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Name: Trent Puckson
Nicknames:  The Big T, TP
Age:  26
Hair:  short, black
Feathers:  grey
Eyes:  blue
Weight:  205 lbs.
Height:  6'0"
Position:  Resistance member
Number:  none
Personality:  show-off, bossy, flirtatious, egotistic, conceited
Likes:  to show off and brag about how good he thinks he is, Angelwing
Dislikes:  Canard, being 2nd best, Angelwing(he can't make up his mind-one minute he likes her, the next minute-he doesn't)
Overheard:  "Hey, how's about a date with the Big T?  What?! No?  You'll be back!"  
Trent:  "Hey beautiful!  How's about a date?"
Angelwing:  (thretening)  "Ask me again, and I'll -"
Trent:  (finishing her threat, sounding hopeful) "Say yes?"
Angelwing:  "Ha!  Dream on!"
Trent:  "As you wish." (grins slyly)


Trent is a member of the original Resistance, back on Puckworld.  Due to his enormous ego, Trent thinks he is better than Canard in everyway, even though he is pretty much on the same level as him.  He often tries to out-do Canard in anything he does, which usually leads to contests between the two, resulting in a wounded ego 50 % of the time.  But, it is because of this that Trent is chosen to lead the first attack against Dragaunus.
When Trent first met Angelwing, he tried acting real cool towards her.  But, Angelwing saw through his act and turned him down when he greeted her by asking her out.  Since then, (and because Angelwing took a liking for Canard instead) the two don't get along very well, and Trent starts trouble for Angelwing.  He decided to do some research on her past and found information about Angelwing that arose suspicion about her loyalty to the Resistance.  Trent began to start rumors about Angelwing, and the rumors spread throughout the Resistance.  Soon, nobody within the Resistance trusted Angelwing, that is no one except Canard.  This angered Trent, for he had hoped to split up Angelwing and Canard, and have Angelwing thrown out of the Resistance.  But, because Canard believed in her, he managed to pull some strings and Angelwing was able to stay with the Resistance.  But, she had to endure taunting from others in the Resistance, including Trent.    

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