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Name:  Ariana Grace Icefeather

Nicknames:  Arie, Gracie

Age:  17

Hair:  long, curly, dirty blonde

Feathers:  tan

Eyes:  greenish-blue or bluish-green

Height:  5'3"

Weight:  115 lbs 

Position:  none-yet, younger sister

Number:  none-yet

(the next few pieces of info are based on Ariana's personality when she was younger- before she was kidnapped)

Personality:   quiet, shy, playful, friendly, loving, kind, caring, loyal & faithful, trys to act tough sometimes

Likes:  her parents, her older sister (Angelwing)

Dislikes:  mean people, being away from her family, being alone


New & Updated profile!


Personality:  tough-acting, cold, rude (sometimes), nice,

Likes:  being left alone, reading, drawing, singing, Duke,

Dislikes:  her sister (well.....sort's rather complicated), being used (i.e. by Dragaunus), Dragaunus, Duke,

Overheard:  "Hey, I didn't exactly become a thief by choice."  "Yeah, well, you'd steal too if someone was holding you at knife point!"



Very little is known about Ariana right now.  What is known is that she is Angelwing's younger sister.  She was kidnapped at the age of 5, by a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade.  No one knew who the kidnapper was, or why they wanted Ariana.  Neither Ariana or her kidnapper were ever found.  After ten years of searching, Ariana was presumed to be dead, when the body of a little girl was found.  But, Angelwing kept on searching for her little sister, knowing the dead body was never proven to be that of Ariana Icefeather.  Angelwing continued her search, even up until the day Puckworld was attacked by Dragaunus, sensing that her little sister was somewhere out there............................
New and Updated!
Ever since Ariana teamed up with the Mighty Ducks, she hasn't been the same little sister Angelwing used to know.  It's almost as if Ariana has a split personality.  Sometimes she can be really nice and friendly, while other times, she can have a temper as firery as Mallory's.
She ususally keeps to herself and likes to be alone, for, like her sister Angelwing, no one feels they can trust her just yet.  Which, is also why she feels that no one cares about her, even Angelwing.  She feels she has been betrayed by Angelwing, often accusing her sister of not searching for her when she was kidnapped, though Angelwing has explained to her that it's not true.  Ariana has refused to believe her.
The only duck Ariana feels most comfortable talking to is Duke.  Perhaps, because they've shared the same lifestyle at one point, and because he was her leader, unknowingly.  However, they tend to get into arguments alot, mainly because Ariana still thinks like a thief, whereas Duke has turned around and given up his life of crime.  Ariana becomes frustrated and angry whenever he tries to help her turn her life around as well.

Find out more about Ariana's alter-ego, Ana Drakeson here:

Ana Drakeson

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