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Name:  Chet McQuillson
Age:  27
Height:  5'10"
Weight:  n/a
Position:  Resistance member
Hair:  brown, long
Feathers:  light brown
Eyes:  green
Personality:  friendly, outgoing-but shy at times, sesible, loyal
Chet is the son of Commander Jet McQuillson.  He followed in his father's footsteps and joined the military, making his way up the ranks, slowly, but surely.  Shortly before the Saurians invaded, he was promoted to Sargent, First Class.  Once the Saurians invaded, he was taken into the Resistance by his father.
Chet is an all-around average guy, as he was a good student throughout his school years.  He never got into any trouble for anything.  He preferred to avoid confrontations at all costs.  Although, there were a few he was unable to avoid, but he was able to talk himself out of them.  He is liked by most, but there are some people who are jealous of him, mainly because of either his good looks or his good record.  He is considered to be very good looking and quite attractive.  He has turned down every attempt for a date because his mind is set more on his training and playing hockey, than it is on chasing after women.  Some of his friends tend to rag on him for this, but he gets used to it, and soon learns to ignore it.

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