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Name:  Savana Belle McDrake
Age:  16 
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  115 lbs
Position:  the silent one (sort of ), peace maker
Hair:  black
Feathers:  greyish-brown
Eyes:  blue
Personality:  quiet, shy, bashful, friendly, kind hearted
Savana is Sierra's identical twin sister.  Though they are identical in appearance, their personalites are very much the opposite.  But, they do get along with each other very well.  Savana is the "silent one", as they call her.  However, she's not always silent.  As she is shy and doesn't talk much, she's learned to be a good listener.  She always has the best advice, when she's willing to speak.  Many times she will confide in Grin, because she feels he's the only one who will devote his full attention to her and understands her.  Though she has never practiced the art of Zen before, she understands Grin's sayings.  After awhile, Grin takes her under his wing and becomes her mentor, teaching her the ways of Zen.

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