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Name:  Karissa Marie LeMay
Nicknames:  Ka-riss, Kris, LeMay (usually by Duke, when he says: "Hey, LeMay!")
Age:  21
Height:  5' 4 -1/2"
Weight:  123 lbs
Position:  MD Cheerleader, team comedian and prankster
Hair:  long, light  reddish-brown
Eyes:  hazel-blue (they change, especially if she's wearing contacts)
Personality:  fun, witty, outspoken, sarcastic, loud, cheerful,  friendly, loyal,
Likes:  Jess, the Ducks (especially Nosedive), chocolate, shopping, talking, being herself, joking around
Dislikes:  rude people, Phil, change, Phil, Phil's money making schemes, Phil, lizards, Phil, being serious, did I mention Phil?
Overheard:  "Goofy?  No, just because I look like him, doesn't mean I act like him.......or was it the other way around?  Wait!  I goofed!"

Karissa is almost a complete opposite of Jess.  Where Jess is quiet, shy, and often independent, Karissa is friendly and extremely talkative, she's not shy at all.  This would explain why Jess and Karissa are best friends, because they say opposites attract.
Though she's not a leader, Karissa is the one Jess goes to for advice, most of the time.  She, like Jess, is human and a good friend of the Ducks.  She often acts as the comic relief.  Of course hanging around Nosedive all the time certainly has an influence on her.  She is quite a comedian, like Nosedive, running her mouth off with often sarcastic and silly remarks.  She might not always take things seriously, but she is a good person at heart and always has good advice to share.  Believe it or not, she can be serious if need be.

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