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Angelwing's Ice Palace

The Ice Palace

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The Ice Palce Arena

You walk into the main room, the Arena.  There appears to be a hockey rink ahead of you, surrounded by small booths off to the sides.  "Mallory McMallard reporting for duty!" yells a red-haired female duck as she salutes.  Angelwing walks up behind you.  "At ease Mal", she says.  Mallory comes up to shake your hand.  "Pleased to meet you, welcome to the Ice Palace Arena.  I'm Mallory McMallard and I'll be your guide here.  Don't mind the construction going on, it's only temporary.  We're trying to change the look a bit here.  Now, to get you started on this tour."  She starts pointed towards the different booths.  "Over there is where you can vote in our monthly poll.  Over there is where you can sign the guestbook."  Mallory leans closer to you and whispers, "please make sure you sign the guestbook," then glances over to Angelwing.  "She gets real bummed out when people visit and don't sign the book."  Then, she points towards the other booths, which look empty.  "Those will eventually have something set up there.  But, for now, they remain empty.  We'll keep you updated, as long as you check back."


There is another booth to your left, where another female duck, with blonde hair and rose colored glasses, is standing.  "Hi, I'm Tanya!  Would you, uh, like to vote in our fanfiction poll?  I know we don't have all the stories yet, but if you can vote based on their profiles."  You see Nosedive sneak over from his booth, with a plate of brownies.  "Or perhaps you would like to try one of these......" he starts to offer, while taking a big bite out of one of them.  "............delicious brownies," he says with his beak full.  "Nosedive!" Tanya yells at him and pushes him away.  "Get back to your own booth!"

You approach one of the empty booths, or what you thought was empty.  "Hi there!"  a young male duck, with long blond hair jumps up from behind the booth and startles you.  "Oh, sorry about that.  By the way, I'm Nosedive.  Ever heard about the Mighty Ducks?  If so, and you know who we are, great!  If not, I'll send you to the Library.  There, you'll meet my big bro, Wildwing.  He can help you out with our origin.  Oh, and tell him the Divester sent you."

Ice Palace Library

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