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Hello!  I'm Jess, keeper of this webpage.  Here is where you'll find all the updates to this website.  Whenever something new goes up, I'll be sure to let you know.

I know, it's been FOREVER since I've updated this site.  Unfortunately, I'm not here to update it today.  I've been busy with other things at home and such... unfortunately not so much with writing or drawing.  I do hope to return to this site with some new material, eventually.  So, just hang in there and be patient.  I do have a couple stories I've been working on, they're just slow in progress, mainly because I haven't had as much time to write this past year.  I just wanted to let everyone know what's been going on, and that I haven't forgotten about this site.  :-)  So, again, please just be patient with me and hopefully, next time I'll have some new stuff for you.  :-)   So, ciao for now!   
Hello!  Long time no see.... just a tiny update today, that's all.  I only added a link to my NEW website.  I was going to wait a bit longer before posting it, but...I thin I have eknough up there now.  :-p  There's still not a whole lot, but there are profiles and the beginning to my new fic. for that site too.  Please feel free to check it out and let me know whatcha think.  :-)
I've just posted a third part to "Trick or Sneak....", the Halloween crossover story by Sara & I.  And I think I forgot to mention when I posted the 2nd part, but anyways.....that's up there too.  :-)  And for all you "Dark Angel Rising" fans out there....I have been working on Book 2, so hopefully I should have the first chapter posted soon.  :-) 
The 19th, and final chapter of what I'm now calling "Dark Angel Rising, Book 1", is finished and posted.  Hope you like it.  :-)  And just FYI, the story's not done will continue on in Book 2.  :-p  I'm evil...I know.  But, it's gonna be good!  Just wait!  :-D
For your reading enjoyment, I have now posted Parts 17 and 18 of "Dark Angel Rising".  Just go and check them out on the "Saga" page.  Also I have posted a small update on the Real Hockey Updates page.  Nothing much, know.  :-)
O.k.  Just like I promised, I've put up part 16 (or, I guess you could call them chapters by now) of "Dark Angel Rising".  The story's getting better, so read on....  Part 17 is still in progress, so...just be patient until then.  :-)  Enjoy!
Yay!  I've finally added another part to my "Dark Angel Rising" saga.  So, for those of you who've been waiting......go ahead and's not much right now.  It's a rather short chapter....but I do have another one to post....hopefully by tomorrow night.  But for now, I hope you enjoy Part 15.  :-)
I know, long time no see.  But hey, I've been busy ya know.  I got married last month and was busy planning for the wedding the few months before that.  :-D  Now that I've had a little more free time, I've tried to get back into writing.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been much.  But I do have at least one story to share.  The second part to me and Sara's Halloween story is up now.  So.....for now.....I hope you enjoy!
Yeah, I've been doing a lot of writing recently.  Can ya tell?!  Hehe!  Anyways...."Cheers for Fears" part 2 is now up.  So, go read and enjoy!  Ciao for now!  Later!
Yay!  It's up, finally!  "Cheers for Fears" part 1.  Feel free to go and check it out.  Hope you like it!   
O.k.  I know you've been waiting for go ahead and read Part 14 of "Dark Angel Rising".  I just posted it today.  This one's good, so you don't want to miss it.  Also....I would have post part 1 of "Cheers for Fears", but I ran outta time and I'm just lucky I had time to get online and post the new "Dark Angel Rising".  But, as soon as I do have time again, I will post "Cheers for Fears", hopefully parts 1 and 2, because they're both done.  Yay!  So, until then...I hope you enjoy "Dark Angel Rising".  :-)  Oh, and won't be started until sometime in July or August.....but I do have my next story idea up.  Go ahead and check it out.  :-)
I've finally added a new part to the "Dark Angel Rising" Saga, Part 13.  So, for all you Angelwing fans out and enjoy!  Also, Part 1 of my "Cheers for Fears" story is almost as soon as I finish it, I'll post it.  But for now.....I hope you'll like my new "Dark Angel Rising" story.  :-)
Not much.....except that I was finally able to add a few songs to Nosedive's Tunes page.  I was only able to put up three songs right now.....and I'm not sure if I'll have room for any more.  If not, then, maybe I'll make it a monthly thing.  Three different songs, every month.  :-)  But, I'll see.  For now, feel free to check out the songs I do have up.  Hope you enjoy! 
Never mind.  Disregaurd that last post.  I went back and was finally able to add a description to part 5 of "Honorable Deception".  All better now.  :-)   Or, at least, I feel better now.  Off to bed I go!  zzzzzzzz
O.k.  I did post "Honorable Deception (part 5)".  Sorry there's no description right now.  It is rated......probably....G.  My computer started acting slow and I became really frustrated at the fact that it wasn't working properly......and now my patience is shot to pieces.....Sooooo.........I'll have to fix the little problems another time.  In the meantime, go ahead and read the new story.  I hope you enjoy.
Not much today, just a new part to one of the storys.  I've added part 4, to "Honorable Deception".  It's getting pretty good, so go and check it out.  Also, if anyone out there has any fanart or fanfiction of their own, and would like for me to post it on my site, just let me know.  I can make a seperate section for all of this.  :-)  Just click on any of the feed back buttons to email me.
Yay!  I finally finished "Honorable Deception, part 3" today, and I posted it on this site.  So, that's all that's new today.  :-)  Oh, also....the site has been up for a couple months already, but please go and check out my new site:  Angelwing's Future Realm.  Just go to the links page, you'll find the link to it there.  Okay.  Ciao for now!
O.k.  I'm starting with a clean slate on this page.  Everything that's new on this site, is obviously marked NEW!  In case you haven't noticed, but I'm sure you have.  :-)  But, just to let you know of the latest stuff, here goes:  I've added a new story, called "Honorable Deception".  So far, there are only two parts up right now.  I was going to post Part 3, but it wasn't exactly finished yet, and I ran out of time.  But now, my cat is sleeping on my notebook, on my lap, and won't budge.  So, I can't even finish writing part 3 right now.  :-p  Damn cat!  Anyways...    Also, there is a part 1 to another new Halloween story I put up about a week or two ago and just never had time to add it to my updates page.  Right now the title is called:  "Trick or Sneak on Fright Night", mainly because at the time, we couldn't decide on one of the two I combined them for now.  :-)  Still sounds like a cool title though.  But, it's by my friend, Sara and I, and it's another multi-character crossover.  Go ahead and read it, it's pretty good so far.  :-)  I also did add a little to the Real Hockey updates page.....not so much as an update....but more so my two cents about the whole lockout...or actually my raves and rants about it.  But, feel free to check it out anyway.  :-)  Other than that.....that's about it for new stuff.  :-)  Enjoy!

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