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Ever wonder what the Ducks think of the War in Iraq?  Well, here's a little insight.  This is just a short story about their thoughts and opinions on the subject.

      "This is CNN.  I'm Wolf Blitzer reporting live from Bagdad.  Stay tuned for more coverage on the War in Iraq."  Wildwing turned off the television.  It had become rather depressing to watch.  Humans fighting against humans, and for what?  The Ducks had a difficult time trying to understand all this.
      "I don't get it," Nosedive complained.  "Why are the humans fighting against each other?"
      "I don't know," Wildwing replied, frustrated.  "I don't understand it myself."
      The team was in the ready room.  They had just finished wathcing a news report on CNN, until Wildwing decided to turn it off.  They had heard more than they really wanted to know.  Just then, Jess entered the room.  She felt awfully strange, because they Ducks were suddenly real quiet and were staring right at her. 
      "Okay, what's up?  What did I do now?" she asked, feeling a bit offended.
      "Maybe you would know," Tanya said to Jess.
      "Know what?"
      "The reason for this war," Wildwing told her.
      "Yeah," Nosedive chimed in.  "What are they fighting for anyways?"  Jess looked frazzled.  This was kind of a touchy subject.  She was never really one for war.  She hated the thought of it, unless it was for a good cause.
      "Well, freedom, I guess you could say.  Freedom for the Iraqis people.  But, if you're asking what it's all about, then I'll have to say probably politics, religion, power, you name it."
      Mallory was becoming annoyed by the whole thought of it.  "Don't the humans know that they've got bigger problems right now?  One mainly by the name of Dragaunus."
      Wildwing agreed with her.  "The only thing is, I have a feeling not many humans even know Dragaunus exists."
      "I wouldn't be surprised," Jess said, "and I'm speaking from experience.  I think too many humans are wrapped up in their own lives that they don't know what's going on.  However, I'm not saying that about all humans.  Believe it or not, I bet there are some that do know."
      "Too bad we couldn't help them out though," Duke threw in his two cents.
      Wildwing thought about it.  "I wouldn't mind, except, like Mallory said, as long as Dragaunus is on the loose, we have bigger problems to worry about."
      "We can't quit now," Grin replied.
      "Yeah, seeing how we're really the only hope the humans have," Nosedive commented, "I mean, do you see any humans out there with us, helping us fight against Draggy?"  Jess shot him a look of disaprovment.
      "I do," Angelwing answered.  Everyone looked at her dumbfounded.  She hadn't said a word the whole time, until now.  "Did you guys forget about Jess and Karissa?  Hello!  They're human!" 
      "Oh, oops, sorry!" Nosedive apologized.
      "Yeah, you better be," Jess joked.
      "They might not be a big army," Angelwing continued on, "but as long as there's someone willing to fight alongside with us, then maybe there's hope for Earth yet." 
      "Yeah, but I still think we should help them out over there," Duke said again.  Jess looked at him grimly.
      "I don't know Duke," she started.  Jess thought it through carefully.  "I bet Phil would just love that, free publicity," she thought, disgusted.  She continued talking to Duke.  "I think I'm going to agree with Wing on this one.  Besides, there are both American and British Troops fighting in Iraq.  They know what they're doing.  Besides, no offense, but you guys would probably just be in the way," Jess explained.
      "In the way?" Duke asked himself, feeling offended, though Jess didn't mean it.  But, he understood what she was trying to say, so he decided not to push the subject any longer.  "Yeah, maybe you're right," Duke sighed in defeat.  Wildwing walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
      "I understand, you're only trying to help out, Duke.  But, I think it's best to sit it out this time," Wildwing told him.
      "I'll have to agree also," Angelwing tuned in.  "When it comes to war, let the humans fight their own battles."  She, herself, wanted to help out also, but she knew Wildwing and Mallory were right. 
      "You said it Storm girl!" Nosedive cheered in agreement.      The humans' war was way too big of a situation to get involved in.  The Ducks were fighting a war of their own, they couldn't possibly get involved in a second. 
      "So it's settled then," Wildwing started, "we stick to our game plan to bring down Dragaunus, and leave the humans to fight their own battle," he said in his "leader" tone.  "Agreed?"  Everyone nodded in agreement, then they formed a circle and put their hands in the middle.
      "What about Jess?" asked Grin.  They had forgotten about her.
      "Are you in?" Mallory asked Jess.  Jess walked over to the group and joined in.
      "Of course!  What, did you guys think I was going to 'duck' out and join the army or something?" she asked sarcastically.  Everyone laughed, then cheered out.
      "Ducks rock!"
All original MD:TAS characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney.  All other characters are owned by me.

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