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Name:  Wildwing Flashblade
Nicknames:  Wing
Age:  24
Hair Color:  same as feathers
Feathers:  white
Eyes:  blue
Weight:  210 lbs.
Height:  6'1"
Position:  goalie, team captain
Number:  00
Overheard:  "I don't suppose I could interest you in a nice pasta salad?"
Likes:  hockey, his younger brother (Dive), Jess, Angelwing (well, still debating it actually, he tries to trust her, he doesn't want to be judgemental)
Dislikes:  Saurians, not knowing where Canard is (and whether he's alive or not, for that matter)

As the team leader, Wildwing tries to make sure keeping the team safe is his first priority, next to his little brother of course.  He is very understanding and caring, which is one of the reasons he was able to forgive Angelwing so quickly when they first met.  He is a great leader and more often than not, makes the right decisions when it comes to his team.  Although, many times he is conflicted with the thought of whether or not he's capable of leading the team.  It seems to be that the Mask gives Wildwing, not only the ability to see through things, but the ability to lead the team as well, but it's believed that it's all in Wing's mind.
With the mask on, Wildwing acts more serious than he does without it, and he often hides his emotions behind the mask.  When he doesn't have it on, he's been known to joke around a little, but he's still shy about showing his true emotions.


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