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      Mallory and Angelwing had been locked in a fierce, one on one battle for quite sometime.  Both  sides were starting to feel the strain on their bodies now.  However, Angelwing was much stronger now than she used to be, as Mallory noticed, so she didn't tire as quickly.  Despite Angelwing's efforts though, the red-haired duck was still able to slow her down a couple times by means of smoke pucks. 
      When Mallory looked up and saw Angelwing charging at her, she fired a freeze puck at the floor, instantly turning it to ice.  Mallory's swift manuever caught Angelwing unawares as she slipped and fell on the icy surface.
      "That was a dirty trick!" Angelwing growled angrilly.
      Mallory stared down at her, grinning slightly.  "Maybe," she agreed, "but it served it's purpose."  Then she ran past the downed duck and towards the control room.
      Angelwing chuckled in amusement as she stood up.  "Too bad she won't get too far."
      Before entering the room, Mallory opened her wrist com, signaling for help.  "Ducks!  I'm gonna need back up in here!"  A few seconds later, Wildwing answered her call.
      "Just hang in there.  We'll be there shortly."
      Wraith grumbled to himself as he stood over the control panels, examining them carefully.  "How do they work this accursed thing?" he asked aloud.  He hated the fact that he knew so little about technology and would've rather used magic to set off the reactors.
      "Hold it right there, Wraith!" a female voice sounded from behind him.  He turned to find a red-haired duck standing before him, with her weapon aimed.  He grinned maliciously.
      "So, you've come to play, have you?"  He readied a fireball and threw it at Mallory, just as Angelwing came up behind her.
      Reacting by instinct, Mallory quickly dived out of the way, leaving Angelwing to face the oncoming ball of flames.  The second duck responded just as fast, arming herself with her duck saber and deflecting the fireball just in time.
      "Hey!  Watch it, you oaf!" Angelwing snapped at Wraith, as the fireball exploded in the hall behind her.  "You trying to kill me too?!"  Wraith tried to speak, but she waved him off, walking towards the controls.  "Never mind.  Why haven't you set off these reactors yet?"
      So, Wraith explained his predicament and his lack of technological knowledge.  "I would much prefer to use the dark ways of my ancestors," he told her. 
      Angelwing smacked her forehead and let her hand run down her face.  "I don't care how you do it!" she snapped furiously.  Then, she shook her head and sighed heavily.  "I guess if you want something done...." she trailed off as she raised her saber high above her head, getting ready to destroy the controls.
      Suddenly, there was a streak of blue as a puck came flying in, knocking the weapon out of her hands.  Assuming Mallory was the culprit, Angelwing grumbled and turned around slowly.  "You know, you're really starting to piss me off!"  She finally turned to the doorway and was surprised to find the rest of the Mighty Ducks had entered the room.
      "Sorry 'bout that Sis," Ariana remarked slyly, her pucklauncher smoking.  "But I think you need a serious attitude adjustment."  Angelwing growled in frustration as her hands balled up into fists at her side.
      "You know, I'm gonna hafta agree with her on that," Nosedive added light heartedly.
      This only fueled Angelwing's rage.  How they managed to live, let alone get by the drones and henchmen, was beyond her.  But a small voice laughed and spoke weakly inside her.  "I told you they'd find you, and that they would stop you," Angelwing's spirit chuckled.
      "Shut up!" the evil spirit spat, fighting back.  "They won't stop me.  Nobody can stop me!"
      The female duck's thoughts were broken up as two green shadows appeared in front of her, reavealing the shapes of Siege and Chameleon.
      "There, I think we slowed them ducks down enough," Chameleon told her as he brushed off his hands.
      Angelwing glared at him with such brutality that he cringed back a bit.  "Did you now?!"  Chameleon nodded feverishly.
      "Or so you thought," Wraith added smugly, pointing to the Ducks behind Siege and Chameleon.  The two lizzards turned to look and Chameleon yelped, jumping up into Siege's arms.
      "Did you miss us?" Wildwing taunted them, now taking aim at Siege.
      "Let's ditch this place and get outta here!" Chameleon cried as he punched a button on his wrist.  Then he and Siege disappeared as Wraith soon followed suit.
      "Get back here you cowards!" Angelwing shouted at the Saurians and picked up her saber.  Looking back at the team of Ducks, she now realized she was outnumbered, even with her sword.  "You haven't seen the last of me Ducks!" Angelwing threatened before teleporting herself.
      "NO!" Ariana yelled as she leapt towards her sister, trying to grab her.  But, she was too late.  Angelwing vanished right before her sister could reach her, causing Ariana to land hard on the ground.  She layed there for a moment and pounded the floor with her fist.
      Duke walked over and helped her up.  "Don't sweat it Sweetheart, we'll get her," he reassured Ariana.
      "I know, I know," she sighed and waved him off after thanking him.
      By now, Mallory had rejoined the team, thankful they had showed up when they did.  But she was still feeling annoyed and disappointed.  "Great, we cornered them, and once again they ran."
      "Eh, what else is new?" Nosedive shrugged jokingly.
      "At least we prevented them from melting down the city," Wildwing pointed out.  He looked around at his team while they all voiced their agreement.  Granted, Angelwing got away along with Dragaunus' henchmen, but the Ducks knew that things could have been much worse that day.
      Making his way towards the door, Wildwing motioned for the rest of the Ducks to follow.  "Come on team, let's go back to the Pond."  As the group filed out the door, Ariana paused for a moment, looking around the room.  Canard noticed she was missing and doubled back to meet her.
      "Everything alright?" he asked the female duck.
      Ariana turned around swiftly, a bit surprised to find Canard standing there in the doorway.  She took in a deep breath before answering.  "Yeah," she lied, looking away from him.  "I'll be fine."  She turned back to him and faked a smile.  "I just need a good night's rest to clear my mind."  Canard returned the gesture and offered to let her lead the way back.
      That night, Ariana had difficulty sleeping, for she couldn't stop thinking about Angelwing.  She knew there was something wrong with her sister, and Dragaunus was the one responsible, she was a hundred percent sure of it.  Angelwing wasn't herself, but she was in great danger.  "I don't know how, but I'll find a way to save you.  And no one, not even Dragaunus and his goons can stand in my way."
The End....???
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.
Authors note:  For those of you who are wondering how Canard escaped limbo and made it to'll just have to wait until Book 2.  :-p 

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