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      Within the months that followed, the Saurians had completely taken over Puckworld.  Any duck that was found alive, was captured and thrown into one of many work camps.  Things were looking really bad for the citizens of Puckworld.  Their military had been holding up pretty well, but now their defenses were starting to buckle beneath the weight of the Saurian offenses.
      Meanwhile, the secretive Resistance had been working overtime, trying to backup the military by weakening the Saurians' offense.  But now, even that was becoming difficult as Resistance members were disappearing left and right.
      "Man!  We're dropping like flies out there!" Chet exclaimed.
      "I know Son," sighed Commander McQuillson.  "But so isn't the military.  They're down to their last squad, and somebody's got to hold this fort down."  He turned around in his chair to face his son.
      By the look on the Commander's face, Chet could see that his father very frustrated.  Stress and exhaustion were begining to set in, and Chet thought the combination of the two made his father look much older.  After all, nothing like this had ever happened to Puckworld, at least not in their lifetime.  Chet had heard alll the stories himself.  The stories about the Saurian Overlords invading Puckworld and how Drake DuCaine defeated them by using his special goalie mask.  He also remembered Trent complaining that he couldn't find the Mask, which made him think even more that it didn't exist.
      "If there was only a way we could find Dragaunus' Master Tower," the younger duck thought aloud.  "Then we could launch an assault on the Saurians."
      "Certainly sounds easy enough, doesn't it?" his father sighed again.  "But they say it's cloaked in darkness."  The Commander turned back to his computer and started tapping at the keys.  "I sent out Trent Puckson to retrieve the fabled Mask of Drake DuCaine, but unfortunately he turned up empty handed."
      His son rolled his eyes.  "So I've heard."
      The Commander was silent, still tapping away at the keyboard.  He remained that way for awhile before he finally spoke.  "Although, it's definately a good idea, and we just may be able to pull it off."  At this point, the Commander was desperate for a move, or anything to shake those lizzards off their backs.
      "How?" Chet asked, sounding and looking very confused.  He walked over to his father's chair.
      "The scanners have been picking up some energy readings eminating from this spot here."  The elder duck pointed to a blinking spot on the computer screen.  His son leaned over to get a better look, placing his hands on the desk to support himself.  "I could send a team out there to check it out," the Commander explained.  "A team of well-trained members, and I think I know just who."  He opened up a link on his communicator.  "Puckson!  Icefeather!  Report to me in Central Command a.s.a.p!"
      "Yes Sir!" two voices replied in unison over the Commander's wrist com.
      Angelwing had just returned from a mission only hours earlier and had been trying to rest when Commander McQuillson called her.  She was curious as to why.  Perhaps another mission, she thought.  She had been on a few smaller ones already, mainly to snipe out the Saurian gaurds who had stolen the military's weapons.  Then, she would sneak in and steal them back.
      "A perfect mission for a thief like you," Trent would tell her coldly.
      Ever since Angelwing had slapped him across the face for trying to kiss her, he had been very cruel to her.  He tried to dig up any dirt on her past, hoping to ruin her reputation, and he was somewhat successful.  He somehow managed, although Angelwing wasn't sure how, but he had found out that she had been a thief in the Brotherhood of the Blade.  However, he never had solid proof that it was true.  Still, he enjoyed spreading nasty rumors throughout the Resistance about her past.  Unfortunately, many of the members believed those rumors and one by one, they turned their backs on Angelwing.  Soon, there weren't many of them that trusted her, except for Canard and Chet.
      "If the info is coming from Trent, then I don't believe it one bit," Chet told her.
      "More than likely, he's lying about it, just to get more attention," Canard would add.  "Unless I see the source of this information for myself, then I don't buy it."
      This made Angelwing feel slightly better, knowing that at least Chet and Canard would stick up for her.  Although, the Commander, after hearing these rumors, was still undecided.  He wasn't sure whether they were true.  Angelwing couldn't tell really, wheter he was against her or not.  He hadn't treated her with as much respect as he did before, yet he also hadn't thrown her out of the Resisntance.  Maybe, she figured, he thought he could keep an eye on her while she remained in the Resistance.  What ever he thought, and what ever his reasons were, she was just glad to stay.
      On this particular day, Angelwing thought something was up, because the Commander had also called for Trent Puckson as well.  But, just what was going on?  She was extremely curious and she pondered this thought as she ran down the hall to Central Command.
      "Yes Sir!  You called Sir?" she greeted him respectfully as she ran in, stood up straight, and saluted.
      Commander McQuillson turned in his seat and stood up.  "At ease Icefeather," he ordered.
      "Yes Sir."  She stood at ease as she looked around the room.  Trent was already there.  "Go figure," Angelwing thought.  She always thought of him as a kiss up.
      "I see you've managed to survive your last mission Ice Queen," Trent sneered.  Angelwing glared at him coldly, choosing to keep her thoughts to herself.  "Steal anything good?  Looted any museums while you were at it?" he teased her.
      Ooh, she hated him so much.  She was so angry, she wanted to hit him, but she held back.
      "That'll be enough Puckson!" his Commander yelled at him angrilly.
      "Yes Sir," Trent replied cooley, but still managed to keep his sly smile.
      "Now," McQuillson started, "as I'm sure you've heard, our forces have been weakening, and there aren't many of us left," he told them gravely as he paced about the room.  "However, with those of us remaining, I plan to launch a full frontal assault on the Saurian Overlord, Dragaunus."  Angelwing's eyes widened and she opened her beak to speak, but the Commander put a hand up to silence her before she could.  "I know you're probably wondering how, since no one's seen his center of operations.  We think we may have an idea of his location," the elder duck explained.  "I think, with some help from our spy, Lucretia DeCoy, and by sending out a team to scout out the area, we should be able to find Dragaunus."
      "Great idea Commander," Trent praised him with a smile that wasn't as sincere.  "So who do you plan on sending out to scout this area?"
      McQuillson returned the smile and patted Trent on the back.  "Glad you asked Puckson.  We'll need some of our best forces out there, seeing how the scout team will also be the first strike team."  He turned to face all three of the younger ducks.  "That's why I've chosen the three of you, under the command of Chet, to help lead the first attack."
      Chet half-smiled as he was taken by surprise by his father's decision.  Angelwing was even more surprised.  She would have never thought she'd be sent out on a mission such as this.  Trent, on the other hand, was all smiles.  He felt ever so proud, knowing that he was chosen for this mission, even if he did have to work with Chet and Angelwing.  But one question was nagging at him.  Where was Canard?
      "What about Thunderbeak, Commander?  Isn't he going?" Trent asked, sounding a bit curious.
      "No," answered McQuillson.  "Only because I need him to lead the next attack," he explained.
      Angelwing was curious about this whole thing herself.  She wanted to know a few more details.  "So, it's just the three of us going?" she questioned the Commander.  She was concerned that only three of them wouldn't be able to hand it.  Granted, they were some of the best trained, but she still couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. 
      "Oh no, Miss Icefeather," McQuillson replied, turning to face her.  "Don't worry, I'll round up some others to help you.  Now, you three better go rest up before this mission.  You'll need all the rest you can get."  He escorted the three of them to the doors.  "Meet me back in the Hangar in o-six-hundred hours.  There, I will give you directions on what to do."  The younger ducks saluted their Commander as they walked out the doors and headed to their bunks.
To be continued................................................

Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.


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