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The Ducks finally catch up with Wildwing's assassin, and find more than they bargain for.

      Siege and Chameleon had appeared outside of the Pond and were now firing upon Duke, Tanya, and Karissa.  Karissa cried out as Siege nearly blasted her, but Duke deflected the shot with his saber.  Tanya pulled out her pucklauncher and started to shoot at Chameleon, while Duke and Karissa were shooting at Siege.
      "Hey that's not fair!" Chameleon whined.  "I'm starting to feel out-numbered."  He pushed a button on his communicator, then about ten hunter drones appeared.  Now, the tables were turned and the ducks were out- numbered.
      "Oh crap!" exclaimed Karissa.
      "Maybe if we split up," Tanya suggested.  They all nodded and activated their jet blades.  Duke skated around towards the back of the Pond, looking for a hiding place.
      "Aha!"  He spotted a dumpster and skated behind it.  Then, he deactivated his jet blades and stepped backwards.
      Duke had bumped into someone, but didn't know who.  He turned around to find a slim, female duck with long, curly, blonde hair, standing before him.  She tried to run but he grabbed her before she could get away.
      "Let me go!" she cried out.  She struggled to get free, but couldn't.
      "Hey, easy there sweetheart, calm down," Duke told her peacefully.  She finally gave up her struggle.  "Just who are you anyway?" Duke asked curiously.  She looked at him and realized who he was.
      "Duke L'Orange?" she whispered.  "The most notorious thief on Puckworld?"
      "Hey!  That's ex- thief," Duke corrected her.  He looked at her more closely, then his eyes widened as he remembered who she was.  "Ana Drakeson, the Brotherhood's little assassin," he stated, smiling slyly.  She looked up at him and nodded.  Duke loosened his grip on her.
      "You guessed it," Ana replied.
      "What are you doing here, and how'd you get here?" Duke asked her.  He thought about it for a moment, then it hit him.  "Wait a minute," he said as he tightened his grip on her again.  "You're not working for Dragaunus, are you?" he asked her, more sternly.  She glared at him angrily.  Then, her shoulders slumped and her expression softened. 
      "Yes," she quietly replied.
      "Traitor!" Duke snapped without letting Ana finish.
      "Traitor?!  Me?!" Ana yelped.  "If anything, you're the traitor, turning into a straight arrow."  Duke was abhorred.
      "Hey, at least I didn't betray my own kind!" he snapped back.  Ana just shot him a dirty look and fought once more to free herself.  Duke tightened his grip even more.  "Sorry, but you're not going any where just yet."
      Back inside the Pond, Mallory, Nosedive, and Jess had met up with Wildwing, Grin, and Angelwing, who were still up on the catwalk.  Angelwing was standing in front of Wildwing with her pucklauncher pointed into the air.
      "Come out you coward!" she threatened.  Hearing footsteps below, Angelwing quckly turned her focus to the ice.
      "Hold on, wait," Wildwing motioned for her to stand down, and she lowered her weapon.  Wildwing peered downwards, over the side of the catwalk, to investigate.  He held his breath.  When he realized who it was, he let out a sigh of relief.  "Dive, Jess, Mallory!"  All three looked up. 
      "Wildwing!"  Jess smiled, glad to see him still in one piece.  The three ducks on the catwalk made their way back down to the ice.
      "Bro, what happened?" Nosedive asked.  Wildwing looked over at him.
      "Another close call, but we're all okay.  Luckily no one was hurt," Wildwing replied in a serious, but shaky voice.  He looked around at his team and realized there were three still unaccounted for.  "Has anyone heard from the others yet?" he asked.  Everyone shook their heads.
      "No, we were going to ask you the same," Mallory told him.  Jess looked around cautiously.
      "What about the assassin?" she questioned.
      "We don't know," Angelwing answered.  "They were up there," she pointed to the catwalk, "but they disappeared again."
      "And we haven't seen them since," Grin mentioned, looking a bit disappointed.  Jest then, Wildwing's com beeped.
      "Wildwing, we're gonna need some help out here."
      "Tanya?  Where are you?"
      "Just outside the Pond, fighting against Dragaunus' drones and his goons."
      "Alright, we'll be right there."  Wildwing closed his com.  As he did, there was an explosion by the main entrance.  The team ran over to see what happened.
      Chameleon, who was standing outside the entrance, morphed into Ricky Ricardo.  "Lucy, I'm home!"  Nosedive frowned as he aimed his launcher at Chameleon.
      "Hey!  That's my line!" he joked.  Jess raised an eyebrow and looked at Nosedive sarcastically.
      "Technically, no, it's not," she laughed.  By now, the rest of the team had their weapons ready and aimed at Chameleon and Siege.  Chameleon shrieked and changed into Dorothy.
      "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto," he quoted, then he clicked his heels together.  "There's no place like home."  With that, he was gone in a flash.  Siege looked over to where Chameleon was standing and mumbled something under his breath.  Then, he looked back at the ducks.
      "You better watch your backs ducks.  We'll be back!"  He disappeared just as quickly as Chameleon.  Mallory threw down her weapon in frustration.
      "I can't believe they got away again!"
      "Relax my friend," Grin said calmly.  "We'll have our chance."
      Wildwing thought about what Grin said.  It sounded like it was easier said than done.  He then remembered the others were still outside.  "Let's go team!  We still have to find the others."  His team followed him outside as they came face to face with a horde of hunter drones.  They all stopped quickly, turned, and ran back inside, ducking behind the doorway.
      "These things just don't give up, do they?" Jess asked.
      "That's what they're programmed for," Angelwing answered sarcastically.
      Jess rolled her eyes.  "Oh funny," she replied dryly.
      "Just stating the facts," Angelwing snapped back.  Jess stuck her toungue out at Angelwing, then Angelwing copied her. 
      "Enough!" Wildwing's voice boomed.  "Everyone pick their target.  On the count of three, shoot."  The team did as they were ordered and on the count of three, they blasted away the front line of drones.  Then, they all took aim again and Wildwing counted once more.  On three, a second line was blasted away.  By the second round, the ducks had wiped out more than half of the drones, making room for them to finally sneak out.  While detroying Dragaunus' drones, the ducks finally found Tanya.
      "It's about time guys," Tanya whined.
      "Well, better late than never, I always say," Nosedive joked.  Tanya frowned and they continued shooting at the drones, until at last the final drone was destroyed.
      "Tanya, where's Duke?" Wildwing asked.
      "I don't know," she replied.  "We split up when the hunter drones showed up, and I haven't seen him since."  Just as Wildwing was about to contact Duke with his communicator, he heard voices approaching.  The others heard them as well and were soon on their guard.
      "Let me go!" a woman's voice was shouting.  "Dragaunus tricked me.  It was a set up, I swear!"
      "No deal!  We've all heard that one before," Duke was yelling back.
      Then, the ducks could hear struggling and Duke crying out.  "Come back here!"
      "No way!" the woman shouted.  The Ducks ran to see what was the commotion.  A female duck went darting by them, with Duke in hot pursuit.
      "Well, don't just stand there, somebody stop her!" Duke ordered.  Everyone looked about, feeling confused, except for Angelwing, who waisted no time in following Duke's order.  She quickly turned around and shot a bola puck at the ankles of the runaway duck.  The stranger was soon tripped up and she fell to the ground.  Angelwing approached her slowly, with her pucklauncher still aimed at the other duck.
      "Just where do you think you're going?" Angelwing asked her harshly.  The female duck turned and looked up at Angelwing.
      "Well, nowhere now," she replied angrily.  Angelwing just rolled her eyes at the snide remark.
      "Who is she Duke?" Jess asked.
      "Ana Drakeson, Wildwing's would-be killer," answered Duke.  Everybody's eyes widened.
      "How do you know?" Mallory asked curiously.
      "She was, or is a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade, an assassin to be exact."
      Wildwing could hardly speak now.  "But how?  And why?"  His questions were broken up, but Duke understood him.
      "She was working for Dragaunus."
      "Well then, that explains everything," Tanya exaggerated.
      Meanwhile, Angelwing and Ana stared at each other.  Ariana's voice came back to haunt Angelwing again.
      "Angelwing!  Help me!"
      Angelwing shook it off and turned away, as Ana did the same.  "Freaky," Angelwing thought to herself.  she couldn't help but think there was something familiar about Ana.
      The sound of Nosedive's voice cut into her thoughts.  "Hey, call me crazy, but they kinda look alike, don't they?" he mentioned.  The whole team was staring at them now.
      "Impossible!" Ana snapped.  "I don't have a family."
      "And my sister is dead," Angelwing added as she turned her head away sadly.  the others gasped.  No one, other than Jess, knew she had a sister.
      "I never knew you had a sister Angelwing," Wildwing commented.
      Ana looked up at Angelwing when she heard her name.  "Angelwing?" Ana thought to herself.  "There's no way... No!  It can't be her.  No!  It's not."  She shook away the thought.  "She didn't care about me.  No, I have no family," Ana whispered to herself.
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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