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In the Raptor........................
      Dragaunus' roar echoed throughout the Raptor as the sound bounced off the walls.  "Yipes!" squeaked Chameleon, as a laser blast hit the ground, merely inches from his feet.  He scrambled to get behind Siege, hoping to shield himself if Dragaunus should decide not to miss his next target.
      "My plans, foiled again, by those wretched Ducks!" Dragaunus roared at the top of his lungs.  Then he fired up his laser once more and shot a nearby hunter drone, blowing it to pieces.
      "I warned him," Wraith mumbled morosely.  "I knew it wouldn't work."
      "Silence!"  Dragaunus fired a blast over Wraith, just missing his head.  "What we need to do is hit the Ducks when they're least suspecting.  Surprise them with the unknown."  Suddenly, Dragaunus smiled broadly as a thought crossed his mind.  "Wraith?!" he called out.
      "Yes my Liege?" Wraith stepped forward and bowed to Dragaunus. 
      Dragaunus turned around to face Wraith.  "I think it's time we turn to our dark powers.  I suspect you have a few ideas in mind?"
      Wraith's eyes widened with delight as he grinned evilly.  "Oh, that I do, my Lord."
      Meanwhile, the Ducks are back at the Pond, relaxing after having beaten Dragaunus once again.  Almost everyone was in the Ready Room.  Mallory and Tanya were sitting at a small table playing chess, while Karissa and Nosedive were on the other side of the room playing video games.  Both Wildwing and Grin had chosen to sit away from the commotion and were reading.  Ariana was just sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels on the television.  She wasn't really paying much attention to what was on, it was just more or less something to do.
      Duke, who had been sitting at the opposite end of the couch, stood up and walked over to Ariana.  "Give me that!" he snapped as he snatched the remote from her hand.  "You're gonna drive me crazy doin' that!"
      Ariana looked up at him blankly.  "Sorry, there's nothing on," she replied.
      Duke looked at her and smirked.  "So watch a movie."
      In the meantime, Jess and Angelwing were in Angelwing's room, discussing Angelwing's plans.  Although she had promised Wildwing she wouldn't, Angelwing decided to go through with her plan of going undercover anyway.
      "You're actually going to go through with this tonight?" asked Jess.
      Angelwing was busy getting her gear together.  "Yup," she replied without looking up.
      "Are you crazy?!" Jess shrieked.  "I mean, what if you get killed?"
      Angelwing stopped and turned to face her.  "That's a risk I'm willing to take right now," Angelwing explained, looking at Jess sympathetically.
      Jess frowned sadly.  "But you don't even know where Dragaunus is hiding.  You'll never be able to find the Raptor without the mask."
      Angelwing grinned slyly.  "Maybe not, but I do have a way of getting there."
      "Oh yeah," Jess stood with her arms crossed, "how?"
      Angelwing pulled out an item from the pouch on her belt and held it up for Jess to see.  Jess looked at it in confusion.  "It's a Saurian teleporter," Angelwing answered Jess' question before she could ask.  "If I set it for the Raptor, it'll bring me right to it."
      Jess stared at her in shock.  "Wait a minute," she said as she seemed to snap out of a trance.  "You've had a teleporter all this time, and didn't tell us?"
      "Well," Angelwing started.  "I had it when I worked for Dragaunus.  When I teamed up with you guys, I hid it well away.  I guess I've just forgotten about it since," she sighed.  "That is, until I found it again tonight."
      Jess shook her head hopelessly.  "And there's no way I can talk you our of it, huh?"
      "Nope," Angelwing stated bluntly.
      "I still don't like the idea.  Besides, you promised Wildwing you wouldn't."
      Angelwing sighed deeply as she sat down on the edge of her bed.  "That's why he can't find out," she explained.
      Angelwing looked up at Jess with pleading eyes.  "Jess, you're my only friend, besides Wildwing," she paused, "okay and maybe Karissa.  But, I know I can trust you.  Please promise me you won't tell him, or anyone."
      Jess stared at her harshly.  Then, she closed her eyes and shook her head once more, in frustration.  When she opened her eyes, she looked back down at Angelwing.  "Oh, alright.  I won't say a word."
      Angelwing stood up and smiled at Jess.  "Thank you Jess." 
      Jess shrugged her shoulders.  "Eh, don't mention it.  Just remember, you're putting a lot on the line by doing this," Jess reminded her.  "Not only are you risking your own life, but you're risking your friendship with Wildwing as well."
      Angelwing looked down.  "I know.  But, if it'll help the team and Puckworld in hte long run, then it'll be worth it."  She finished packing up her gear and looked around the room.  "Well, I htink that's it," she smiled at Jess.  "Wish me luck."
      Jess smiled back weakly.  "So, when are you going?" she questioned her.
      "Now," the female duck answered.  "I've already told the others I was going to bed."
      "And just how do you expect to get out of here without them knowing?" asked Jess.  "You can't use that teleporter in here.  If you do, the alarms will go off," she pointed out to Angelwing.
      "I know," Angelwing grinned slyly.  "But remember, I was a member of The Brotherhood of the Blade once.  I have my ways of stalking around without being seen or heard."
      "You just be careful, huh."  Jess stood up and hugged a surprised Angelwing.  "I don't want to have to explain your disappearance to Wildwing." 
      Angelwing's smile returned as she hugged Jess in return.  "Don't worry," she started, taking a step backwards, "I'll be careful.  Besides, I've been in worse situations."
      Jess looked at her smugly.  "Oh, now there's a comforting thought," she said sarcastically and smiled back.  "Alright," she began, changing her mood and tone of voice, "you better get going."
      Angelwing nodded, walked back over to her bed adn jumped up onto it.  She made her way to the wall, just behind her bed, and removed the grate from the air vent.  Then she looked back at Jess.  "Think you could give me a lift?"  Jess jumped up next to Angelwing and by lifting up one of Angelwing's feet, Jess helped boost her up into the vent.  Angelwing crawled a few feet, then turned around and crawled back.  She poked her head out of the vent and gave Jess the thumbs up.  "Thanks," she said simply while smiling, then she turned around again, and she was gone.
Back at the Raptor............................
      "So, what exactly do you have planned?" Siege asked Wraith.
      Wraith turned his head and grinned.  "You'll see.  But first, we need to lure one of those Ducks here."
      Just then, there was a flash of green light as a figure appeared right before them.  When they realized who it was, Chameleon turned to his fellow henchmen and smiled broadly.  "Well, that was easier done than said," he quipped.
      "Yeah, a little too easy," Siege added wearily as he took out his laser gun.  Chameleon and Wraith exchanged glances before following in suit, preparing their own weapons for battle.
      Angelwing turned around to find the three hencmen facing her and gasped.
      "So, back for another round, are you?" Wraith questioned her rhetorically and then he threw a fireball at her.
      "No, wait!" Angelwing shrieked as she dodged the oncoming fireball.  "Hold your fire!"
      Siege chuckled malevolently.  "What is this?  A peace offering?"  He fired several laser shots at Angelwing, but missed as she ducked around a corner.
      Angelwing squatted down behind a few boxes and quietly aimed her sniper laser gun.  "Fine!" she whispered to herself.  "If that's the way you want to be."  She aimed for Siege's weapon, and with one shot, was able to knock it out of his hands.
      "Hey!" shouted Siege, angrilly.  As the three moved closer, Angelwing did the same to Chameleon's weapon.  When they were close enough, she leapt up and kicked Wraith, causing him to drop his staff.
      "I'm here to report back to Lord Dragaunus," she told them.  "Now, would you three be so kind as to let him know, or am I going to have to do it myself?!"
      Siege looked back at her and growled as he picked up his weapon.  "Yeah right!"  He aimed at her once again.
      Wraith was still smiling wickedly.  "Hold it Siege," Wraith motioned him not to fire.  "You and Chameleon keep an eye on her.  I'll be my pleasure to inform the Lord of our guest."  Siege and Chameleon looked at Wraith then at each other and nodded in agreement.
      "Of course," replied Chameleon as Wraith disappeared in a whirl of smoke.  Angelwing stared at the two remaining henchmen, narrowing her eyes.  Still feeling weary of what their actions may be, she kept her weapon drawn and by her side.
      Wraith appeared with a puff of smoke in Dragaunus' lair.  "What is it Wraith?!" Draguanus asked harshly from his seat.
      "It is Angelwing, my Lord," Wraith started, "she has returned."
      "What?" Dragaunus interrupted hastily, jumping to his feet.  "How did she get in?"
      "Teleportation," Wraith answered.
      Dragaunus turned around and pounded his fist down on the console of his computer.  "Damn it!  That means that duck still has the teleporter we gave her!"
      Wraith slowly approached him.  "My Lord, if it's any consolation, I feel she would make the perfect subject for our experiment."
      Dragaunus turned back to Wraith.  His gritted teeth widened into a malicious grin.  "Very well Wraith, you may bring her to me."
      "As you wish my Lord."  Wraith bowed slightly before leaving the room.  As soon as Wraith ws gone, Dragaunus returned to his chair and sat down again.
      "Well, it appears I will have my revenge sooner than I thought," he chuckled evilly while twiddling his claws.  "Soon I will have Angelwing back under my control and the Ducks will be at my mercy!" he roared and broke out into a meniacal laughter.
      Minutes later, the three henchmen entered the room, along with Angelwing.  Dragaunus turned around in his chair to face them.  "So, Angelwing, you've decided not to betray us after all, have you?" he questioned the female duck. 
      Angelwing took a step forward and bowed, reluctantly.  "Yes, my Lord," she replied obediantly.  "In fact, I never did betray you."
      "Oh really?"  Dragaunus eyed her cautiously.
      "I only pretended to do so," Angelwing continued, "to fool the Ducks into letting me stay with them.  That way, I could report back to you with any information about them."
      "Like a spy?" asked Chameleon.
      Dragaunus growled.  "You're not trying to double cross me, are you duck?!" he asked powerfully.
      Angelwing was a bit startled, but she answered calmly.  "No, my Lord."
      "My chief spy, Lucretia, betrayed me.  I don't believe you wish to meet the same end she did?"
      Angelwing gulped nervously, but continued to keep her cool.  She looked up at Dragaunus.  "No Sir."
      "Never the less," added Dragaunus, "we'll till have to take precautionary measures."
      Angelwing's expression changed to confusion.  "What do you mean Lord Dragaunus?" she asked, fear sweeping over her, afraid to hear the answer.
      "Oh, you shall find out soon enough," Dragaunus replied, grinning malevolently.  Siege quietly snuck up behind Angelwing and hit her over the head with a club.  She blacked out instantly and crumpled to the floor.
To be continued....................
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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