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Name:  Tanya Vanderflock
Age:  28 (?)
Hair Color:  Blonde
Feathers:  tan
Eyes:  hazel
Weight:  195 lbs.
Height:  5'8"
Position:  left defenseman, team tech and mechanic
Number:  23
Overheard:  "Scratch one over sized toaster oven."  -  "I hate to almost get eaten and run, but you know how it is."
Likes:  hockey, computers (& other technology), machinery, science "stuff",
Dislikes:  Saurians, dinosaurs, Lucretia DeCoy

Tanya plays a big role on the team, not only is she the teams technician and mechanic, but she knows a lot about science too.  She also acts as a doctor whenever anyone gets hurt, with some help from the medicom, of course.  Tanya is pretty much liked by everyone on the team, though she does have a habbit of boring them with her talks of science, chemistry, and stuff like that.  

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