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Later that night................
       The seats for the Ducks' game were sold out completely.  Between the screams and cheers of both the crowd and the cheerleaders, one could not think straight because it was so loud.
       "Who rocks the Pond?!  I say the Ducks rock the Pond!  And when the Ducks rock the Pond, they rock it all - the - way - down!" the Mighty Ducks' cheerleaders were cheering.  A few minutes later, both hockey teams were skating back out onto the ice.
       "And the Mighty Ducks are tied with the Concord Jellymen, at two points a piece as we head into overtime," Roy Firestone, the Mighty Ducks' announcer said over the microphone.  Right before the play started, the Ducks' cheerleaders were doing another cheer.
       "W - I - N, fight to win!" they chanted.  Ariana and Duke were sitting on the players' bench, watching the game.
       "What I would give just to play," sighed Ariana.
       "Be patient kid," Duke cooed.  "You'll get your chance to play soon enough."
       "Yeah, okay, when?" Ariana rolled her eyes.  "When this planet freezes over?" she chortled.
       "Don't hold your breath sweetheart," Duke said jokingly.  "With Dragaunus still looming around out there, who know what could happen."  The two ducks fell silent and turned their attention back to the game.
       Angelwing was at center ice, getting ready to take the face off.  Mallory and Nosedive were on either side of her, with Tanya and Grin behind them.  Wildwing was waiting patiently as well, in front of his net.  "Come on Angel, win this face off for us," Wildwing whispered aloud, as if Angelwing could hear him.
       Within the next few seconds, the referee dropped the puck.  Angelwing swerved her stick aound and was able to win the face off, passing the puck back to Mallory.  Mallory darted up the side, along the boards, and avoided being checked by an opposing player.  She then passed the puck over to Nosedive, on the other side, setting him up for a one-timer.
       Nosedive took a hard slapshot at the net, right before getting hit by the other team's left defenseman.  Unfortunately, the goalie was able to block Nosedive's shot and the puck was deflected to the Jellymen's center forward.  The center skated straight up the middle, not paying attention to where he was going.  Grin stood in front of him and easily knocked him over.  But, yet another Jellymen player, their right-winger, was able to beat out Tanya in a race for the puck.  He skated around the back of the net, behind Wildwing, and passed it to his counterpart, left-winger, who deked around Tanya and shot the puck at the net.
      Wildwing dived to make the save and covered the puck, hoping to stop the play and force a face off in the Ducks' zone.  The referee blew his whistle and retrieved the puck from Wildwing.  Then, Wildwing signaled for a time out and rounded up his team.  "New game plan team," Wildwing said as his teammates huddled around him.  The Ducks quickly discussed their plans, then took their respective places for the face off.
       Angelwing glanced over at Nosedive and nodded.  She began fighting the other player for the puck before the ref even dropped it.  A whistle was blown and the referee motioned for Angelwing and Nosedive to switch.  Now, Nosedive was at the center of the circle waiting for the puck to be dropped.  Once the whistle was blown again, Nosedive won the face off and passed the puck to Mallory.  She skated forward a little bit, then faked a pass to Nosedive, but she actually passed the puck off the Angelwing.  As soon as Angelwing recieved the puck, she took off like a race car.  Angelwing sped down the center of the rink, making a bee line for the goal.  She glanced around her and noticed she was all alone.  She was on a break away, just like they had planned.  As she crossed the blue line, she deked left and right, trying to confuse the goalie.  Angelwing faked a shot to the goalie's left side, then deked to her right and flicked the puck up and over the goalie's right shoulder with a wrist shot, landing the puck in the net.
      A light went on behind the net and a buzzer sounded.  Roy Firestone jumped out of his seat and shouted into the microphone.  "ANGELWING SCORES!  DUCKS WIN!  DUCKS WIN!"  The crowd roared as they all jumped to their feet as well.  The cheerleaders were jumping up and down, screaming.  Cheers  could be heard all throughout the Pond.  Wildwing waved to his team as Duke and Ariana skated out to meet them.  The Ducks circled around and raised their sticks in the air.
      "DUCKS ROCK!"


      Siege and Chameleon returned to the Raptor grinning boastfully.  "Did you get it?" Dragaunus questioned them.
      "Did we get it?" Chameleon chuckled.  Siege whacked him on his head.
      "Cut it out you dimwit!  Of course we got it."  Siege walked over and handed the Proteus chip to Dragaunus.
      "Yeah," Chameleon chimed in again, "we found it in the rubble of that arms factory you destroyed."
      "Excellent," replied Dragaunus as a malicious grin spread across his face.  "With the real Proteus chip back in my clutches, I can rebuild the lazer cannon and finally destroy this wretched  planet."  He paused momentarilly and frowned.  "Though our first attempt was thwarted by those mangy mallards."
      "That and your most trusted spy, Lucretia, did not deliver," Wraith added, interrupting Dragaunus.
      Dragaunus growled and turned around swiftly to face Wraith.  "Silence!"  Then he continued on.  "However, they merely won that battle.  What they did not do was win the war.  For, with our second attempt, we will prevail!  And the Ducks will go down with the planet they choose to defend!"
      "Then Wildwing and the Mask will be no more," Siege mentioned.  Dragaunus glanced at him, still grinning malevolently.

       "Precisely!" he hissed as he broke out into a maniacal laughter.


      After the game, the Ducks returned to their locker room, full of energy and excitement. 

      "Whoo hoo!  Way to go girly girl!" Nosedive cheered as he slapped a high five with Angelwing.

      "Great play Icefeather!" Duke chimed in.

      Angelwing blushed a little.  "Thanks guys.  But it wasn't all me.  I mean, you guys helped too.  Besides, it was Wildwing's idea."

      "Yeah, but you were the ones who pulled it off," Wildwing pointed out.

      Nosdive shrugged his shoulders.  "Who would've thought the plan would actually work?"

      "Because we played like a team and we made it work," Grin answered truthfully.

      "Hey, even I have to admit," Mallory added, taking off her helmet, "I thought that Angelwing did some pretty fancy skating out there tonight."

      Angelwing turned to face Mallory, removing her own helmet.  "Thanks Mal, that means a lot coming from you."  She was surprised to hear something like that from Mallory.

      Mallory frowned slightly.  "What's that supposed to mean?" she retorted. 

      Angelwing was taken aback by Mallory's question, but she managed a smile.  "I was just simply thanking you for the compliment."

      "Oh," Mallory was a bit shocked, herself.  She felt somewhat guilty and a bit foolish for jumping to conclusions, so she apologized.  "I'm sorry.  I just thought..." she trailed off.  Then she changed her tone.  "Well, you're welcome then, I guess," she said as she smiled.

      Angelwing smiled back, feeling a lot better than she did earlier that morning.  "Maybe she actually means it this time," she thought, trying to convince herself.  After all, this wasn't the first time Mallory complimented her.  But Angelwing had felt that Mallory's first compliment wasn't very sincere.  Perhaps Mallory was trying to change now.

      But, Mallory, herself, wasn't sure if she had meant it.  She knew that she sincerely thought that Angelwing had played very well that night.  Yet, she still strongly felt that neither Angelwing, nor her sister, Ariana, could be trusted.


      Back in the arena, the cheerleaders had decided to practice a bit before the zamboni machines came through.  So, they had asked the drivers to hold off for about a half hour as they pulled out their mat.  Their team had a competition coming up in a couple of weeks, so they wanted to get in as much practice as possible, without over working themselves, of course.

      The stands were empty by now and the arena was empty as well, with the exception of the clean up crews and the security gaurds.  Ariana, after having changed, had wandered out of the locker room and back out onto the ice.  She watched in awe as the cheerleaders tumbled across the mat and tossed others into the air.

      Once they were finished with their routine, Katherine, one of the cheerleaders, had noticed Ariana standing by the boards.  "Hey, what she doing over there?" she asked, as if Ariana wasn't allowed to watch them.

      "Chill out Kat!" Karissa retorted.  "She's one of the Ducks," she paused, "well, sort of."

      "Obviously," one of the guy cheerleaders remarked sarcastically.  "I mean, she is a duck, isn't she?!"

      "Shut up Mike!  You know what I meant!" snapped Karissa.

      "Well, I've never seen her before," Mike said simply.

      "That's because, well uh-" Karissa searched for the right words.  She knew that Ariana had actually been there for a couple of weeks.  But, she remained locked in her room during games, on account of the Ducks being unsure of whether to trust her just yet.  That night was the first night they let her come up to the ice to watch their game.  She had shown no signs of trying to contact Dragaunus.  So, the Ducks had let her out on good behavior, knowing that at least one of them would be sitting on the players' bench with her.  That way, they could still keep a close eye on her.

      Jess could tell that Karissa was having difficulty telling the other cheerleaders about Ariana without giving away any information about the Ducks' headquarters below them.  So, she decided to help her friend out.  "Because she just arrived here today," she lied, cutting off Karissa.

      Karissa turned around to find Jess standing behind her.  "Thanks," she mouthed to Jess in appreciation. 

      Jess nodded to show she understood.  "No prob," she mouthed back and smiled.

      "Who is she anyways?" someone else asked.

      Jess turned to face them.  "Long story short, her name is Ariana and she's Angelwing's younger sister," she answered.

      "How do you know?" Kat asked her suspiciously, standing with her hands on her hips.  Other than Jess and Karissa, none of the other cheerleaders really spoke to the Ducks, nor did they know anything about Jess and Karissa helping the Ducks with their fight against Dragaunus. 

      Jess smirked, but was a little shy about answering.  "Well, because-"

      "We're friends with the Ducks," Karissa finished, then smiled reassuringly at Jess and Jess smiled back to show her gratitude.  Then, Mike opened his mouth to speak, but Jess spoke out before he could.

      "Okay team, practice is over.  Let's roll up the mat and call it a night."  The entire team, except for Jess, stayed to help with the mat.  Jess, however, ran over to talk to Ariana.  "Hey girl!  What's up?" Jess greeted her.  Ariana did not answer back.  She was still staring passed Jess.  "Ariana?"  Jess waved a hand in front of her face.  "You okay?"

      Ariana finally snapped out of it, shaking her head.  She turned to look at Jess.  "That was awesome!  How do you guys do that stuff?"

      Jess looked at her with a confused expression.  She thought about it, then realized what Ariana was talking about.  "Oh, that?!"  Jess chuckled, feeling dumb.  "Well, a lot of practice, for one thing," she explained.

      "I bet," Ariana replied.  "It looks like fun."

      "It is!"  Karissa came prancing over cheerfully.  Jess looked back over her shoulder.  The mat had been put away and two zambonis were now driving out onto the ice.

      "Where is everyone?" Jess asked Karissa.    

      "Oh, they all went out to celebrate," Karissa answered.  "They asked if we wanted to go, but I told them maybe next time."

      Jess smiled.  "Well, come on, we should go and see what the Ducks are up to."  She and Karissa grabbed their bags and strapped on their wrist coms.  Then, they followed Ariana into the Ducks' locker room, but there was no one there.  "Hmm," Jess shrugged her shoulders.  "They must've gone down below already."  She walked over to the Mighty Ducks symbol on the wall and started to punch in the code for the elevator.  As soon as the doors hissed open, Drake One's alarm sounded.

      "What the-?!" Ariana shrieked.

      "It's Drake One!" Jess answered sharply.

      Karissa flipped open her com.  "Looks like Dragaunus is still up to his same old tricks."  Suddenly, Jess' com beeped and she opened it.

      "Are you girls coming or what?!" Wildwing asked.

      "Yes," Jess replied quickly.  "We're at the elevator.  We'll be there a.s.a.p."

      "Where's Ariana?  Is she"

      "She's with us, don't worry," Jess cut in.  Then she lowered her voice to a whisper.  "I know what you're going to say.  'Make sure she comes along with us, and keep an eye on her.'  Right, gotcha!"

      Wildwing smiled faintly.  "All right, Wildwing out."  Jess and Karissa closed their coms.

      "Come on girls," Jess turned to Ariana and Karissa, "let's go!"  The three entered the elevator and went down to the Migrator to meet the others.


To be continued..............



Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.


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