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The complete story of how Angelwing met Canard, became part of the Resistance, fought against Dragaunus, and met the Mighty Ducks.

      It all happened so fast.  The citizens of Puckworld didn't know what to do.  Half of them didn't even know what was going on, not even Angelwing.  She had been sitting at the counter of a small cafe, just casually sipping her coffee and watching the morning news on a small television.  The day started out jsut like any other day.  Everyone was going about their business like they did every day.
      Suddenly, a Red Alert was shown on the t.v.  "Just minutes ago," the news reporter started, "Puckworld was attacked by the Saurian Empire.  No reports yet on how many casulties.  But military officials do ask that everyone remains....."  The reporter was cut short as the camera fell over.  Then, there were sounds of blasting and screaming in the background, as the t.v. screen turned to static.
      By this time, everyone in the cafe had turned to watch the now snowy t.v. screen.  The whole place was hauntingly quiet.  Angelwing turned and scanned across the cafe.  She could see the fear in everyone's eyes, and she could feel it inside her.  The whole room was silent, for what seemed like hours, but lasted for just a few minutes.  Until suddenly, blasts could be heard outside, distant at first, then growing louder as they drew closer, followed by screams of fear.  Everyone turned to look out the windows.  Ducks could be seen running down the street, running from the horror that followed.  Then, a nearby explosion rocked the building.  Panic-stricken, the ducks within the cafe began to run for cover. 
      Angelwing was able to slip through the door, safely.  Then she ran around the corner or the building and crawled down into a sewer hole, hoping to hide from the invaders.  "This can't be happening," Angelwing thought to herself, while lost in a daze.  "I never thought it could happen again, but it really is."  She stopped momentarily, not knowing where to run to.  The screaming and explosions from above were starting to cloud her mind.  Her head was pounding and she was in a state of panic.  "Where should I run to?  Where can I hide?" she kept thinking.  Before the horrifying sounds could block her senses completely, she figured out where she wanted to go.
      "Mom, Dad!" she whispered to herself, remembering they were still up there somewhere.  "I've go to go home and make sure they're alright."  She remembered a way of getting there by going through the sewer tunnels.  "I just hope I'm not too late," Angelwing said as she ran through the tunnels, hoping she wouldn't be caught by the invading Saurians.
      After running for about fifteen minutes, Angelwing stopped underneath an opening to the surface above.  She climbed up the ladder but stopped before opening the cover.  First, she listened carefully, to make sure there were no Saurians above.  Nothing but smoked-filled silence.  Angelwing slowly lifted and pushed the cover to the side and peeked around.  There was her house, barely.  Just about everything around was destroyed. 
      She climbed out of the hole and cautiously made her way to her house.  She wanted to get inside quickly, away from the smoke-filled air, and away from the chilling silence.  Carefully and quietly, Angelwing crept inside with her pucklauncher drawn.
      "Mom?  Dad?" Angelwing whispered at first.  She crept around the house, searching for any signs of life.  She checked the living room first, then the kitchen.  When she decided that the coast was clear downstairs, she yelled upstairs for her parents.
      "Mom?!  Dad?!  It's me, Angelwing!  I'm home!"  No answer.  Cursing herself for yelling without thinking, Angelwing ran up the stairway, ready to shoot any intruders that might be lurking.  She peeked into her room at first and found nothing but a mess.  Then, she looked inside what used to be her sister's room, another mess.  The Saurians must have torn up the rooms, searcing for any hiding Ducks, or anything that would have been of use to them.  Clothes and other items had been thrown around scattered about the rooms.  Her stomache was starting to churn now.  She had a gut feeling something wasn't right.
      "Mom?  Dad?  Are you here?  Are you alright?" Angelwing called out as she tiptoed to their bedroom.  The door was closed.  She knocked on the door.  "Mom?"  No answer.  "Dad?"  Still no answer.  She tried to open the door, but it was locked!  "Mom, Dad, it's me, Angelwing.  If you're in there, please open up!"  Not having any luck, she decided to use force.
      "Hee-ya!"  The door swung back violently and slammed against the wall as Angelwing kicked it open.  She stood in the doorway, pointing her weapon, looking for any signs of movement.  She thought she saw something on the floor on the other side of the bed.  "Mom?  Dad?" she said, a little softer this time while creeping around to the other side of the bed.
      Angelwing gasped at the sight on the floor.  "No", she whispered.  Her heart started to beat faster and louder.  Her eyes filled up with tears.  "NO!" she screamed as she dropped to her knees.  She had discovered the bodies of her parents.  Both had been shot to death by the invading lizards.  "NOOOOOOOOOO!"
One week later...............................................................................................
      Angelwing had managed to avoid imprisonment by escaping from the Saurians several times.  Ever since she had found her parents murdered, she vowed to rid Puckworld of every last Saurian.  She didn't care how, she just wanted them all dead.  Filled with hate and rage, Angelwing began her campaign.  She hid on rooftops, sewer tunnels, or where ever possible, sniping out the Saurians, one by one, with her pucklauncher.  It wasn't helping much, because there were so many of them.  But, Angelwing continued on anyways, hoping to at least put a dent in their army.
      One morning, Angelwing was perched atop a cliff in the mountains by Twin Beaks, concealed by the surrounding rocks and trees.  She had decided to retreat to the mountains to hide for a few day, hoping to get some much needed rest, and hoping the Saurians wouldn't find her there.  That morning, Angelwing had awaken to find a small troop of Saurians in a valley below.  They had appeared to have just captured a flock of ducks who had managed to escape to the mountains themselves.  Unfortunately for them, the Saurians had ventured just far enough up the mountains, searching for any free ducks, when the group of ducks were found.  The Saurian guards were marching them back down the mountain side.
      "Probably on their way to one of their work camps," Angelwing speculated.  "Well, not if I have anything to do with it," she whispered to herself.  She loaded her pucklauncher and zeroed in on one of the Saurian guards.  "You horrid, repulsive, accursed, Saurian scum," she muttered under her breath.  "I hope you go to hell," she said as she pulled the trigger.  With one shot, the guard was down.
      At the same time, a tall, well-built, tannish, male duck had been watching this from a cliff above Angelwing.
      "Wow!  What a shot!" he said to himself.  He opened up his wrist communicator and spoke into it.  "I think I've just found us a new candidate for the Resistance.  I think she'll be a great addition.  She's an excellent sniper."
      "Great!" exclaimed the voice on the other end.  "We could use a sniper.  Go ahead and bring her in."  The duck closed his com and ran down the mountain side to meet Angelwing.  He hoped to catch up with the female duck before the Saurians did.
      Meanwhile, Angelwing had exterminated two more Saurian guards.  Though, she was getting nervous.  The remaining Saurian soldiers below were becoming aggitated.  They knew someone was out to get them, but they hadn't figured out where the shots were coming from.  Angelwing knew it wouldn't be long before they found her and executed her.  She had to find a way down the mountain without being caught.
      "Excuse me."  Angelwing felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned quickly aiming her pucklauncher.  "I'll kill all of you!" she screamed out.
      "Whoa!  Hey!  I didn't mean any harm."
      Angelwing focused her eyes on the figure.  Standing before her was a young male duck (maybe a little older than she) with tan feathers.  She lowered her weapon and stood at ease.
      "I'm sorry," she apologized.  "I thought you might have been a Saurian.
      "That's okay," replied the male duck.  "I don't blame you.  I shouldn't have snuck up on you like that."  Angelwing shrugged her shoulders.
      "It's alright, no big deal," she paused momentarily, "yet".  She peered over the edge of the cliff, watching the lizards down below.  They seemed to be searching for something, or someone, or most likely for her.  "I just hope I didn't draw too much attention up here when I screamed," Angelwing said in a worried tone.
      "I suppose we won't know until they find us here," the male duck commented.  Angelwing looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
      "Yeah, but I ain't sticking around to find out," she retorted as she started down the mountain.  
      "Hey, where are you going?" the stranger called out after her.
      "Anywhere but here."
      "I just might be able to help you out with that," replied the stranger.
      "Oh really," Angelwing stopped midway down the mountain to listen.  The other duck nodded.
      "I saw your shooting back there.  Nice work!"  Angelwing smiled silently.  "You have a good eye and a good aim," he continued.  "We could use someone like you in the Resistance."
      Angelwing's jaw dropped.  She remembered hearing about the Resistance, but she didn't think it actually existed.  "Wow!" she whispered.  "You really mean it?" she asked excitedly.
      The other duck nodded.  "You bet."  Angelwing turned to think.
      "Well, I don't think I could continue fighting alone.  I'm sure they'd catch up with me eventually, then I'd be a goner."
      "So what do you say?"
      Angelwing turned back to him and smiled.  "Count me in!"
      "Great!  Now, let's say we get out of here before those guys find us."
      "Sounds good."  The two ducks began to run, then Angelwing stopped.  "By the way," she started.  The tan duck stopped as well and turned to face her.  "What's your name?  I don't even know who you are and I'm agreeing to go along."
      The other duck smiled.  "Sorry about that.  The name's Canard Thunderbeak," he replied as he shook her hand.  "I'm from the Resistance."  Angelwing cocked her head and smirked.
      "Well, I figured that much," she said sarcastically, Canard chuckled a bit.
      "And so, you're name would be?" Canard asked her.
      "Angelwing Icefeather."
      "Well, nice to formally meet you Angelwing," said Canard.
      Suddenly, they heard voices nearby.  "I think the shots came from over here," one Saurian said to another.  Angelwing and Canard looked at each other, then they took off running again.                                       
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.
Note:  Angelwing and Canard meeting each other at Twin Beaks is my friend, Sara's idea, not mine.  So, please give credit to her.  Thanx Sara!

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