things as well.  One of those things being that there will be no more ties in hockey (as far as final scores).  The games will go into overtime, and then there will be a shoot out, if necessary, to break the tie.  Woo hoo!  More exciting games!
What?!  Still no hockey?!  Why, I oughtta......*grumbles & mumbles a few choice words, that shouldn't be heard in public*  :-p 
Pfftt!  Forget it.  There's nothing to update, because there is no hockey this season!  What's there to say?  Everytime the owners are willing to make a deal, the Players Association won't budge.  Here's an idea, just stop bitching about the money situation, and just play!If they keep this up, there won't ever be another NHL hockey season again.  Oy!  Just my two cents.  I think I'll turn to watching the AHL, for now, at least one of my fave. teams is winning there.  GO MONARCHS!
Again, it's been awhile....but there really hasn't been anything to update.  Unfortunately, there is no season for the NHL this year.  Waaahhhh!  Due to the owners locking out the players over a salary dispute.  The owners want a salary cap and the players don't.  So, until they can resolve the issue.....there will be no hockey.  However, the minor leagues, such as the AHL are still playing and evidently a lot of NHL fans are turning to watch the AHL.  Not a bad idea for those true, die-hard hockey fans.  But, let's just hope, for the sake of the NHL and for those younger players, hopeful of making it to the NHL,  that the players and owners can come up with a compromise.
I know, it's been awhile....and I never really did update this page this hockey season, unfortunately because of computer problems.  But, I'm hoping to do more with this page when the new season starts up later this year.  :-)  So, keep an eye out for new updates.
Sorry, but all seems to be quiet on the Western Front, hehe.  Ahem!  Unfortunately, the Ducks have hit their slump again.  :-(  But...........someday....they will return.......and become the Stanley Cup Champions!  I am hopeful, am I not?
Woo hoo!  Hello everyone!  Hockey season will be starting soon, actually this Wednesday to be exact.  There's some good news and bad news about the Ducks' team this year.  Unfortunately they have lost their team captain, Paul Kariya, to the Colorado Avalanche, where he has reunited with an ex-Duck and former teammate, Timu Selanne.  The bright side to this is that as a replacement, the Ducks have taken on the forward player, Sergei Federov, formally from the Detroit Redwings.  Also, on a good note, Anaheim has also re-signed goalie, Jean-Sebastien Giguerre.  Thank You!  So, let's all root on the Mighty Ducks as we all know they still have what it takes to make it to the top again!  GO DUCKS!

Gettin' "Jiggy" with it!
Anaheim's goalie, Jean-Sebastien Giguerre has been on a hot streak ever since the playoffs started, and it doesn't look like he's about to cool off anytime soon either. 
Update    (5/31/03)
Our favorite goalie, "Jiggy" has now broken a record set by Patrick Roy.  J.S. Giguerre now holds the record for the most consecutive Over Time minutes without giving up a goal.  Roy's record was 162 minutes and 56 seconds.  Giguerre's new record is currently 167 minutes and 48 seconds.  But, because the playoffs aren't over with yet, there's the possibility of that time going up. 
Jiggy's record has now increased by 39 seconds, so......let's make that (correct me if I'm wrong) 168 minutes and 12 seconds.  And there's still at least 2 more games to go.........


Hello!  Shygal here, with a brand new page.  Here is where you can find out updates on the real life Annaheim hockey team.  As I'm sure most of you know (or for those that don't know), the Mighty Ducks of Annaheim are in the Stanly Cup playoffs this year.  Woo hoo!  Go Ducks!  And on this page, I will be posting scores from the latest games and who's winning the series (as each round is the best of 7 games).  Once I get the scores to the past games, I will post those, as well as the scores and updates for the other teams, for those of you who care to know.   :-)   But here, we root on the Ducks.  DUCKS ROCK!!!
 far, the Mighty Ducks have eliminated the Detroit Redwings, by sweeping them 4 games to none in the first round.  YES!!!!
1st Round:  Anaheim vs Detroit   (Ducks win 4 games to 0)
game 1- Ducks beat Redwings 2-1 in 3 OTs
game 2- Ducks beat Redwings 3-2
game 3- Ducks beat Redwings 2-1
game 4- Ducks beat Redwings 3-2 in OT  to make it a 4 game sweep!
In the 2nd round, it's the Mighty Ducks of Annaheim vs.  the Dallas Stars.  In game 1, the Ducks win 4-3, in 5 overtimes, making it the 4th longest game in NHL history.  The Ducks lead the series 1 game to none, so far.  NOW, the Ducks have beat out Dallas 4 games to 2.  The Ducks will move on ( for their first time ever) to the Conference finals.
2nd Round:  Anaheim vs Dallas  (Ducks win series 4 to 2)
game 1- Ducks beat Stars 4-3 in 5 OTs, making it the 4th longest game in NHL history.  Game went 80 minutes, 48 seconds past regulation time.
game 2- Ducks beat Stars 3-2 in OT
game 3- Stars beat Ducks 2-1
game 4- Ducks beat Stars 1-0
game 5- Stars beat Ducks 4-1 (  :-(  don't worry, they'll get 'em back!)
game 6- Ducks beat Stars 4-3 (told ya so!)  :-p
game 7- (if necessary) 5/7/03 @ Dallas- (No longer necessary)  :-)
If you're curious how the other teams are faring, here's the standings so far:
Minnesota vs Vancouver- Minnesota wins series 4-3
Philadelphia vs Ottawa- Ottawa wins series 4-2
Tampa Bay vs New Jersey- NJ wins series 4-1
So here are the matchups for the Conference Finals:
East  (New Jersey wins series 4-3)
New Jersey vs Ottawa
game 1- Senators beat Devils 3-2
game 2- Devils beat Senators 4-1
game 3- Devils beat Senators 1-0
game 4- Devils beat Senators 5-2
game 5- Senators beat Devils 3-1
game 6- Senators beat Devils 2-1
game 7- Devils beat Senators 3-2
West  (Anaheim wins series 4-0!)
Anaheim vs Minnesota
game 1- Ducks beat Wild 1-0 in 2 OT
game 2- Ducks beat Wild 2-0
game 3- Ducks beat Wild 4-0 (YES! Another shutout!)
game 4- Ducks beat Wild 2-1 (one word-SWEEP!)
The Ducks are now the Western Conference champions!
So, The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim are finally headed off for the Stanly Cup Finals!  But the question that still remains is: Who will they face off against?  Will it be the New Jersey Devils?  Or will it be the Ottawa Senators?  Geuss we'll have to wait and see..................
O.k, so now we know, it will be The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim vs the New Jersey Devils.  Who will win it?  We won't know for sure till the end.  I personally think the Ducks can do it.  If they could beat two of the best teams in the Western Conference, they can certainly beat the second best team of the Eastern Conference.  I'd like to see them win it, not only because I'm a fan, but because I'd like to see a different team win it.  I don't want to see the same teams win the Cup year after year. 
Stanly Cup Finals
Anaheim vs New Jersey  (Devils win 4-3 )
game 1- Devils beat Ducks 3-0  :-(   (don't worry, they'll get 'em back, GO DUCKS!)
game 2- Devils beat Ducks 3-0 (once again, the Ducks will bounce back, I know they will.  NJ will NOT win the Stanley Cup this year, I refuse to believe it)
game 3- Ducks beat Devils 3-2 in OT (YES!  I told you the Ducks would NOT give up!  ROCK ON!)
game 4- Ducks beat Devils 1-0 in OT (Told ya so!!!!) 
game 5- Devils beat Ducks 6-3 (sadly  :-(   but they'll win the next one!  I know they will, and they will win the last game to win the Stanley Cup!)
game 6- Ducks beat Devils 5-2 (YAY!) to force a game 7
game 7- O.k. I really don't want to write this, but I suppose I have to............
              Devils beat Ducks 3-0 to win the Stanley Cup  :-(
Well, with the hockey season over, I won't be doing much with this page until next season.  Unfortunately the Ducks lost the Stanley Cup finals  :-(  but there's always next year, which I will definately be looking forward to.  :-)  And I say let's give them a big round of applause and a standing ovation for all the hard work they've done this year.  I say that just making it that far was a huge accomplishment for them.  Three cheers!  DUCKS ROCK!
For more info and stats, check out this website: 



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