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"'Cause this is thriller, thriller night!" 

      Around six twenty-four, the Ducks and Trainers, along with Jess, Karissa, ang the Pokebuddies has all gathered in the Ready Room.  The Ducks were waiting for Phil, so they could leave for their publicity stunt, which they absolutely dreaded.  Meanwhile, the others waited patiently for the arrival of Gosalyn, Louie, Honker, and their Pokebuddies, Seel and Sandshrew.  However, Karissa was not as patient as her companions, and so she stood there tapping her foot impatiently.
      "Man!" she burst out at last, sick of keeping her thoughts to herself.  "What's taking them so long?!"
      Jess looked scornfully at her Co-Captain.  "Be patient, will ya?!  It's not even six-thirty yet."
      "Yeah," Joanna agreed, siding with Jess.  "They'll be here," she assured them.
      A minute later, they all heard the elevator.  When the doors opened, Phil emerged with Gosalyn, Louie, Honker, and the other Pokebuddies.  Honker was wearing a werewolf costume while the Pokebuddies modeled their pilot and mummy costumes.
      "Hey guys," Honker greeted everyone as Sandshrew said it in his own way.
      "Cha cha!"
      Jess turned her attention towards the group that had just arrived.  "Hey!  Glad you guys finally made it."  Then she turned to Honker.  "Long time no see Honker.  How've you been?"
      Honker shrugged as he blushed, slightly.  "I've been alright," he replied with a smile.  After everyone else exchanged greetings, they all decided they were all set and ready to go.
      "Alright, let's get some candy!" Sara exclaimed, taking up the lead in front of the group.
      "Char, char!" Charmander cheered while trailing behind her.
      The group, consisting of the Trainers, Pokebuddies, Jess and Karissa, lead by Sara and Charmander, slowly filed into the elevator.
      "Have fun guys!" Wildwing called out to them.
      Karissa and Jess, who had taken up the rear of the group, both turned to face him before entering the elevator.
      "Oh don't worry," Karissa waved him off with a smile, "we will."
      "Later guys and gals!" Jess exclaimed, waving to the Ducks.  Once the elevator doors shut, she turned to Karissa and the trainers.  "I just hope Dragaunus doesn't spoil the fun for us," she said with a shiver.
      "Yeah, that'll be a drag," Gosalyn added.
      A few minutes later, everyone was outside the Pond, in front of the main doors of the archway.  It was there they found Louie's kid brother, Tommy, dressed as a pink bunny. 
      "Hi Louie!" he said excitedly while Louie just groaned out of annoyance.  At the same time, Josh was snickering at Tommy's costume.  Jess, on the other hand, was trying hard not to laugh.
      "Hey, anyone seen the movie, 'A Christmas Story'?" she asked her friends.
      Buzz immediately answered as he could relate to the scene.  "Aw man, I love that movie.  Like when Ralphie's aunt or grandma gave him the pink bunny suit."  Soon, the others joined in, remembering the movie well.
      "And whenever he says he wants that bebe gun to somebody," Josh added, "he get's the same answer."
      "You'll shoot your eye out," both Josh and Sara said in unison, reciting the infamous line, as everyone doubled over in laughter.
      "Well, let's get to the neighborhoods," Sara said, as soon as she was able to contain her laughter.  Then, she split everyone into two groups and told them where to go.  "Josh, Joanna, Jess, Gosalyn, Honker and Buzz, you guys take Black Rabbit Street and Victor's Lane."  The six gathered to the side, in their assigned group.  "The rest of us," Sara continued, "will take Baker Road and Jake's Street."
      Jess nodded in agreement.  "Sounds good.  But, where're we meeting after?" she questioned curiously.  "Maybe we should keep in touch via communicators."
      Sara turned to face her.  "We're meeting up at the haunted mansion at the mini golf place," she told her.  Jess nodded again, slowly, showing she understood.
      Josh looked around to make sure everyone was in their groups.  Once they were all set, he gave the signal.  "Well, let's go!"  Then the two groups were off, going in their seperate directions.
      As Jess and Josh's group started off, Violet hopped up onto Josh's shoulder as he sang the pirate song from 'Garfield's Halloween Adventure'.
      "Sixty men, all lost at sea, all of 'em drunk except for me.  'Twas I alone who had to face the storm, with nothing in site to keep me warm.  Yo-ho-ho-ho!  Over the raging sea we go.  Yo-ho-ho-ho!  Where ever the four wind blow.  Hey!"
      "Char!" Violet, the female Charmander, added to the song.
      Jess gave Josh a strange look.  "Sorry, I don't know that one," she commented.  "How 'bout...." she started singing a song they all knew.  "Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!"
      Josh just laughed.  "Yeah, that's a cool song, Sara has that on CD."
      After awhile, the group finally arrived at the first house.  Buzz knocked on the door and a woman answered it.
      The woman, who was holding a bowl of candy, smiled politely.  "Oh, you guys look great!  Here you go," she said as she gave them each a piece of candy.
      "Argh, thank you," Josh replied, trying to sound like a pirate.  "A thousand blessin' upon your home, Ma'am."
To be continued..........
Disclaimer:  All characters from the Mighty Ducks and the character of Goslyn Mallard (from the Darkwing Duck series) are copyrighted and owned by Disney.  The character of Louie (from the Life With Louie cartoon) is copyrighted by his rightful owner (I apoligized for this, for I am not sure who owns the show and character).  All Pokemon characters are copyrighted and owned by 4Kids Entertainment & Nintendo.  The characters of Sara, Josh, Eilony, Joanna & Charlotte are owned by my friend, Sara.  And, last but not least.........the characters of Angelwing, Ariana, Jess, and Karissa, are my own.  Sara and I are, in no way, working for Disney or any of the other companies, nor are we making a profit off of this story.  Thank you for you time!  :-) 

"Who you gonna call?......"