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Dark Angel Rising (part 1)

Well, I don't want to say much right now, because,'ll be worth the suspense.  ;-p 

Dark Angel Rising (part 2)

Dragaunus gets a hold of the Proteus chip again....which can only mean more trouble for the Ducks.  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 3)

The Ducks are in a showdown with Dragaunus....who will come out with the victory?  Rated G - PG, for mild violence.  (You know, the normal battle scenes involving the Ducks and Saurians)

Dark Angel Rising (part 4)

Angelwing thinks she is doing the right thing, and she risks it all to make it happen.  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 5)

Just what does Dragaunus have planned for Angelwing?  Will the Ducks find her and stop Dragaunus before he carries out his plans?  Read and find out.  Rated G (maybe PG)

Dark Angel Rising (part 6)

Angelwing isn't acting like her normal self.  How will the Ducks react to this?  Can they figure out why?  Rated G- PG.

Dark Angel Rising (part 7)

Something isn't right with Angelwing and everyone knows it.  Jess thinks she has an idea of who's really responsible for Angelwing's behavior.  But just how much longer can she keep Angelwing's secret from the team?  Rated PG (for some violence)

Dark Angel Rising (part 8)

Can Jess stop Angelwing before it's too late?  Read and find out.  Rated PG, for some violence.

Dark Angel Rising (part 9)

Will Jess be able to tell Wildwing the truth before it's too late?  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 10)

It's like the changing of the gaurds for the Ducks.  Wildwing and the rest of the team, try to cope with their current situation.  And what about poor Ariana?  Will she ever wake up?   Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 11)

Will anyone ever find out the truth about Angelwing?  Ariana just might know more than she thinks she does.  But only time will tell.  Until then, it could mean trouble for Jess as well.  Rated G, maybe borderline PG.

Dark Angel Rising (part 12)

Jess tries to help Angelwing, but ends up in big trouble.  Angelwing's not herself anymore and she's out with a plan to kill.  Will Jess survive long enough to warn the other Ducks?  Rated PG.

Dark Angel Rising (part 13)

Angelwing is on the loose!  While Ariana has healed and is ready to join the Ducks in their search for some answers.  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 14)

The team has found Angelwing, but it's not a pretty sight.  They run into some difficulties at a power plant and a familiar stranger shows up to help out.  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 15)

Jess is fed up with sitting on the bench, while the Saurians cause trouble for the Ducks at a Power Plant.  Rated PG (for some language).

Dark Angel Rising (part 16)

NEW!-  The Ducks run into an old friend, but is it really him?  Did he really survive?  Or is it just another trick?  The Ducks try to survive Angelwing's rampage as Nosedive and Mallory run into even more trouble.  Rated PG (for some blood and violence)

Dark Angel Rising (part 17)

NEW!-  Angelwing abandons her battle with the Ducks with intentions of chasing after a new target.  Rated PG for mild violence.

Dark Angel Rising (part 18)

NEW!-  The Ducks are on the search for the rest of their team and are fearful of what they may find.  Rated G.

Dark Angel Rising (part 19)

NEW!-  The final chapter.  A battle wages and lizzards are on the loose.  The Ducks race against time to save Anaheim from from a major melt down.    Rated PG for some language.

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