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      After practice, the Ducks had all gathered around by Drake One, except for Tanya and Angelwing, who were in the infirmary tending to Ariana.  The remaining Ducks were standing around discussing the even that had played out during practice.  Some of them, especially Mallory, were a bit suspicious of Angelwing's actions.
      "I knew she couldn't be trusted,"  Mallory was saying, "but I never thought she'd attack her own sister." 
      At this time, Jess and Karissa had entered the room.  Like usual, Karissa let her curiosity get the best of her, and without hearing the full story, she blurted out her question.  "Wait a minute!  Who attacked their sister?!"  So, Mallory explained to them what had happened at practice.
      Jess looked at her with a raised eyebrow.  "So you're saying that Angelwing attacked Ariana?" she asked Mallory, and Mallory nodded.  "That doesn't sound like Angelwing at all.  She would never do something like that to her sister, not after everything she's been through to find her.  She cares about Ariana," Jess said sympathetically.
      Wildwing nodded in agreement.  "Although, I wouldn't necessarily say she 'attacked' Ariana."
      "Whoa, Bro, don't kid yourself man!" Nosdive intterupted him.  "Did you see the look on Angelwing's face before she hit Ariana?  It was unreal!"
      "Yeah," Mallory agreed.  "I know it sounds weird, but it almost looked as if she was smiling."
      Jess frowned and shook her head.  "Which, again, still doesn't sound like Angelwing.  I'm sorry, but I just don't believe it."
      "Besides," Karissa added, looking at Mallory and Nosedive, "you two are always out to get her for something.  What makes you think we're going to believe you now?"
      "Hey!  That was a cheap shot girl!" Nosedive snapped at her.
      "Nobody's out to get her for anything," Duke cut in.  "It's just that we all saw what happened today," he informed Karissa.
      "Don't you find it a bit odd that she would do something like that right in front of us?" Mallory asked Karissa thoughtfully.  "Especially seeing how she's been trying to prove to us that she's not a killer."
      "Well, yeah, but...." Karissa trailed off.
      "It's just not in her character to do that!" Jess shot back, struggling to stand up for her friend.
      "Even I could sense something was not right with our friend," Grin commented peacefully.  "She was not at peace with her inner self."
      "It was almost like she was possessed or something," Nosedive said.
      Jess thought about what Nosedive said and almost took it into consideration.  "I know Angelwing went to see Dragaunus last night," she thought to herself.  "But how and where would he get the powers to have her possessed?"  Jess shook her head.  "Nah, impossible," she told herself and she quickly dismissed the idea.  There had to be another explination for Angelwing's odd behavior.  Jess just hoped they could find out before anyone else got hurt.
      Later on, Jess decided to go to the infirmary to visit Ariana.  Whether she had awaken or not, Jess did not know, though she hoped Ariana was awake so she could hear her side of the story.  Jess arrived to find Ariana still asleep on the bed under the medicom.  Tanya and Angelwing were both seated beside the bed watching over her.
      Tanya looked up and noticed Jess standing in the doorway.  "Oh good, you're here," Tanya said, sounding happy to see her.  Then, she stood up and walked over to Jess.
      "You were expecting me?" Jess asked in return, sounding surprised.
      "Well uh, Wildwing sent you, didn't he?"
      Jess shook her head slowly.  "No, I came on my own.  I wanted to see how she was doing."
      "Who?  Ariana or Angelwing?" Tanya questioned.
      "Well, originally Ariana, but since they're both here..."
      "Hey, listen, are you going to be here for a while?"
      Jess nodded.  "I guess..."     
      "Good," Tanya cut in.  "I hope you don't mind, but uh, could you just keep an eye on them?  I'm just going to go and uh, you know, grab a bite to eat."
      "Sure thing, but um...Angelwing's been here to watch her.  Couldn't you have gone earlier?" Jess mentioned.
      "Yeah, um, about that," Tanya said uneasily.  She looked back over her shoulder to make sure Angelwing wasn't looking.  Then, she turned back to Jess and lowered her voice to a whisper.  "You see, Wildwing wants somebody with Angelwing at all times now.  You know, just until we uh, find out what's wrong with her," Tanya explained politely.
      Jess stared at her and frowned.  "Personally," she whispered, "and no offense, but I think you're all overreacting.  I bet she was just simply kidding around with Ariana and she probably just hit her a little harder than she meant to."
      "I don't know," Tanya replied, sounding unsure.  "I ran a scan on her with the medicom, but it found nothing wrong.  She checked out okay."
      Jess shook her head out of pity.  "That's because there is nothing wrong with her," she told Tanya bluntly.
      Tanya glared at her sternly.  "You just keep telling yourself that.  I'm going to eat."  With that, she walked by Jess and out of the room, leaving the human girl to tend to the Icefeather sisters.
      "Poor Angelwing," Jess thought to herself as she shook her head sadly.  "She's still in the same predicament she was in when she first joined the team."  She looked over at Angelwing, who was now on her feet.  Jess watched as Angelwing bent down and pulled out what looked like a dagger from her boot.  "Uh, Angelwing?  What are you doing?" Jess asked uncomfortably.  She looked at her curiously.
      Angelwing did not answer nor did she even look at Jess to acknowledge her prescence.  She just stood over her sister's body and raised the dagger high above her head.
      "Angelwing?!" Jess asked once more.  When she realized what Angelwing was about to do, her eyes widened with fear.  "Angelwing!  NO!"
To be continued.................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next. 

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