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Same ol' stuff, different day...........

      The Migrator screeched to a halt in front of an abandonned warehouse.  "Man, you'd think these places were going out of style, the way Dragaunus and his goons seem to find them to hide out in," Nosedive joked, nonchalantly.
      "Either that, or the people are being evicted," Jess commented thoughtfully, then Tanya added:
      "Yeah, by Dragaunus, no doubt."  The Ducks stepped out of the Migrator and Wildwing activated the mask, looking into the warehouse.
      "They're definately in there," said Wildwing. 
      Grin observed thoughtfully, then spoke out, breaking his silence.  "I sense this situation is all too familiar."
      Duke nodded in agreement, then added to Grin's observation.  "Yeah, minus one traitor."
      Tanya looked at them quizzically, showing signs that she didn't understand what they were talking about.  Grin and Duke were referring to the time they were set up by Lucretia DeCoy.  Which would explain why Tanya was confused, because she wasn't with them at the time that night.
      "Hey!  Who are you callin' a traitor?!" Ariana broke in angrilly.
      "Relax sweetheart," Duke told her calmly.
      "Yeah, for once it's not you we're talking about," Mallory snapped at her.
      Angelwing frowned.  "Then who are you talking about?" she asked curiously.
      "Lucretia DeCoy," Wildwing answered her, glancing backwards to face her.  Angelwing's eyes widened in an expression of shock. 
      "You guys know Lucretia too?!" she gasped.  Everyone nodded.
      "Unfortunately," Jess replied.
      "She nearly cost us our lives," Wildiwng added.  "How do you know her?" he questioned suspiciously.
      Angelwing sighed and looked away, trying to hold onto her emotions.  "From the Resistance," she replied quietly.  She looked back up, and as she did, she could feel the resentment building up inside her.  "She was the cause of my near-neath experience in the Resistance.  If it wasn't for her, Canard wouldn't have been the only one left.  We thought she was on our side, until we found out she ratted us out to Dragaunus.  But, by the time we found out, it was too late."  Angelwing could feel the tears forming in her eyes.  She looked away again, wiping away her tears.  "I thought she was my friend," she said while drying her eyes.  She paused a moment, then turned back to the team.  "But I guess I thought wrong," she gritted her beak.
      Mallory looked at Duke and Nosedive, shaking her head with a look of disgust.  "And you guys wanted a date with her."
      "Alright, geesh!"  Nosedive threw his hands up.  "Would you just drop it already?!"  Jess and Karissa automatically went into a fit of giggles.
      Wildwing regathered his thoughts and suddenly remembered where they were.  "Alright team," he announced, "we better get moving before Dragaunus finds out we're here."
     "Uh, yeah," Tanya agreed.  "We don't want to ruin the surprise," she chuckled.
      "Finally, the laser cannon is complete!" roared Dragaunus, excitedly.  The hunter drones had just finished work on Dragaunus' weapon and were now installing the Proteus chip.  "At last, I can rid myself of those meddling mallards and crush this planet!"  He walked over to the laser and looked through the scope.  "Now, just where should we start?" Dragaunus inquired with an air of beligerance.  A wide toothy grin spread across Siege's face.
      "I say we destroy those web-footed do-gooders," Siege replied gleefully.  "No Ducks, no problems."
      "Excellent!" hissed Dragaunus.  "Thank you Siege!  I see you're not completely useless."  Siege's smile melted into a frown as he let out a low grumble.  "Ah, yes, the Pond," Dragaunus continued.  "What a perfect target."  As he peered through the scope, he turned and aimed the laser cannon towards the Pond, laughing meniacally.  "Say good bye Ducks!"
      At that moment, there was an explosion as the door was blasted open.  On the other side stood the Mighty Ducks.  "Good bye Dragaunus!" quipped Wildwing.  He fired a puck between Dragaunus and the laser, causing Dragaunus to jump back.
      "Blast it!" Dragaunus yelled out in anger. 
      Nosedive shrugged his shoulders.  "Okay, if you say so," he smirked.  With that, the team of ducks started to fired upon the laser.  Then, Wraith, Siege, and Chameleon began shooting their weapons at the Ducks.  Soon, everyone had split up into smaller groups, while continuing to fight.
      Angelwing and Wildwing had tag-teamed against Dragaunus.  Abandoning the fire fight, so as not to accidently hit one of their teammates, they switched to hand to hand combat.  Almost immediately, Dragaunus went charging for Angelwign.  She tried to get out of the way, but it was too late.  Dragaunus had knocked her hard into a wall.  Angelwing slumped to the floor, still conscious, but a little groggy.
      Wildwing turned to see Angelwing on the floor with Dragaunus towering over her.  He cried out before Dragaunus could deliver another blow.  "Leave her alone Dragaunus!  It's me you want, not her!"
      Dragaunus reeled around to see who had dared to challenge him.  When he realized who it was, his mouth curved into an evil grin.  "Ah Wildwing.  Too bad that statement is only half true," he sneered as Wildwing curled up his fists.  "You see," Dragaunus continued, "I want her as well," he paused for a moment.  "As I'm sure you can tell, I don't take kindly to traitors.  You remember one, Lucretia DeCoy?"
      Wildwing stared passed Dragaunus at Angelwing.  She had managed to climb to her feet and was trying to regain her balance.  Wildwing turned his eyes back to Dragaunus.  He thought maybe he could keep the conversation going, in hopes of distracting Dragaunus, just long enough for Angelwing to regain her strength and attack.  He looked at Dragaunus quizzically, still standing his ground.  "What ever happened to her anyway?" he questioned, dreading to hear what the answer may be.
      The grin on Dragaunus' face widened.  "You see, once we found the real Proteus chip on her, I knew she had betrayed me.  So, I sent her into dimensional limbo."
      Wildwing opened his eyes wide with surprise.  He knew he was the one responsible for planting the real Proteus chip on Lucretia.  He thought she deserved punishment for her betrayal, but dimensional limbo?  Then again, this was Dragaunus he was talking about.
      "That's nothing compared to what I'll put you and Angelwing through," Dragaunus threatened.
      "Yeah, too bad it'll never happen!"
      "What?!"  Dragaunus swung around to find Angelwing with her pucklauncher aimed at him.
      "It ends here Dragaunus!" Wildwing exclaimed as he aimed his weapon as well.  He looked around and noticed that the rest of hte team had the upper hand.  They all had Dragaunus' goons beat and at weapon point.
      "No," Dragaunus replied simply.  "You see, now that the Proteus chip has been installed, the laser cannon is complete.  All I have to do is order my drones to activate it."
      Everyone turned to see who it was.  Ariana was standing next to the laser cannon.  Two hunter drones lay in mangled heaps of metal on either side of her.  In one hand, she held a duck saber with a silver blade and purple handle.  In the other hand, she held up the Proteus chip.  "You wouldn't happen to be talking about this chip, would you Dragaunus?"
      Dragaunus' face twisted into an array of furious emotions, as he searched for words.  "YOU!" he finally mustered out.  Ariana ignored him while she tossed the chip into the air.  Then, with a swish of her saber, the chip was sliced in two.  Dragaunus' temper was rising quickly.  "Double crosser!" he shouted.
      "Now, what am I forgetting?" Ariana asked aloud, still ignoring Dragaunus' rants.  She turned her head and noticed the cannon.  "Ah, yes.  Wouldn't want to leave this lying around in one piece."  She effortlessly swung her blade around and sliced off the end of the cannon.
      "Eh, Boss," squeaked Chameleon, "maybe we should amscray."
      Dragaunus growled.  "Fine, you three get back to the ship."  Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon activated their teleporters and were gone.  Dragaunus activated his, but before leaving, he spoke.  "By the way Ducks," he paused and shot his wrist laser at the cannon, causing it to spark and catch fire.  "The war is not over!"  Then he was gone in a flash.
      "Aw man!  Deja vous, again!" Nosedive whined.
      "Come on guys, we have to amscray ourselves, before that thing blows up!" Jess warned.  The Ducks ran out of the building just in time, as the cannon exploded, taking the building with it.
      "I think we ought to call it a night," Grin suggested, as they turned around to see the burning building.
      "I'm with ya there Grin," Jess agreed.
      "Geesh!  At this rate, there won't be any more warehouses for Dragaunus to hide in," Karissa pointed out.
To be continued.............
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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