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Angelwing's Future Realm

Cameron Thunderbeak

Fan Art
Character Profiles

LIke father, like son......and then some......

Name:  Cameron Thunderbeak
Age:  25
Nicknames:  Camden, Cam
Height:  6'
Weight:  205 lbs.
Position:  left wing/ center
Feathers:  tan
Hair:  dirty blonde, short
Eyes:  greenish-blue
Personality:  tough & strict most of the time, not too friendly at first- until you get to know him, 
Likes:  hockey, working out, being left alone,
Dislikes:  Saurians, being bothered while he's busy,
Overheard:  "Not now kid!  Can't you see I'm busy?!"    "You think this is funny?!"  "Just because I respect your father, doesn't mean I respect you."
Said of him:  "Man!  What's up his @$$?" -McKayla
Geesh!  You'd think this guy had no personality!  Being the son of Canard Thunderbeak, Cameron shares a lot of his personality traits, only they're more highly exaggerated.  Plus, being a drill sargent in the Puckworld military hasn't helped much either.
Although, believe it or not, he does have a sense of humor, and he does have a friendly side to him.  Though he rarely ever shows it.  If you can get his mind out of "Drill Sargent" mode, you just may be able to get him to have some fun.  However, it ain't easy.
In a way, he likes Marina, and thinks of her as a friend.  But, because he's so used to being the one giving the orders, he finds it difficult taking orders from her, especially since she's had no experience.  He tries to help her by telling her what to do, but Marina only becomes frustrated and walks away from him.  Other times, he becomes annoyed by her lack of leadership experience, and often questions why her father even chose her to be the leader.  Though he has a lot of respect for Wildwing as a leader, he still, sometimes resents the fact that his father, Canard, gave the mask to Wing.

Let me lead the way to a place I'm sure you've been to before....

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