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      "So, how many of these Aerowings are left?" Angelwig qustioned Chet as they flew off from Resistance Headquarters.
      "Not many," Chet answered her.  "That's why my Dad, uh, I mean, The Commander, and Canard are working on hiding the remaining Aerowings, before the Saurians get a chance to destroy them."
      The members of the first strike force were on their way to carry out their mission.  Their destination: Dragaunus' Master Tower.  Their purpose: to destroy Dragaunus and possibly cripple the Saurian forces.  They hoped that by destroying the Master Tower, it would shut down the Hunter Drones and Monitor towers as well.  Unfortunately, there was only one way to find out.
      "So, Captain Chet," Trent derided him, "just where is his so-called Master Tower anyways?" he asked in a mockery.
      "Well," Chet started, ignoring Trent's ridicule.  "According to the coordinates given to us by Lucretia DeCoy, we should be almost there."
      Trent looked out the winshield.  "Uh huh," he remarked sarcastically.  Then he turned back to Chet.  "So, again, where is the tower?"
      "Well, the Commander did say it was hidden by some invisible shield," answered Angelwing.
      "Was I asking you?" Trent snapped back at her.
      "Hey!" Chet yelled out.  "Remember, we're in this as a team."
      Then, all of a sudden, Angelwing gasped as she examined her computer screen.  "Ah, Chet, there's something showing up on the sensors."
      "What?" he asked as he turned around in his seat.
      Trent stared out the winshield in horror.  "That!" he shouted as he pointed to a Saurian aircraft which was heading straight for them, firing it's lasers.
      "Incoming!" another Resistance member yelled out.
      "Whoa!"  Chet maneuvered the Aerowing away from the oncoming aircraft just in time.  "Everyone to your stations!" he ordered.  "Let's take these lizzards out once and for all!"
      "It looks like they're aiming to fire again," Angelwing warned.
      "Alright, hold on everyone," Chet said.  "TIme for evasive maneuvers."  He pulled back on the steering wheel and the Aerowing flew up and then safely behind the Saurians' aircraft.  "Fire now!" Chet commanded.
      "Firing away!" Trent obeyed as he hit a button on his console and fired a round of explosive pucks at the ship.
      "We almost have them.  Try again," commented Chet.
      "Take two coming up!" Trent shouted as he fired again.  This time, it was a direct hit and the explosions caused the Saurians ship to take a nosedive.  The ducks watched at the aircraft plunged to the ground.
      "Alright!"  the ducks cheered.
      "Nice one!" Angelwing complimented.
      "Good work Trent!" Chet added.  "Now, let's go find out where that ship came from."
      In the meantime, Dragaunus was planning out his next move.  "Blast it!  Those pesky ducks shot down our fighter ship!" he roared, pounding a fist down on his throne.  "No matter," he said, finally calming down, "we'll crush them yet."  He activated his communicator and spoke into it.  "Siege, are the cannons ready?"
      "Ready and willing, Dragaunus," Siege replied.
      Dragaunus sneered.   "Then fire at will!"
      "Will do," Siege chuckled evilly with pride, as he took aim at the ducks' Aerowing and fired at it.
      "We've been hit!" Chet exclaimed as he tried to regain control of the Aerowing.  "Hang on team!"  He pulled back on the controls once more, trying to prevent the plane from going down.  "Trent, what's the damage report?!"
      Trent tapped away at a few keys, running a scan on the damage done to the Aerowing, before answering.  "The Aerowing's right side engine!"  he called back.  "It's blown!"  The Aerowing was rocked about as several more blasts exploded nearby.
      "I'm going to make an emergency landing," Chet explained to his crew.
      "What?!  Are you crazy?!" one member cried out.  "We'll be sitting ducks if we do!"
      "Well, it's either that or we crash and die!" Chet shouted back, still struggling to keep their ship in the air.  "At least, if we land safely, we'll have a chance at a ground attack.  But I'd have to do it soon.  The Aerowing's not gonna hold on much longer!"
      Trent nodded.  "Yeah, this ship can't take much more.  One more hit like that and we're done for!"
      Back in the Master Tower, Siege was aiming the cannon once again.  "Ahh, one more hit should do it," he grinned devilishly.  "Say 'good-bye' ducks!"
      "Buh-bye duckies!" Chameleon chimed in from behind him.
      Again, Angelwing stared fixedly at the computer screen.  A frightened look of terror was growing more and more apparent on her face.  Chet glanced back and noticed, feeling a bit frightened himself.
      "Angelwing, what is it?" he asked, though he dreaded to hear the answer.
      "They're locked on to us," she replied in a monotone, as if she were in a trance.  "And they're firing again."  Everyone's eyes widened in horror, but no one had time to speak.
      Before they knew it, they were hit, almost point blank.  With one last blast from the Saurians' cannon, the Aerowing exploded in mid-air, sending debris flying everywhere.
      Back at Resistance Headquarters, things weren't any better.  The Saurians had found them and were attacking from all sides with their Monitors.  Commander Jet McQuillson and Canard Thunderbeak were in the control room trying to contact the strike team.
      "Chet!  Chet?!  Can you hear me?!  Come in Son!" The Commander was shouting into his communicator.
      The last words they heard from the team, were those of Angelwing Icefeather.  "They're locked on to us, and they're firing again."  Then they heard a deadly explosion and then, nothing.  Canard had a bad feeling that one of his worst fears had been confirmed.  He wiped away a tear and put a hand on The Commander's shoulder.
      "Come on Commander," he said sadly, "they're gone now.  And we've better get ourselves out of here before we meet the same fate."
      Commander McQuillson looked down, feeling as if he had been defeated.  "My Son," he whispered sorrowfully.  Then he turned to Canard, wiping his tears before showing his face.
      Canard knew how his Commander must have felt.  After all, his son, Chet, was up in that plane.  Canard felt just as bad, because he had lost two very close friends in that explosion.  But unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it now.  Especially not with the Saurians raiding their headquarters.
      "How did those Saurian scumbags know where to find us anyway?" McQuillson questioned.  "It was so well hidden.  No one but Resistance members knew about it.  The only way they could've known.........unless they had a spy."
      Canard thought for a moment, then he growled angrily.  The Commander looked at him in shock, then he nodded in understandment and agreement as Canard mentioned the name on his ming.  "Lucretia DeCoy."
      "That explains why so many missions went wrong and failed," McQuillson thought aloud.
      "That would also explain what happened to the strike team," Canard added.  "But now's not the time for revenge."  A nearby explosion shook the room and the two ducks held on for support.  "We have to save our own lives right now, before those creeps find us.  Come on, there's not much time."  He started to run for the door, but he stopped and turned around when he realized his Commanding Officer wasn't following.
      "No," McQuillson said bluntly as he stood up and armed himself.
      "What?!"  Canard was shocked.
      "You go on Thunderbeak, save yourself," The Commander told him.  "You'll make a great leader.  Go round up the remaining members and get the hell out of here!"
      "What about you?"
      "There's not much here left for me now," Commander McQuillson sighed.  "So I'm staying right here."
      "But-", Canard protested, but his Commander ignored him.
      "Those lizards may get me, but I'm not going down without a fight.  If it's a fight they want, then it's a fight they'll get."
      "I'm sorry Sir," the younger duck apologized, "but I can't let you do that."
      "You can and you will," McQuillson told him.  "Now GO!"
      "No, I won't!" Canard rebuted.
      "I mean it Thunderbeak!  And that's an order!" The Commander promptly shouted.  Canard stood there, unmoving and unsure of what to do.  "Who knows, maybe we'll meet again once this is over," Commander McQuillson added with a slight smile.  "Now go!"
      "Yes Sir!" Canard saluted and ran back to the door.  Before leaving the room, he turned once more towards his officer.  "Good luck Sir!" he said with a nod.
      "Good luck Thunderbeak," The Commander replied with a wave as Canard closed the door behind him.
The End
.......or is it?
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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