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Name:  Grin (Check Hardwing)
Nicknames:  Grinster (by Nosedive)
Age:  between 25-30
Hair:  black
Feathers:  greyish brown
Eyes:  n/a
Weight:  350 lbs.
Height:  7'0"
Position:  right defenseman
Number:  01
Overheard:  "Pain is an illusion, an illusion that really, really hurts."  -  "You wouldn't want to disturb my inner tranquility now, would you Phil?"
Likes: hockey, to meditate,
Dislikes: Saurians, having his inner peace disturbed,

Three words to describe Grin: cool, calm, and collective.  Other than Duke, Grin is one of the most laid back members of the team.  He masters in Zen and martial arts, always having a sense of "oneness" about him.  Although his size and strength are his main weapon, he feels no need to use it unless it's absolutely necessary, or as he says, "mind over metal".  Because he is a master of zen, he would rather solve a situation by talking it out, rather than fighting, but once again, if necessary, he will use force.  
He often offers helpful advice, though usually no one understands what he's trying to say.  Jess and Angelwing are the only ones who really understand Grin's quips and quotes.          

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