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      Wildwing found it hard to believe.  There, standing before him, was his best friend, Canard.  Yet, he couldn't believe it, at least, not until he knew for sure it wasn't another one of Chameleon's tricks.  WIthout a second thought, Wildwing activated the Mask and scanned Canard.  Then, he gasped again when he realized the male duck was, indeed, Canard.
      Meanwhile, Grin stood and stared in amazement too, looking just as surprised as his leader.  Was it possible?  Could it be true?  Had Canard really survived and escaped Dimensional Limbo?  All these questions ran though Grin's head as Wildwing confirmed his thoughts.
      "It really is you!" Wildwing exclaimed with joy and grabbed his friend by the shoulders.
      Canard returned his smile and joked lightly.  "What?  You didn't believe?"
      "Well, no," Wildwing stepped back.  His expression turned serious again as he explained himself.  "It's just that, we've had situations where the Chameleon has impersonated one of us, including you."
      Canrd let out a slight chuckle.  "Heh, that explains it."  He sounded more annoyed than amused.  "Leave it to that creep to mislead you guys," he commented, shaking his head slowly.
      Suddenly, another voice spke up from the back of the room.  "I hate to break up this little reuninion of your, but I have a job to do."  The figure emerged from the shadows with an over sized blaster.  Instinctively, the Ducks aimed their weapons, but they were hesitant to shoot when they realized the figure was Angelwing.  Canard took a few steps forward, signaling for the other three to stay.
      "Angelwing, what's gotten into you?" the tan duck questioned her.  "I thought you were on our side."
      Angelwing's eyes burned red as she readied her blaster.  "For the last time," she growled angrilly, "I'm not Angelwing!"  She let a blast rip towards the four ducks.  While Canard dived out of the way, Wildwing stood in front of Grin and Ariana with his shield out and ready.  The leader tried to deflect the blast, but it was more powerful than he had expected, and the three ducks were thrown backwards.
      Canard ran over to them, dodging another blast from Angelwing.  "Everyone alright?!"
      "Yeah, I think so," Wildwing grunted as his friend helped him to his feet.
      "We're still in one piece, if that's what you mean," Ariana commented smugly.  Carefully and slowly, she managed to stand back up, trying to ignore the aches and pains.  She glanced over at Grin to make sure he was alright.
      "My karma's been shaken, but nothing's broken," the large duck reassured them, standing up.  Then they all turned their attention back to Angelwing, making sure to be ready for the next attack.
      "What's happened to her?" Canard asked the others in a whisper, while he still kept a close eye on the duck across from them.  "She was never like this before," he paused as a thought occuredd to him.  "Unless, she's been a spy this whole time."
      Wildwing frowned.  "No!" he snapped.  "You were right the first time."  Canard looked towards Ariana and Grin for more answers.  Ariana nodded in agreement, backing up her leader.
      "Dragaunus has done something to her," she tried to explain.
      "We just don't know what it is he's done," added Grin.
      Once again, Angelwing charged her blaster, getting ready to fire again.  The Ducks looked up at her and panicked.
      "If we stay grouped together like this, she could take us all out with one shot," Ariana pointed out.
      Wildwing nodded.  "You're right.  Let's split up and run!  But keep your com links open for communication."  His teammates agreed, then took off running in four seperate directions.
      Nosedive and Mallory stopped at the end of another hall.  Thinking they heard voices, they flattened themselves against the wall.  With Mallory in the lead, she poked her weapon out first, then carefully peered around the corner.  When she discovered the coast was clear, she stepped away from the wall and motioned for Nosedive to follow her.  They turned the corner and ran down the hall, weapons raised, armed, and ready for the unexpected.
      When the two ducks reached the end, they realized it was a dead end.  Mallory growled in frustration.
      "Where could those creeps have disappeared to?!"
      Nosedive looked around, searching for an explination.  "Hey, you suppose they went through there?"  He pointed to a door that had been blown off of it's hinges.  There were scorch marks all over it, with the words: 'AUTHORIZED PERSONELL ONLY', barely legible behind them.  Mallory gave Nosedive a smug look before walking over to the door.  "What?" he questioned innocently, shrugging his shoulders.  "It's obvious, isn't it?"
      Mallory ignored him and examined the door.  "Looks like the work of Wraith's fireballs."
      "Alright!" the youger duck cheered, glad to know that he was right for once.  "Well, what are we waitin' for?"  He leapt over the door and looked back at Mallory.  "Let's go get those creeposauruses before they melt us down like crayons!"  Mallory agreed and began to follow Nosedive when another voice called out from down the hall.  She stopped and turned to see who was there.
      "Wait up!"  It was Duke, running towards them to catch up.  When he got closer to his teammates, it was evident he had been in a tough battle.  His catsuit had been torn in several places, some of which were soaked with blood.  On Duke's face, he had a few more cuts and bruises, and as he slowed his pace, he limped slightly.
      "Duke!" Mallory exclaimed.  "What happened?!  Where's Siege?!"
      The older duck chuckled a bit.  "I left him right where he was.  Knocked him out, cold.  He won't be bothering us for awhile."  Nosedive and Mallory stared back at him without saying a word.  "Now, c'mon.  We've gotta stop the other two."
      Mallory exchanged a glance with Nosedive before looking back at Duke.  "Not in your condition, you're not," she told him.
      "Awe, come on, I still have enough fight left in me," Duke whined.  Ignoring Duke's pleas, Mallory told Nosedive to stay with him while she continued on.
      "Well, looks like it's just the two of us Dukester," Dive commented as he watched Mallory run off.  Before Nosedive even had a chance to turn around, Duke came up behind him, smiling suspiciously.  Raising his saber high in the air, Duke swiftly brought the hilt down, hitting Dive in the back of his head and knocking him out.
        "And then there was one," Duke quipped before changing into the Chameleon, staring down the hallway Mallory had ran down, and chuckling evilly.
To be continued...............................................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next time............

Part 17