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      Everything seemed to go by in a blur as Angelwing ran through the halls of the Ducks' headquarters, desperate to make it outside before she was found.  She figured the others would be hot on her trail as soon as they found Jess.  Hopefully, Angelwing would be able to outrun them.  She didn't want to face them, at least, not now.  Why was the spirit doing this to her? Angelwing thought.  Causing her to nearly kill her sister, and now, her best friend.
      "To destroy our enemies," the spirit answered her thoughts.
      "But they're not my enemies," Angelwing communicated to the spirit through her mind.
      "They are now."
      "No!"  Angelwing shook her head, hoping to rid herself of the being living within her.  The spirit just chuckled.
      "Nice try, but you can't get rid of me.  I'm invinceable!"
      Angelwing growled back in frustration.  At last, she came to a door.  She punched in a code on the side panel and the door opened to reveal an underground river.  The female duck stepped through the doorway and looked around, still trying to catch her breath from running.  Actually, the area around her looked like it was either the city's sewer system, or an aqueduct.  She glanced to her right and found the Duck Foil, tied up just a little ways down the tunnel.
      "That could be our way out," the spirit suggested.
      Angelwing shook her head again, disagreeing.  "No.  I'm not taking one of their vehicles.  I won't stoop that low again.  Besides, they'll find me for sure if I do.  It's linked up to their main computer."
      "Then find another way out," growled the spirit.  Angelwing searched around until she came upon a ladder that lead upwards.  She walked over to it and looked up to see where it lead to.  At the top of the ladder was a small, circular door, almost  like the hatch door on a submarine.  Angelwing wasn't sure where it would lead her to, but she figured it was worth a shot.  And so, she started climbing, slowly making her way towards the hatch.  When she finally made it to the top, she turned the handle and pushed open the hatch door.
      Moonlight shined down upon the female duck and the tunnel she had just climbed out of.  The stars twinkled from their places in the night sky and the distant sound of highway traffic drifted in and out on the warm breeze.  Angelwing pulled herself up and out of the opening and closed the door, which was conveniently camoflauged with grass wo it couldn't be found.  She then stood up and smelled the air as the breeze blew past her face and through her hair.
      "It's such a nice night," thought the duck, while she looked up at the moon.  "It's a pity I can't enjoy it."  She sighed and shook her head.  "Oh well.  Time to do what I've gotta do."  Then she pressed a button on her wrist com and she disappeared in a flash of green light.
      Meanwhile, Wildwing, Duke, Mallory, Grin and Nosedive were all in the Ready Room, trying to get a handle on their current situation.  Wildwing was seated in front of Drake One, working on trying to find Angelwing.
      "Any luck yet, Wildwing?" Duke questioned his leader, anxious to find out.
      Wildwing shook his head and sighed.  "Nothing," he answered as he turned to face the others.  "There seems to be no signs of her anywhere in the Pond.  But I don't know for sure, Tanya's better at this than I am."  He leaned forward in his chair and rested his head in his hands.  "I shouldn't have left Angelwing alone," he sighed once again.
      "Hey, don't be so hard on yourself," Duke told his captain.  "You did what you had to do.  And Jess handled the situation pretty well."  The other ducks gave him a strange, disapproving look.  "Well, for the most part," he added with a slight chuckled.
      "And now she's hurt because I asked her to check up on Angelwing," Wildwing protested, standing up from the chair.  He felt  he was responsible for the events that had played out earlier that day, and was refusing to believe otherwise.
      "But that's not your fault, Wildwing," Mallory spoke out and tried to explain to Wildwing.  Neither she, nor the other Ducks, could bear to see their leader like this.  He was so distraught over the whole situation, that he didn't want to hear what anyone had to say about it.
      Wildwing sat down again and sighed deeply.  "I should've listened to Ariana.  She knew somthing was wrong.  I just wish I could've seen it coming."
      "But you didn't see it coming.  Nobody did."
      The Ducks all turned towards the hallway, ready to reach for their weapons the minute they needed them.
      "Who's there?!"  Mallory was the first to grab her pucklauncher.  She held it up towards the hallway.  "Show yourself!" she demanded again when there was no answer.
      Slowly and cautiously, Ariana emerged from the shadows as she stepped into the light of the Ready Room.  The Ducks all breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew their weapons.
      "Feeling better?" Duke asked her while she walked up the steps to meet the rest of her team.
      "That depends on how you mean," she answered.  Duke frowned, looking confused.  Ariana looked up at him and half smiled.  "Physically, I'm fine.  A little sore though, but I'll deal with it."
      Nosedive leaned over towards Mallory.  "Should I ask how she's doin' mentally?" he joked in a whisper.
      Mallory wanted to elbow him in the stomache, but she thought better of it.  Instead, she whispered back to him.  "Why ask? You know she's got a few screws loose, like you."  She smiled to herself when she saw the disappointed look on Dive's face.
      Ariana glared at the two of them, after over hearing their comments.  "Mentally," she continued, with more of an attitude, "I'll feel better once certain ducks stop talking  about me behind my back!"
      Now, Mallory elbowed Nosedive, acting as if he was to blame for the whole thing.  But Ariana didn't buy it.  She knew Mallory was at just as much fault as Nosedive was.
      "And I'll also feel better once my sister has been safely caught," she added, looking at Wildwing.
      The Ducks' leader stood up and took a few steps towards the younger duck.  "Don't worry," he said reassuringly.  "We'll catch her."  His teammates were surprised to hear his sudden change in attitude.  Ariana didn't know what to make of it at first, but after a brief moment, she smiled and nodded her head.  "And when we do," Wildwing continued, "we'll be sure to find out the reason behind her madness."
      "Even if Dragaunus is the reason?" Ariana questioned him.
      Wildwing gave a stern nod.  "Especially if Dragaunus is the reason."
To be continued............................................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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