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      Angelwing looked around her at the battle being waged by the Ducks and the hunter drones. She gasped as the last drone was blown to pieces by one of Wildwing's pucks.
      "Just give it up," he told her. "You're not going to win."
Realizing she was now outnumbered, Angelwing sighed. "You're right," she replied. "But, another day, another dollar. And soon enough, you'll all be destroyed," she cackled. "I'll make sure of it." With a press of a button on her communicator, she was gone.
      When the Ducks noticed that the coast was clear, they withdrew their weapons. Then, Ariana walked over to a stack of boxes and kicked the bottom box hard, growling in frustration. The sound of the toppling boxes caused the three guys to jump and turn their attention to the female duck.
      "So now we have to fight her, like we fight the Saurians?!" she yelled angrilly. Grin approached her slowly and put a hand on her shoulder.
      "No, we don't," he said kindly.
      Ariana quickly pulled herself together. She looked up at Grin, trying to hold back her tears. "I can't do it," she whispered sadly. "I won't do it. She's my sister."
      "Grin's right," Wildwing pointed out and Ariana turned her attention to him.
      "What do you mean?" she asked. Ariana gazed into her leader's eyes. Somehow, she knew that behind the burning red eyes of the mask, there was a compassionate duck, willing to help her out.
      "We don't have to fight her," explained Wildwing. "We'll get her back," he said, pounding a fist into his hand. "I don't know how, yet, but we'll find a way." He noticed the hopeful expression on Ariana's face, then added with conviction; "You have my word."
      "Mine too," Canard added, jumping in, as Grin nodded in agreement.
      The female duck smiled slightly. "Thank you," she told them quietly. "You know, I don't know how, or why, but something tells me I can trust you guys."
      "Trust is a good thing," Grin commented.
      Wildwing nodded with a smile before turning serious again.  "Now, come on, we should go help the others."  His teammates agreed as he opened his communicator.  "Dive, where are you?"  There was no answer.  "Dive?"  Still no answer.  Wing grumbled at the silence.  "Where was he?" he thought to himself.  Then he decided to turn on his auto tracker to search for his brother.
      "Any luck Wildwing?" Canard questioned him.
      The Captain answered without looking up.  "Well, it looks like his com signal is coming from the other end of the building, on the second floor."  He closed his own com, after studying it, and looked up at the others.  
      "Well then, let's go check it out," Canard started as he made his way towards the door.  "You lead the way Pal," he stopped and gestured to Wildwing, who quickly took up the lead as the others followed him.
      Mallory came to the end of another hallway, but stopped before round the corner.  Pressing her back against the wall, she peered around, down the next hall.  "Ugh!  Where are those two Saurian creeps?" she asked aloud.  There was no sign of them, anywhere.
      Suddenly, a voice called out from behind her.  "Looking for someone, Mallory?"
      Mallory gasped and spun around, automatically pointing her puck launcher at the unexpected stranger.  When she realized who it was, she growled.  "YOU?!"
      Angelwing looked at her and grinned slyly.  "You were expecting someone else, perhaps?"  She didn't make a move to grab her own weapon.  Instead, she carefully watched Mallory.  "I'm rather disappointed in you," she continued, staring down the other duck.  "I thought you would've been glad to see me."
      "Never!" Mallory snapped, unmoving.  "I never trusted you before.  What makes you think I'd trust you now?!"
      Angelwing chuckled with amusement.  "So, the truth comes out, heh?"
      Mallory sneered at her.  "Yeah, well, the truth hurts, doesnt' it?"
      "No," the other duck shook her head.  "At least, not as much as I'm going to hurt you!"  Angelwing drew her saber and instantly lunged at Mallory.
      The latter duck dodged the attack rather quickly and she let a shot fly loose towards Angelwing.  But the blonde duck was just as agile, and she turned around, blocking the shot with her duck saber.
      "Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that," she taunted Mallory.
To be continued.............................................. 


Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.



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