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      Shortly after Angelwing left the Pond, Wildwing caught Jess leaving Angelwing's room.  "Hey Jess!" he called out down the hall.  Jess was caught off gaurd and she jumped.
      "Are you alright?" Wildwing asked, looking concerned.
      "What?  Oh, yeah, I'm fine."
      "Yeah, you just startled me, that's all," she answered shakily.
      "Sorry about that," Wildwing apologized.
      "No problem."
      "So, what were you doing in Angelwing's room anyway?" Wildwing questioned her.  "I thought she had gone to bed already." 
      Jess stumbled around for an answer.  "She did, or, well, she is."  Wildwing cocked his head and looked at her funny while Jess stared back at him nervously, desperately thinking of a lie.  "I just had to ask her a question about something, and I was hoping to catch her before she fell asleep.  Luckily, I did, but she's gone to sleep now.  She looked wicked tired and she almost fell asleep while I was talking to her."  Jess let out a nervous chuckle.  
      Wildwing frowned.  "Oh, alright then.  In that case, I won't bother her."  
      Jess smiled at him.  "Yeah, I'm sure she's sleeping by now."
      Wildwing yawned and stretched out his arms, catching himself by surprise.  Jess noticed and giggled at him.  "Well," he smiled, "I guess I should be getting to bed as well."  He turned and walked a few steps before stopping and turning back to Jess.  "I suggest you do the same," he told her politely, after catching a glimpse of her yawning too.  "You don't look so wide awake yourself."
      Jess smiled, feeling embarrased and waved him off.  "Yeah, yeah," she replied sarcastically, "I know.  Don't worry, I'll be going soon."  
      The two bid goodnight to each other as Wildwing disappered into his room.  Once he was gone, Jess leaned her back against the cold, steel wall and let out a huge sigh of relief.  "Phew!  That was close," she thought to herself.  She glanced back down the hallway to make sure no one was around, then she took off running to her room. 
      After ducking into her room, she quickly shut the door behind her, then she shook her head.  "Girl, you're gonna owe me big time when this whole ordeal is over with," she said aloud, as if she were speaking to Angelwing.  However, deep in her heart, she was worried about her new friend.  Feeling completely useless otherwise, the only thing she could do was hope and pray for Angelwing to return safely.
      Back at the Raptor, the tides had changed drastically against Angelwing, in Dragaunus' favor.  Her plan had gone terribly wrong and had played out into the hands of the Saurian Overlord.
      Angelwing's eyes fluttered open slowly.  Her head was pounding and throbbing so painfully that she could barely see.  But, from what she could see and feel, she could tell that she was tied down to a table of some sort.  "Wha- what's happening?!" Angelwing cried out in horror.  "What are you doing to me?!"
      "Nothing yet," she heard Chameleon chuckle.  Then, she turned her head to the side and noticed Wraith standing beside her.  He was waving his hands and mumbling something, like an incantation, in what sounded like another language.  Probably his native Saurian language, Angelwing assumed.
      "Hey, wait a minute," she thought to herself, "is he putting a spell on me?"  Terrified and panic-stricken, she began to struggle to free herself from the restraints.  "What are you doing?!" she screamed.  "Let me go!"
      "Relax, would you?!" Siege yelled at her.  "In just a few minutes, all your worries will be gone," he chuckled evilly.
      "What do you mean?" asked Angelwing airily, as she began to drift in and out of consciousnous.
      "Well," Dragaunus started, "you said that you were always on our side, and you came back to help us destroy the Ducks.  So, we're just simply helping you in return."  Angelwing glared at him with disgust.
      "Yeah, just think of it as a gesture of grattitude," Chameleon added. 
      Once again, the female duck struggled to free herself, but she was become too weak.  Now, she was just simply fighting to stay awake, but was having difficulty with that as well.  "Some thanks," she whispered weakly as she fell silent.  Then, her struggling ceased and her body layed still.
      Wraith continued to recite his spell which was conjuring up an evil spirit.  As Wraith spoke his incantation, the room became darker, and a thin, whispy, cloud appeared to rise from the floor.  The cloud grew larger as it rose up and over Angelwing's body, before fully engulfing the young duck.  Then, as mysteriously as it appeared, the spirit vanished, dissolving into Angelwing's body.
      When Wraith finished his spell, the room returned to it's normal lighting.  "Well?" Dragaunus asked impatiently, waiting for results.  Suddenly, Angelwing sprang to life and sat up, breaking the restraints that were once tied to her wrists.
      Wraith grinned proudly.  "How do you feel?" he asked her.
      Angelwing turned to look at them, her eyes glowing red.  "Excellent," she replied in a raspy voice, grinning evilly.
To be coninued..........
Disclaimer:  All original characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney, all others are owned by me.

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