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History or Herstory?

Not a whole lot is known about Angel's past, right now, she is very secretive about it.  What is known is that she was a member of the Resistance back on Puckworld, with help from Canard.  One day (after the invasion), Canard noticed Angelwing perched atop a building, aiming a pucklauncher at a Saurian, and taking him out with 1 shot.  Canard thought she made an excellent sharpshooter, and thought that she would be a big help to the Resistance.  Knowing that Dragaunus had killed her parents, Angel gladly accepted Canard's offer to be part of the Resistance, hoping for revenge against the Saurians.  Angel later lets on that she had a sister, 4 years younger than her, who was kidnapped at the age of 4, and was never found.
As a member of the Resistance, Angel was never really accepted (or wanted) by the others.  The only reason she was allowed to stay was because of Canard.  He convinced the other members that she was an asset to the Resistance, and that they needed all the help they could get.  But still, Angel knew she wasn't wanted and because of this, she always felt as if she were alone.  Her only friend was Canard, and soon she grew fond of him, having a "silly" crush on him.  Until one day, she was assigned to a secret mission, the Resistance's first attempt to take out Dragaunus.  Unfortunately the mission failed, and all who were assigned to it, were lost.  Or so they thought.....................................................................................................
Angel was the only one to survive the mission, but was captured by the Sauruians, and was made to think that there were others who survive and were captured, a lie told by Dragaunus' henchmen.
Angel first met the Mighty Ducks when she was brought to Earth, via teleporter, by Dragaunus.  He knew of her sharpshooter capability and wanted her to wipe out the Mighty Ducks, starting with Wildwing.  At first, she refused to do it, until Dragaunus threatened to kill the "surviving" members of the Resistance, if she didn't do it.  At the time, Angel knew nothing of how Canard was trapped in dimensional limbo, and Dragaunus played on that.  He told her another lie, saying that he had captured Canard and that he would kill Canard as well as the "others".
The day came for Angel to carry out Dragaunus' order.  Dragaunus' henchmen set up the Ducks, by luring them to an abandoned warehouse, while Angel awaited silently behind a dumpster.  Once the battle was over, Siege, Wraith, and Chameleon disappeared, as Angel peered around the corner and took aim.  She had a clear shot at Wildwing too.  But just then, a lump caught in her throat, as she tried to cry out, "I just can't do it!"  As she did, the Ducks heard her and turned around to notice her, and soon, they took aim at her.  Angel dropped her puck launcher and came out, slowly, from behind the dumpster.  "I'm sorry", she appologized to the ducks, and she explained how she survived the mission, was captured, and how she was tricked into having to shoot Wildwing.  The Ducks relaxed and Wildwing thanked Angel for telling the truth, and for not actually carrying out Dragaunus' order.  As she vowed her honor to the Mighty Ducks and promised to help them, she became a member of their team, a new resistance against Dragaunus.  Yet, she still felt alone.  She was accepted by Wildwing, but would she be accepted by the others?

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