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Ariana Icefeather's alter-ego

Name:  Ana Drakeson
Nicknames:  Kid, Killer, Little Assassin
Age:  17 
Hair:  long, curly, dirty-blonde
Eyes:  greenish-blue
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  115 lbs
Position:  thief, assassin
Personality:  caring-sometimes, tough, smart-alec attitude, shy at times and friendly other times, unpredictable, independent 
Likes:  Duke L'Orange, being by herself, her friends (not yet named), 
Dislikes:  being bossed around, being a thief, her nicknames,
Kidnapped at the age of 5 by a member of the Brotherhood of the Blade, in order to stay alive, Ana was forced to become a thief herself.  She was never happy nor proud of that fact.  Growing up in the Brotherhood wasn't easy either, for it required long hours of vigorous training.  Which explains why she acts the way she does sometimes.
Because they disappeared from the Brotherhood shortly after, Ana never did find out who exactly, were her kidnappers.  All that's known is that she hates them with a passion and vows to kill them if she ever does find them.
Ana is known as the Brotherhood's Little Assassin, all because of mere mysterious coincidenses.  At every crime scene Ana left, a dead body was found.  Everyone within the Brotherhood thought Ana had killed those people found, but in reality, she had not.  Someone else had been doing the killings, but to this day, Ana has not discovered who.

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